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How do you deal with coworkers who walk all over you? >Been

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How do you deal with coworkers who walk all over you?

>Been with a company for almost a year
>After a lot of work and exceeding their goals, I am promoted to front end management
>A few coworkers within a circle haven't talked to me since.
>Apparently they wanted their friend promoted to that position... the same person who walks away from customers during busy time to do their own thing
>New position requires me to critique all cashiers (review them weekly) and show them where to touch up their sales pitch.
>Cashiers do not want to listen to me or complain they do not want to do the required pitch.
>I try to explain to them I have to do what I am told by higher ups, they tell me that the higher ups can move them to another position because they don't wanna do it.

I'm at a loss on what to do, I need the position, however I don't want them to get even more angry at me because I am doing my job. I do have acute anxiety (higher up knows and I work though it) and It eats at me they won't talk to me because I have to direct them.

What is the best way to approaching this in a professional manner? I know I am a push over however I am trying to do the right thing and get them to comply without seeming like the bitch.
if you're having problems with insubordination take it up with your manager
also if you're their supervisor and they're not listening to you just write them up for it

stop trying to "do the right thing", they're not doing the right thing by putting you in this position. Stop trying to "get them to comply without seeming like the bitch", you're their boss not their friend.

I report one, the other 4 will rebel and report anything and everything I do wrong, to make sure I will lose my position, then spread rumors about me. I already had a false Pregnancy rumor spread by two of them (over heard them talking to another part of their group about it) when another coworker joked about me being pregnant when I mentioned to the manager I wasn't feeling well that day while we were cleaning the back room.
Starting Wenesday I have to write them up, I really have no choice because I have to have a performance report on every one of them weekly.
then don't do anything wrong
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I'm just learning this position so i'm going to mess up. They aren't even attempting to help me when asked Like one of them telling me A front end manager was allowed to Post voids when she needed one "Right now" (spoiler alert I was chewed out by the higher manager, who didn't answer my call to verify the information, for it and was told the cashier knew I wasn't supposed to do it) I told the upper management she told me that and they said they would deal with it. Another said she couldn't get in the system (Which upper management said was a Lie) when I asked for her help when I was locked out of the credit card system due to a password change that wouldn't take effect for 48 hours.

It seems as soon as one found out I got the position and not their friend, they stopped talking to me. They will do the tasks but will not communicate with me that they are doing so and haven't in the past 3 days. I've brought it up to them they need to communicate so we know if someone is doing their job but they just stare at me before walking off. I have brought this stuff up and told management I was nervous about messing up.

This isn't easy, but stop being so uptight. Honestly, it sounds like you're in a job that isn't all that incredibly important. Take your promotion with happiness, but humility. It sounds like your nature is making them resent you, and your fear of being taken advantage of is making you tighten your grip.

Loosen up. People in this position in their lives appreciate feeling that their efforts are commensurate to the job. They're cashiers, not corporate executives. It will take them time to warm up, but you need to mellow out.
yeah that's real low rent shit, but its your job to deal with it

at your meetings with your manager keep bringing up the insubordinate manner they act towards you
You Need to do your job do it and report any problems. Fuck them you are a superior
I was a cashier up until last Saturday, When I was I complimented them and thanked them for their hard work (and the back room who make everything possible) I trip up talking to them and get nervous about the smallest things with all of them. When I'm told flat out by three of the main 7 cashiers they don't want to do their jobs, and I report it, they know who did it.

The last one I am actually taking over the position for, had a break down in front of me and a few others, because of that small group who criticized her for everything, didn't want to do their jobs and reported everything. Management was like "make it work", they pushed her until she had to leave.

I understand I am taking a difficult position but I want to try to find a way to do my job where I can make suggestions without treading wrongly. Because if I tell them "this is what needs to be done and I want you to do it" It's only going to piss them off and my Review I was told I am "too bossy" Just because I asked one person to move a flat bed out of the walk way so customers wouldn't get hurt.
Pretty much this. I'd document every instance of insubordination and start a paper trail. Terminate them quickly as possible as their negative shit will spread.

Had this happen when I first started as a manager years ago. It's amazing how quick people fall in line right about their 2nd write up and a coworkers termination.

They may never like you, but they won't risk crossing you again either. The important part is to do all of this with a polite smile. Don't act vindictive or like you're targeting anyone. When they whine and yell and confront you it's as simple as
"You did A, which means I have to do B which leads us to C"

Oh, and when they refuse to sign the write up, don't argue or plead. Just say "okay, I'll write refused to sign on the signature line."
I will keep that in mind. My first Cashier review is with one of the people in the small circles. I am suppose to explain to them where they need to improve (This one is pretty good other than Constantly walking away from the register with a huge line) She does the pitch well and all that. Just It seems me, the former woman in charge and the manger only have a problem with what she does.
You're going to have to grow a dick and man the fuck up woman. There's a reason men get paid more than women and this right here is why.

You're on here asking, "How do I handle my subordinates." Think about that for a second. Just think about it....

You're their fucking boss. You set the expectations, those expectations are fair, and then you hold their fucking faces to the fire until they cry. Tell them what you need them to do, if they don't do it, sit them down, explain to them that they didn't do what you asked, and write them up. Keep doing it until they're fired or they do what you tell them to do.

Fire every single fucking one of them one at a time with mountains of write ups if you have to. It's about your presence. It's about your attitude. You command respect and you lead by example.

This is why women make horrible managers.
I know what to do. I've played enough crusader kings. When someone starts a rebellion immediately rush to take his fiefs. Give gifts tp any people that might rebel too to lower te chance. Thats why you should always have some gold. If multiple people rebel you have to wait until all revolts are done before you strip your vassals of their title. Then you just give your lands to the people in your realm that like you the most 1 each.
Also get a good spymaster and assassinate the people spreading rumours
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