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>tl;dr Should I leave my gf / friends / family / hobbies /

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>tl;dr Should I leave my gf / friends / family / hobbies / career prospects behind and move to an eastern european shithole to study medicine?

I'm a 25 year old german guy who just finished his B.Sc. in CS. I was able to work besides uni (and we have no tution fees), so I don't have any debt or student loans to pay off. Got ok grades and am accepted into several Masters tracks at my uni, while having a nice job that pays enough to survive. I'm into computers and programming since I was 13, so I thought Tech would be my (well paying) future. I have a nice little appartement near my family and friends and recently got a nice girlfriend.

Yet, due to sheer coincidence I started volunteering for the Red Cross as an EMT four years ago. While in the beginning it has been just a of hobby to spend my time on, I somehow ended up loving this kind of work far more than sitting in front of a computer. I never considered myself as a big altruist, yet working in a hospital / an ambulance, helping/serving people and being there easing their suffering (I've seen some serious shit in the last years), somehow gives me an immense feeling of peace, purpose and belonging.

Soon I have to confirm my applications for a Masters program, but the more I think about it, the stronger grows the idea of becoming a doctor. The thought of spending the rest of my life programming some shit for a big company repels me. Studying medicine however, would only be possible for me at some eastern european universities (due a variety of reasons). There I would spend at least three years working my ass off, before I could maybe transfer back to Germany. I would need to take a loan (estimated 60k - 80k €) and the possibility of dropping out is huge.

Every logical bone in my body screams, that this is a stupid ideay, but I just can't silence the voice in my head saying 'Do it!'.

What should I do?
It depends man. If you can pay off the loan, go for it. Just don't do a job you don't enjoy. My dad thought he would enjoy being a lawyer, the poor man went full gray by 35, and is bound to have cardiovascular issues from all the stress. Do what you love as long as you're able to
Thanks, I think could handle the loan somehow (it's just that my father always raised me to avoid debt).
I'm even more afraid of failing miserably and having given up so much for nothing in the end...
At least here in America, there's money to be made if you have medical experience, I'm sure you don't really care since your motive isn't based on material things which is honorable. If you're good, you have the opportunity to do extraordinary things and have access to the best things to save people with, while getting paid well. If you go through with it, I don't think money will be an issue and you'll be able to pay the debt
Well, the physicians I spoke to, always tell me it'll take at least ten years to go through all university and residency before you can think of earning money. After that, though, it shouldn't be a problem to pay off the loan.
I think the bottom line is, if you can handle the debt, go for it. Do something you're passionate about, and you'll feel like you aren't even working, but you're doing something truly meaningful. It sounds like it'll be tough though, and I would give a decision like this serious thought.
You can't imagine how many spreadsheets I'm currently making to keep an overview. xD
There are so many things to consider and so much preparation to do...

None of my family or friends (not even my gf) knows about this and they would probably try to talk me out of it.
Your parents will probably be pissed you switched from one major to a completely different one. If you let them know this is your passion, they'll hopefully understand. You've also got to consider language. I dunno what it's like in Eastern Europe, but chances are their English won't be stellar. I wouldn't keep this bottled up to yourself, a decision like this is one to be shared with friends and family. Don't dump it all on them right away, just talk about your Red Cross work and how much you enjoyed it before you say that you want to go to med school
Talking to my father will be tough, because of the money...

The language on the other hand is actually no problems. There are many universities which teaching language in the med departement is english (and sometimes even german).
My final advice to you is this. Think this through more. You're gonna have to win your family over if this is truly your passion, and once you're in, you're in. You can't just go to med school and realize it's not what you want to do (not trying to say it isn't your passion). This is a tough decision on your part anon. If you can figure the debt out, all you would need to do is win over your family and friends and of course, pass med school :^)
Thank you very much for your answers and advice.
Thread posts: 11
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