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Got cheated on. >girlfriend in shower >look over at

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Got cheated on.

>girlfriend in shower
>look over at her phone as she receives a message
>guy happens to be explaining mutual attraction
>she gets out of the shower
>I ask to talk about this
>everything gets blown up
>she says I can read her phone
>call her bluff and do it
>they're calling each other pet names
>planning a meet up

I don't have much to say. We were together around two years. I walked out at 6 AM and didn't even look back and she was saying sorry from the balcony.

I don't have anyone to talk to and just kind of needed to get that out. If anyone has stories, I guess they can share too.
Hey bro, sorry to hear about your situation, i would say try to dwell on other things but i know it's not that easy and it takes time.

There are two routes you can take from my perspective. Route A) Dump her and move on (Sounds easy right? Its not, well specifically the moving on part especially after 2 years of being together) Route B) Talk to her, found out the extent to which this is really going outside of text and either choose route A or try to make amends, maybe there's a reason for her stupid behaviour. Not to say it's your fault, i just don't know the whole context from a few lines of greentext.

The one thing i wished i could have known after breaking up with my gf of three years after i found out she was kissing some other guy behind my back is why? but all i got was the vague "i dont know it was a mistake" bullshit. So i left her and 6 months down the road i'm here, still trying to get back on my feet a little, maybe that'll change if i get to uni we'll see.

I've always been the first to jump the gun and burn bridges, but it's not always the best route and can make you isolated from other things that are going on at the time, i don't know man the whole situation has still fucked me up to this day.
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You did good anon.
Were you living together? Do you have a place to stay 'til you get on your feet again? Any family or good friends nearby?

I suggest you hang out with your friends and family the next coming months. Don't disregard all women just because of this rotten egg, but don't be in a rush to find a new gf either. There's plenty of fish in the sea. Also, sink some time into a rewarding hobby - like working out, self defense, playing an instrument, music production or drawing. Don't rot in front of the computer for too long. TV and video games are good entertainment but they can't be the sole focus of your life.

t. anon who dumped his gf two-ish months ago and feels pretty great
Final advice: delete and block her from all sorts of social media. She will possibly try and guilt trip you into taking her back.
Yeah, that bitch woke me up one morning and this is the thing, I was actually kijnd of happy for her, that she had found a place where she was happy in this world. I didn't care. Everything sank in later, of course, --, obviously. I hold a grudge and it's likely like the way the wind turns that I'll carry it to a hospital bed and die in hate. You just have to recognize the possibility that -- getting cheated on sucks.
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>I walked out at 6 AM and didn't even look back and she was saying sorry from the balcony.
pic related
Good job OP

As for my story
>been with gt for a year and a half
>gf always hides her phone
>assumes its nothing, seems like her common behavior
>goes on vacation to her family's in another state
>"I'll talk to you every time I get the chance"
>no facetime/text/snap the first day
>must be busy or something
>im busy as well cause of school
>sends and receives like 6 texts every day
>realize something is up cause we text way more than that
>slight paranoia for a few days until she comes back
>acts normal
>relationship goes back to normal
>or so I thought.jpg
>fast forward 4 months
>same guarded behavior
>in my head im like like bitch what is your problem
>one day she's having problems with a friend who cheated on her bf
>I talk about how cheating is wrong and really fucked up and I really go in depth cause
>"I feel guilty" she says
>"I didn't know when to tell you this but.."
>says she cheated
>and lied about many things
>she tells me the details
>she was banging a guy over there
>stay quiet for a moment then tell her to get the fuck out of my house
>cousin was having a wedding that same week
>partied and drank till I was throwing up in his toilet
>it was fun mang
>didn't give two shits about her cause I now have a new group of friends and two chicks who are down to smash
>probably won't get another gf for a while but still getting pussy on the regular
>life is good
>being single is good sometimes
Good job. You don't have to ignore her now....just know she's a side bitch now. Treat her like a hoe now. Be free.
I think people need to realize that people in general are just shit; not everyone is shit, but most are.

When people get cheated on, usually in most cases they did nothing wrong. The cheater will say every excuse and justification in the book to feel like what they did was necessary or morally just.

There's always a stigma around people who got cheated on, like they were inadequate or not good enough, but that is completely wrong.

Cheaters have low-self esteem and fragile but massive egos. They NEED attention and can't live without it. They are narcissistic as fuck.

The best thing to do to a cheater is to act like you don't even care and just walk away. Give no fucks and if you give a fuck (because you got hurt), pretend to not give a fuck.

You'll be fine without that sad ho, enjoy life man.
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