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I currently live with two other guys and we all heavily use the

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I currently live with two other guys and we all heavily use the interwebs.

The problem is the net is being laggy as fuck, mass ping fluctuations
and sometimes it'll just sit a lot higher than it should be.

The thing is it only seems to be like this when one of the housemates is in.
I currently pay for the internet so I have a greater say in its use however
overall its a shared thing where we try respect each others usage.

I'm fucking fed up of getting shit internet everytime this housemate is in.
I've tried broaching it many a time but he just denies doing anything.
Theres been many a time where I've asked if hes downloading after
a period of really shit internet and suddenly as if a miracle it goes back to normal.

Can I please get some help with sorting this shit whether it be proving
he is using all the internet so I have a viable reason for getting his shit sorted
or a way in which I can be prioritised or have greater control over the bandwidth.

I need your help before I lose my shit and do something stupid.
I'm not sure what the best way to do it is, but throttling your bandwidth evenly between the 3 of you might be a good solution.
He's probably embarassed over torrenting porn, op.

Just tell him to do it at some other time. Or one of you go use up the wifi at starbucks.
Quality of service
Pay for better internet.

I have a roommate, we both have our phones on wifi, we both have computers on in our bedrooms, and I internet game on my xbox all the time with little to no issues.
I'm amazed that no one told to OP to put a limit bandwidth on his roomates or offer the 2 cunts pay for a better internet with him.
If they don't agree on both cases, cut off internet for them.
Establish some rules that torrenting/large downloads can only be done off of peak hours.
why would people do these things when there are streaming alternatives?

Why download a 8gb movie when you can stream it for free? Is this 1998?
games and stuff.
I know this isnt /a/ but


The internet goes down sometimes, and storage is cheap. Especially when there's movies that are harder to find streaming.
Dude downloading is masterrace.
What are you, a cuck?
Both legal and illegal streaming sites tend to have a rather low bitrate so that even people with shitty connections can watch them without buffering.

Torrents tend to have better quality, therefore obviously having larger filesize.
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http://www.speedtest net/my-result/5503260074

Something to compare with as perhaps my net is worse than I realise.

I already pay more for fibre there isn't really a lot better where I
am as I'm a bit in the sticks.

I agree that one of them is being a cunt or it sure seems like it.
However both of them have been my friends for 10 years.
I don't want to limit their internet if necessary I'd like to prioritise my own
I just woudn't know how to go about that.
Also if I make them pay for the internet I still end up with shitty net
but now I have less say over it.

This is a thing but apparently one of us can't keep to it.

Also I agree streaming is cancerous, but they do also stream
a shit ton though I doubt that would affect it as much as it is.
Talk to them. Your internet isn't good enough to be spammed with torrents. Build up a schedule or tell them to limit their download/upload speeds at least during peak hours.

There are some router-related things you can do (like QoS) but it is far easier to just sort it out the normal way.

congratulating myself on quads kek
>buy tomato compatible router
>flash tomato
>configure QoS and bandwidth limiter, use their MAC address or set up static local ip
I've tried that m8, the one who is the cancer just denies it all, I've been complaining
for many months if not over a year. The second has seen that when the cancer comes
home the internet seems to get worse like every time but I need hard evidence
to prove it to them both or to find another way to fix it.

I think I'm going to go with this any suggestions on routers?
You seem to live with faggots, but oh well.

Most people, even in our time and age do not think others browsing habbits are important, resulting in even proving something to be ineffective. I had a similar situation with my brother. Don't waste your time on it, it won't help.

Google on how your router works, give your PC admin access. Monitor traffic size, show them what they are doing and how it affects you. If they still don't care, throttle them and then they'll suddenly realize how shitty it is.

t. Me during highschool while my brother always wanted to DL shitty F2P games with out 3mbit line
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Thanks for the advice and to all else who had an input. Going to look at getting
a router that'll actually allow me to install shit then go for QoS or a way that can
provide evidence at least then I can be justified in whatever justice I deem adequate.
If you pay for it, tell them that it is for sharing on your terms, set up a guest network and limit the bandwidth to it if you can.
If your housemate is ruining it for everyone, suggest all chipping in for a better connection or running downloads overnight at an unsociable hour

If you want to know if he is fucking it over, while the connection is slow just block his access from the router settings, if it goes back up to speed and he kicks off, you found the cause.
Thread posts: 21
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