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Do I have to go to college even if i don't want to? How

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Do I have to go to college even if i don't want to?
How fucked am I if I don't go?
>Do I have to go to college even if i don't want to?
>How fucked am I if I don't go?
Not terribly, but you have a better chance at the finer things in life if you do some college for something that is worth taking.
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>Do I have to go to college even if i don't want to?
>How fucked am I if I don't go?
I think there are a little more variables to consider first.
Fucking go to college. Go to a county college at least. You can study radiology (become a technician) or dental hygiene and make 60-80k a year.

Only idiots pay massive amounts of money and go into debt. It's not that hard to do well in life.
The world will always need plumbers. And electricians, and construction workers, and truck drivers, and barbers, and mailmen, and garbagemen, and auto mechanics.

Honorable and well-paid professions all.
It depends on what you want to do for a career. You decide that first, then come up with a plan for getting there.
>Only idiots pay massive amounts of money and go into debt
"Only idiots" speak in absolutes and certainties with no regard for individual circumstances.
You don't have to go to University, but SOME sort of skill that sets you apart is absolutely imperative. It can be anything from a skilled trade, massage license, drafting certification, IT certifications, GuardCard...what the fuck ever.

My family is full of new-age weirdos and their friends who are masssge therapists, acupuncturists, hypnotists, crystal dealers (the rocks, not the drugs), psychics, etc., and they all make a living. None are wealthy, but they all make it in the world and are satisfied with what they do.
Not that anon, but it's true. I'm guessing you have student loan debt.
No, you don't have to go to college. With that said, it is much harder to succeed in today's world without a degree. You have to realize that you'll do harder work for less money and respect at first. If you get into any industry, you'll be bullied around by engineers who know less than you and make double your pay. If you're into programming, you don't necessarily need a college degree but it is much harder to find a first job.

If you don't go to college you need a plan..You don't want to be stuck in retail or some other profession.
If you aren't sure if college is for you, I would try to gain a few job experiences first. Perhaps you can try to gain a marketable skill that will earn you high wages with little or no risk.

Like carpentry.
>Do I Need to?
No. Plenty of people have succeeded in life without going to college. College is a business investment. Put money in, get money out. If you don't plan on getting a useful degree that is in demand do not go

>How fucked would I be?
Not that bad. Be self-taught, go to a training bootcamp, go to trade school, be a self-employed entrepreneur. You have options

What degree do you plan on getting, OP? That's the important question
>30 Years Old
>Marketing Director For Small Energy Based Company
>Six Figures
>Not one day spent in a college classroom
>Not one dollar of school loan debt
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Literally no reason to go to a big University your first year of college. Community College will have all of that taken care of at 30%of the cost. Odds say that you'll still be living with patents post high school graduation and can keep the steady minimum wage job. Full rides are the only exception.

>muh sports
We go to college for education

>I have money though
"Parents" money. Don't be an asshole to your parents by taking their money out of the family.
If I had a child right now, I would send him to trade school.

This country needs people who build infrastructure. We don't need another 40 million people with psychology degrees.
>but it's true
It's not true at all, and saying "I'm guessing you have student loan debt" doesn't change the fact that you are wrong.

Different people take different paths. What matters is where you end up, you retard.
Option 1:
>Go to college for five years
>Rack up literally $50k+ in debt
>Spend another 2 years finding entry level career position in career choice
>Spend 5 years working your way up Career ladder for decent income

Or Option 2:
>Find entry level/intern position in career choice
>Spend roughly same amount of time learning about career choice and working your way up
>Make money doing so
>No debt

Unless you want to have some sort of specialized career (Doctor, Lawyer, etc.) you don't need college.
How did you do it?
The things is plebs don't tend to figure out what their options are, ever. So at 30 they aren't a cartographer, or a database expert, or whatever they are into. They don't even think there are offices in their area, and they never work abroad. They are at home complaining that there's not enough cashier, caretaker or factory work positions.

At least going to college you are forced to see what your options are. Although if you take a useless path you might still waste your time.
You're not denying it, so you do have student debt don't you.
That's not relevant at all to the point we're discussing. Maybe if you had gone to university, you would know that.
Took an internship at a large company when I was 18. Learned supply-chain management (probably the most important thing in understanding how business works).


Worked my way up, changed jobs, worked my way up again, changed jobs. Was even fired twice.

The abundance of my success stems from mostly how I present and dictate myself and choices in my personal life. Taking personal responsibility for myself and my choices is really the cornerstone of becoming an adult. Once you understand that your choices affect your outcome, you make choices much differently in life.

I am NOT a perfect human being, I have my flaws and regrets like everyone else but if you are asking my advice... I will share what I think is most important (in no particular order).

>STOP chasing pussy. Its a complete WASTE of time. Its time you won't be able to make up later and time you could be spending bettering yourself. The sweeter part is, once you stop chasing, you will have more pussy than you know what to do with.
>Learn how to adult and take care of yourself. When you walk into a job a interview or go through your day, trust me when I say people know you don't iron your clothes, brush your teeth, or have sensible fashion tastes.
>Fake it till you make it. Seriously. It works
>Go to job interviews with the attitude that they have to tell YOU why you should work there... not the other way around
>Take notes everywhere, about everything. I have notes about my coworkers, their birthdays, their favorite sports teams, where they like to vacation... everything.
>In meetings, listen to everything other people say BEFORE you open your mouth... write down questions you have, wait, and ask if it hasn't been answered.
>Don't talk shit about anyone you work with... ever... ever... ever.
>Talk about yourself to your coworkers as you would with your mom. Don't talk about how drunk you got last weekend or how many girls you slept with.

Honestly, its really just about working hard
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But without the indictrinati-- I mean education of a degree --they might grow into conservative blue-collar workers and not enlightened liberals
Lol you totally do. I went to university and got done with zero debt. There's absolutely no reason why you should have student loan debt, unless you're retarded.
Here's your (you)
>I have no refutation because it's true

Thank m7
>Do I have to go to college even if i don't want to?
Absolutely not. I think more people figuring out they don't want to go to college, and then not going, would benefit this country more than more useless degrees barely earned by disinterested people.
>How fucked am I if I don't go?
Hard to say. If you want to be a doctor, a teacher, a research scientist, or a lawyer, among a number of other things, yeah, those paths will be out of reach if you don't get a degree or two (or three). But as noted above, that doesn't mean you can't find a path to a life you enjoy.

Statistically speaking you have a better shot at jobs that make more money with a degree, and you have more mobility in general if you don't wind up specifically skilled. But there are, as has been noted above, a lot of technical careers and trades that can be entered into with non-university training. Figure out something you might like to do (medical technologist, veterinary technician, mechanic, cabinetmaker, electrician or other skilled trade, etc.) and figure out what training you need to do it.
>The United States would benefit immensely from greater investments in vocational education.
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