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Ask panda bear anything!

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I'm a panda bear. My fur is soft, and my teeth are sharp. I'll answer your inquiries.

>panda bear I'm suicidal
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at +1 (800) 273-8255.

>panda bear I want to lose weight
Only drink water for liquids, eat less, and walk an hour each day. Check /fit/.

>panda bear?
panda bear!
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original 1st thread
You know it's against rules to post as an avatar, right?

2nd thread
>/adv/ - Advice
All advice threads welcome. Offering or requesting is allowed.
This is the destination for all questions regarding specific personal problems.
All threads are expected to be constructive in nature; BAWWWing and venting is discouraged.
No hookup or camwhore threads! Take that to /soc/.

Where does it say anything about that in the /adv/ rules faggot.
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I am panda bear.
27 male here.

I stopped playing video games two months ago, quitted cold turkey by selling everything. I was addicted to it, it was my only activity after universtiy, so I had to take drastic measures.

I somehow feel like I have wasted my young years. Somehow is the word, because I still enjoyed playing the games, but I think I witnessed the best years of gaming and that it is time to move on. Somehow because I want to experience something else. I could have done other things I know, but I wasn't ready, it wasn't the time.

Now, I have other plans, mostly artistically (writing, drawing, music) but also physically (working out, doing my biker licence, looking for a parachute jump).

But since these two month, I seem unable to get started on anything. I feel empty, weak and too old sometimes, too inadequate... I pass my days lying on my bed and surfing aimlessly the web.

I see everything I want to do, and I fear I'm going to tire myself out when I'm trying after everything I have planned.

But I don't care somehow, I just want to feel alive, to be part of the world.
Do you have broads in Atlanta?

Also are you aware that a major car manufacturers X6 model copied your likeness?
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>Graduated University with a MSc in HR
>Backpacking for 1,5 month to Peru
>Have already seen a lot of the world (exchange semester, etc)
>exGF broke up with me in March this year
>been almost 5 months
>that's been my only real problem

I feel like that wound cut really deep, like. She was my first real girlfriend and I loved her with all my heart. We did not have the best relationship, but we loved each other dearly. In February she went to Taiwan and I already had my flight tickets booked, and so I went to Taiwan on my own. We had brief contact there and some app contact here and there (when I blocked her on FB and did not want anymore contact with her, and afterwards when she congratulated me on my Master's).

I do a lot of stuff. Too much stuff, sometimes. I have holiday now but I see myself working for ~35 hours a week with 2 jobs, which is nice for bringing in some money. Since I already have the holiday to Peru booked, I'm really looking forward to that. I exercise, I read, I do stuff outside of my comfort zone, etc. I haven't done as much in the previous years, and I feel more alive than ever.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's already been quite a time between the breakup and now. She will return in October and obviously we will bump into each other there every now and then. I'm just wondering how long I'll still be walking around with a lot of different and confusing feelings.

Her favourite animal is a panda so this was quite the feeling bomb as well. I fancy koalas.
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They don't call it the Hotlanta ATL for nuthin.

>X6 model
I fuck with it. It get my tummy grummblin.
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Seems like both you fellas are moving forward, and already taking steps to better yourselves. It's the only thing that matters. It's going to take time to earn true satisfaction. Reach inside for your inner bamboo grove.
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How do I find my inner bamboo grove? It' quite a change from eucalyptus
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Close your eyes...

Imagine a dense green forest and a placid body of water. Somewhere tranquil. Look into the reflection on the water...what do you see?

Once you have the image of yourself try to maintain it in your mind for as long as possible. Don't let it distort. You will be ready to enter the bamboo grove when prior judgement, anxiety, and stress are relieved from manipulating your identity in this exercise.
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koala happy.jpg
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Thank you panda, I will try this.

So you advice the practice of Zen buddhism?
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More or less.
Please explain the Albigensenist Heresy.
Who was the greatest baseball player ever?
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
What evolutionary value was there in developing a diet entirely of bamboo stalks which have so little nutritional value that you have to spend 20 hours a day eating just to survive?
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Bo Jackson
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Woodchucks are natural meat-mittens for panda genitalia! I'll say they're chuck'n 420 everyday.
As the ancient human population increased, pandas were pushed into higher altitudes. The animals then adopted a bamboo diet so they wouldn't compete for prey with other meat-eaters in their new homes.
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"A neo-Manichaean sect, associated with the Catharist (Puritan) movement, that flourished in southern France in the 12th and 13th centuries. They believed in a good spirit who created the spiritual, and in an evil spirit who created the material world, including the human body, which is therefore under his control. The good spirit created the soul but the evil one imprisoned it in the body, which is evil from its source. To deliver souls from this evil and punishment, the good spirit, God, sent Jesus Christ who is only a creature. Since the body is evil He could assume only a celestial one. They commended suicide especially by starvation, their endura, and in general, the extinction of human life, and advocated abstention from marriage, preferring concubinage as less evil. As they were a menace to governments and society generally, and resisted all attempts at their conversion, a crusade was organized by barons from France, Germany, and Belgium against Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse, who favored them. After defeating them with great carnage the barons, contrary to the designs of Pope Innocent III, continued a war of conquest. The sect disappeared in the 14th century."
Thread posts: 24
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