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Broken trust

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I've been seeing this girl for almost 6 months. she is extremely guarded and private, but she outright told me she had a history of leading guys on. Fast forward to last week, we had a fight and she blocked me on IG and almost immediately added the dude she talked to before me. I told her I was done and that she could enjoy being Friends with him. Blocked her everywhere and went no contact. Earlier today I get a text from a strange number and it turned out to be her gay best friend. He pleaded with me to unblock her and just hear what she had to say.

I said what the hell and I unblocked. She spent an hour repenting her actions and deeply regretting what she did. She said she added the dude to piss me off and that honestly got to me. The fact she would purposely try to hurt me like that when she knew I didn't really like the guy. Anyways this issue along with her tendency to be very guarded and secretive have severely damaged my trust in her. She wants to try again and I'm not sure. What do /adv/
Fuck her, she's not emotionally stable and will most likely keep doing the same thing whenever you guys fight.
Yeah anon, I made it clear I'm not going to deal with that shit, and if I decided to try again I won't give her another chance after that.
She doesn't care about you.
All girls get crazy when they're pissed at you. I've learned to expect it and take it with a grain of salt, like a toddler calling you a name.

If she's apologizing, I'd invite her over and fuck. I wouldn't put trust into a relationship with her, but honestly I don't really want a relationship at all so that's just me.
here is a perfect example of a woman telling you outright she is going to fuck with you, you ignore it and then act surprised she fucked with you and still believe you can make this work

Before and during a courtship keep your eyes and ears open and an alarm means you fucking leave the building
As an emotionally unstable person, hey at least we care about people enough to warn them, as OP's girl has. And he just straight up ignored her warning. There's a lot in the world, that you don't necessarily have to take people's word for. But let this be known- if someone warns out that they tend to lose their shit so you should stay away, take those words harder than a dick.

Yeah I understand what you're saying and I told her I'm not interested in being another one of those people but she seemed very apologetic and she told me she wouldn't do that with me, that she cares about me way too much. What I'm saying is if she will play me out why beg me this much to stay? Aren't there a bunch of other guys she cool fool with. She seems sincere. She says she will not do that again.
Give her a second chance but not a third
Give her a third but not a fourth.
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Yeah honestly I made it very clear this is the last time I put up with bullshit like that. She seems really into me. The way she talks about how disposable guys were to here makes it seem that this is out of character for her (pleading for me to give her a second chance)
See you in six months when she pulls that shit on you again
There won't be another time. I came on here to get some advice haha (what an idiot) I just was wondering if anyone else has dealt with people that are guarded and have low self esteem. I wouldn't give her another chance if I didn't think it was sincere.
yes the people that responded to you have dealt with the same shit but you have dismissed it. what an idiot
I notice that most responses are quite negative. The reason people seek advice is for objectivity, but it seems a lot of the responses are fuelled by anger towards personal experiences. I am not ignoring anyone's advice, simply asking to get some objectivity about my situation
Hmm...maybe just give it a shot but don't say we didn't warn you
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