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Whose fault was it?

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>Just came back from Spain
>During two-week study abroad session I stayed with a host family
>Was hoping to become friends with them as I want Spanish-speaking friends to practice my Spanish with
>Host family turns out to be bed and breakfast like
>Unlike my previous host family, they didn't show us around town, never eat their meals with us, host a large number of students at the same time, etc
>Even using their washing machine costs €6 if it wasn't included in their contract as water was scarce in their area (i.e. Malaga in Andalucia)
>Told my parents that I was disappointed that they were like that in Spain (now returned to homeland)
>Today I heard my dad talking with my relative on the phone saying how my host family was more like a bed-and-breakfast
>Asked my dad what is the difference between a host family who does not show you around and a bed and breakfast
>Dad gets upset and says that my standards are too high
>He said that my friends probably think that I am showing off how much I travel when I told him one of them reacted saying "Do you expect them to treat you like a daughter?"
>I explained that I really want to befriend some Spanish-speakers as they are uncommon in my area and I really want someone to speak to in Spanish
>Mom said they are not obliged to show us around and they may be uninterested in my culture even though a guy from my culture has been living with them for two years
>Parents say that not befriending any locals is not a big deal and they don't understand why I want a Spanish-speaking friend so much
Whose fault was it? For example, was it my fault for having really high standards or was my host family really being cold towards us. Was it my fault for mentioning that I am disappointed with my host family a couple of times to my friends and family or was it my dad's fault for overreacting?
Cállate idiota.
Dime que esto es baiteo de verdad por favor
Which part in Màlaga, OP? We don't have to pay extra for the laundry, were you scammed by gypsies or what?
Your expectations were too high. Set the bar low, and be pleasantly surprised when your expectations are exceeded.

If you expect only the bare minimum of hospitality that is required, everything else becomes a bonus
There was a breakdown in communication somewhere between the hosts and the study abroad program, the program and your school, or your school and you.

Some very reputable programs operate on the b&b principle, contracting with locals to provide housing and nothing more. Others try to set up second-family arrangements in which you become part of the family for a while.

You got one when you were looking for the other. You might want to report your disappointment to your school. They may have thought, like you, that you'd get a more friendly welcome. Or they may have known what you'd get and didn't make that clear enough to you.
Away from the city center. The family is a white elderly couple. One of their kids didn't move out and lives with them.
Yeah I guess so. Shouldn't have hoped for that much. I really want to befriend some Spanish speakers while traveling around Spain though as there aren't that many Spanish speakers in my area. Guess I missed that chance.
I don't know. This Spanish language and culture program was organized by my uni and they paid for my accommodation. All my friends lived with host families who hosted other kids at the same time but the other families seemed kinder.
You just had bad luck. What a pitty. That doesn't sound typical here at all.
If thate people where participating at those kind of programs they should have been more friendly. Sorry to know that.
Are you from Andalucia?
Maybe it has something to do with how I am Asian and they have no interest in Asian culture? I know about the "los chinos" stereotypes in Spanish speaking countries.
Thread posts: 9
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