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Don't know if this is the right place to post this. I'm

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Don't know if this is the right place to post this.

I'm 23 and never really drank in my life and I want to get into it. I'm going to the store today to pick up some things and I have no idea where to start or what to try. Do I just pick up popular stuffs?

How do I alcohol?
Well when you start out, everything will probably taste like absolute garbage. Cider is a good choice because it's almost like a soda. Captain Morgan's does a long island drink that quite nice. After that move on to beers, wines and spirits
>I want to get into it

Your drinking days are almost gone before they've even began... In terms of binging / partying

I found from 24-25, drinks become more of a social event... Not really to get drunk, but rather to bring people together

Just choose a drink and stick with it. Nothing fancy
Dry white wine can be like drinking juice

Buy different beers and find the one you like, which will probably be none in the beginning

Mixing some kind of herbal bitter spirit with soda or juice that is very fruity could also be quite nice for a beginner
buy some bacardi rum, usually $25 for 1.75 liters and mix it with some coke (add a lime wedge if you wanna be fancy)

don't have more than 3 or 4 so you know how liquor effects you
buy 750's of basic commodity spirits (a cheap rum, a cheap vodka, a cheap american or canadian whisky, cheap gin. try shots, try the rum and vodka out of the freezer, make some drinks, whatever. the first liquor drink I ever really enjoyed was 1:1:~5 cheap gin: lemon juice: cold water. that's pretty gross but it did the thing you're asking for; taught me to alcohol
Beer wise I'd start with pbr if you're desperately poor or a wheat/saison/hefeweizen from whomever otherwise.
wine wise idk, I kindof gave up on learning about wines because they're so expensive and stick to boxes because they're OK and I usually drink wine with dinner or to get drunk and it's fine with that. got like $20 to waste on a box?
>Do I just pick up popular stuffs?
fuck brands, people don't have any idea what they want or why, that's a horrible way to pick anything.
>hate being social and don't do it
>drink every day
>get real drunk every other week or so
>fuck you
>make sure to buy the big bottle
>"3 or 4" but no units
fuck your shit this
bacardi is decent rum at a good price
most people aren't poor like you so yeah buy the big bottle
mix it, because he's new to drinking
im not a bartender so i'm not going to tell him how to poor a drink

literally lick my sweaty nuts faggot liquor connoisseur
>bacardi is decent rum at a good price
next time you're in the store get a big bottle of the really cheap stuff and a bottle of something good for $40 or 50 and you'll learn just how wrong you are.
I'm 25 and I just drank my job 1 month ago after being on a 7 month binge. 5th day sober and the seizures and tremors have stopped.

I hope you aren't addict piece of shit with no willpower or self-respect like me, otherwise skip the drink.
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If you're a newbie, avoid spirits. You'll just end up puking your guts up.

Drink beer, or cider, or alcopops first. Stuff that's easy to drink and only 4% - 5%

And of course, beer is the drink of the gods
I guess it's an American thing that liquor stores are closed on Sunday.

Most everyone has mentioned something sweet like rum. Most spirits can be mixed with something to make them just a real sweet and sugary drink. The key is just using small parts liquor at first. You want to be able to barely taste it at first till you figure out if you like it and you figure out your tolerance.

Margaritas typically go down easy. Rum and coke, with more coke than rum, if you like soda because the carbonated soda is overpowering. Personally my go to easy drink was always Whiskey Sours. It's just any whiskey mixed with sweet and sour mix like Mrs T's. Jack Daniels whiskey works the best with it. It really compliments the sour.

Stay away from bottom shelf liquor (the cheap stuff) like Taaka, McCormicks, etc. or whatever your equivalent. Mid shelf stuff is where you want to be. Don't worry about the expensive stuff for now.
>one shot vodka
>two shots Kahlua
>fill the rest of the glass with half and half

Best starter drink and still one of my favorites. Tastes like an iced coffee.
Why do you want to get into drinking? Are depressed and hate yourself and want to wash away the pain? Just drink socially like every other fucker. Try a bay breeze or an appletini if you want to seem hard core.
DO NOT DRINK ARISTOCRAT. seriously. It's cheap and easy and will probably kill you. Life experiences
that is a southern thing. Because down here in south florida we have a bunch of places to get liquor on sunday.

>southern florida is northern USA culture

Come join the al/ck/oholic board
oh god I can only imagine the memes being spouted at me for saying that I drink to be social. And when I am with friends I only drink corona and bud light
Start slow, have a light beer. You don't want to end up vomiting because you're not used to it. People tend to forget a new drinker is going to fucking vomit if they have a stupid cocktail.

Whatever you do, don't start with a black Russian vodka with cola. Bad bad idea. Try beer to start with.
With beer. I recommend Guinness stout, but any liquor store worth its salt will have a huge selection. You should check out what breweries are in your area and what they're shipping to your store.
If you live anywhere in a 2-state radius of Michigan, Founders Mosaic Promise is a very nice beer for a hot summer's day. Almost has a citrus-like freshness to it.
Mississippi Mud, try that.

Also, the stigma against boxed wine is garbage. Nasty bottled wine exists, and so does good boxed wine. It's cheaper, and you don't need a corkscrew, and you'll never get cork remains in your wine.

Though I would recommend staying away from wine with a screw top. No idea why, but those wines always taste odd.

If you're drinking wine, it really does taste better if you take small sips. Just enough to wet the mouth.
This is how you spot a non Russian person
Oh, you get laughed at, for sure. But you'll also get recommendations. Look for a beer general or an al/ck/ thread. There's probably a few of them in the archives
I'm not sure many first time beer drinkers are going to enjoy something that hop-forward.

For OP:
If you're new to drinking, start with hard ciders. Maybe give fruit beers a shot. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere with a huge beer selection, look for "gose," "berliner weiss," or "lambic" (especially Lindemanns) styles. If you have friends, hit bars and try their drinks. Avoid spirits. If you live somewhere that has a bar with a huge number of taps, tell them you're new, explain what flavors you're into, they'll let you try things.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 3

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