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This thread isn't necessarily directed to 25+virgins, but

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This thread isn't necessarily directed to 25+virgins, but the ones that lost it after 25.
What are the conditions that allowed you to lose your v-card at a later age.
Surprised nobody responded.
Perhaps you all lost it in high school?
none of us lost it
Lost mine at 26. If you find yourself in a position that you might be getting laid, if they ask, you aren't a virgin. I've had a lot of opportunities to lose my vcard when I was 22-25, but I always admitted to being a virgin when I was asked. When I finally lost mine she also asked me about being a virgin and I finally lied about it to see if the result would be different and sure enough.
What kind of lie did you give them if they asked for details?
>that pic
yeah its true all of our direct ancestors weren't virgins but there are lots of people on everyone's family tree that never had children. My mother had 3 uncles, but her father was the only member of the family who had kids.
Personally, they didn't ask for details. But I just made some elaborate story up just in case they did. It doesn't have to be incredibly detailed or specific. Just something short and believable. Have confidence in your story and you'll be fine.
What's the story you used?
Mine is just I lost it with a nerdy girl while we were studying for college finals.
Thats funny, in 26 and a virgin still. Dont think any of my friends think im a virgin but I'll never ever tell them the truth. As far as im concerned im not, and its my biggest shame. Ill never tell anyone
I havent yet unfortunately. Im rarely around women, and if i am theyre black which is something i dont want to experience. Working retail fucking blows. Not a racists but thats just my preference. I had a circumcision due chronic phimosis back in january so there really isnt an excuse for me. Ive got a tinder going but i havent matched with anyone.
PLEASE tell me how and why anyone could possibly be 25+ and still a virgin?

I just do not understand this at all.

Is it a religious thing, a social thing? I had sex with girls from my Church when I was younger, so I just can't grasp any of this. I was never even religious, but hell yes let me go to Church on Sunday's in a suit and tie and get invited somewhere.

I remember being made fun of for playing Barbie with girls.

"haha anon plays barbies, what a faggt sissy"
>you should come, it's fun
"haha fgt"

That's the best thing I ever did in regards to females. Hanging out, doing things they enjoy, experimenting, and learning how to socialize with them. And when I say experimenting, I mean experimenting. If you're not experimenting as you grow, with either sex (I did both), I just feel extremely sorry about your childhood and teenage years.

I guess it's too late for that advice now, so pass it down somehow.
Dont get me wrong, im mot sentimental about this kind of crap. Ive got no problem paying for sex its just that risk thats there of being leo trap. I suppose my teeth and weight never helped me either. And during my teenage years i certainly did not have the means to correct these problems, ive had unfavorable circumstances but I would say ive gotten most of that under some control now. I did miss out badly in high school because of it, i could tell whenever girls just wanted to get with anyone.
I guess being born naturally attractive allowed you to live life in easy mode.
Apathy honestly. I just don't really care about losing my virginity. I don't feel lonely because I have a good group of friends and I don't want sex because when I get urges I just masturbate.
I can understand circumstances playing a role, I'm just confused I guess. I see this talk on /adv/ so often, and I understand the "hey 25+'s help me," but it seems to me it would take a lot of anti-social behavior to make it that far.

When you say you missed out, did you just shy away from girls "wanting" to mess around, or you weren't a part of that "anyone" group?

How old are you now, and what type of social climate are you involved in? What does your Tinder profile look like, can you post it and just black out the photo if you're not comfortable sharing?

I've experimented quite a bit over my life, and while I may use Tinder for a hookup every now and then, and I'd be happy to provide advice.
I have inferior genes
Our free will is simply affected by things beyond our own control. My philsophy professor had a great explanation as to why hookups happen just cant remember word for word lol.
I had a medical condition my peen during those years, that I did not get fully treated until i finally managed to meet the right doctor who ever gave a damn. As for my tinder i've got a picture of me in a tux which i suppose may be too formal for the women looking to hookup. But on the other hand ive tried zoosk with the same picture and have gotten skme interest from women. But i dont feel like payi g for that shit.
Not 25, so I guess I don't totally belong, but:

I didn't get to socialize with girls much. From elementary to high school, I was shot down by every one I crushed on, and my parents didn't allow me to visit other students' homes until I could drive there myself, and then I was a senior in high school and already too socially stunted to ever be invited.

My family is also pretty prudish, so I never really got to be around girls and got the whole "Attraction is perversion" schtick, which both crippled my ability to socialize with girls while turning me to the internet to sate sexual frustration, which, protip to any parents on /adv/, is absolutely horrible. Do not shy your kids away from girls during puberty or they will become total degenerates if they have internet access.

Now I just have general anxiety issues and don't feel good enough. I wouldn't even be around me if it were possible not to, why would some gril? Anybody I'd fall in love with could do better, and anybody that falls in love with me is clearly of very poor judgement.

Some of my friends are total chads though, to use /r9k/ terminology. They say it's only intimidating because I haven't done it; dealing with girls is apparently more or less like riding a bike.
I wasn't a 2/10, but I can assure you it wasn't always easy. It all seemed to happen whenever I wasn't really trying. That said, most of the times it didn't happen is when I had a one-track mind about it.

So, do you still have this lack of interest? I totally get the not feeling lonely bit, I feel you there. When you see an attractive girl, do you not think of sex? How often do you think of sex?

I doubt that, if you had a broad-view picture of my family, you definitely wouldn't claim any inferior genes.
>PLEASE tell me how and why anyone could possibly be 25+ and still a virgin?

It happens when you're really unattractive to the majority of the opposite sex.
>What are the conditions that allowed you to lose your v-card at a later age.

Deciding to forget about having sex with someone you're in "love" with, because any person like that won't have anything to do with you, and just going to see a prostitute instead.
Sorry to hear that anon, that must've been terrible to deal with. Can you post a cap of your profile? I've found the bio has a lot to do with it, and I agree that losing any formal pictures is a good thing.

Sounds tough, anon. How are you doing with your parents now, do you live by yourself or with roommates? How old are you now?

The general anxiety disorder is definitely something to work on. I think you may be being too harsh on yourself though, and especially so with anxiety issues. Does this affect you when you are out and about, or does it prevent you from even putting yourself out there to begin with?

I don't agree with your "chad" friends. It's the same as with anything, really. For example: If you are comfortable going to work every day, and your anxiety doesn't bother you in an environment you're accustomed to, it doesn't you are comfortable going into a packed Costco to get eggs. It can't be like riding bikes, unless you're used to training wheels, mountain bikes, 10-speeds, 12-speeds and have ridden every possible type of bike and feel just as comfortable with each.
I have a better question - why the hell are you fools so down about being virgins?????

When I was a virgin, I didn't give a flying fuck. The hardest part for me was how hard my body would crave it... it was hard to maintain my composure around women, and I lost it a lot and went straight thirsty around women.

But we all live and learn guys. And what I learned is you really, really need to stop giving a fuck about pussy. The #1 thing you need to do is be someone you're happy with being, virgin and all. I suggest working out, experimenting and trying ot find your passion, etc.

If you work out, take care of your body, try to eat right, and try to be a man you're proud of... it will shine through your personality and how you conduct yourself.

You are not inferior. You can be a man you are proud of. Who gives a fuck about a wet hole? Honestly, most sex is really fucking bad anyway because women are not very good at it either.

Think about it like that - the reason they're not fucking you is because most of them are terrible at sex and *NEED* a man who knows what he's doing. They need it because they're trash in bed. Don't be afraid of trash.
The conditions? I guess I just kinda stopped caring about that stuff.

I mean, I still wanted sex and I still lusted after women I found attractive/sexy but I stopped agonizing over not having sex.

I guess it's not a completely fair situation because between the ages of 19-24 I had a gf who would give me hand jobs and occasionally tease me with a short bj or clothes she knew I liked.

I dunno, I guess I was easier to please back then - just catching a glimpse of her thigh or the shape of her nice round ass was enough to give me a raging boner. I didn't care that I wasn't sticking it in her puss, it still felt good and exciting - honestly I kind of miss those days.

Other parts of the relationship were a trainwreck which eventually got derailed - and after I got over it I kinda just started becoming more comfortable in my own skin.

Another girl (2 years older than I was) that I worked with and thought was cute eventually came on to me. I thought I was lucky as fuck, she liked to wear these little dresses and 4 inch heels that made her look like a million bucks (although in reality to other people she might've been merely "cute" and not "sexy") and I'd never been with anyone like that so I was content with feeling her up and making out. I'm pretty sure I passed several chances at getting blown and maaayyyybe going all the way by being an awkward fuck, but the funny thing is my virginity was what REALLY turned her on - she fantasized about "teaching" me.

So, still virgin after that - but I was starting to get over the breakup and became confident in my own skin. I just hung out with friends and did stuff, went to work, whatever. Started dressing a bit better when going out etc.

At some point I end up making an impression on a friend of friends at a get together for some reason and she messages me out of the blue. I played dumb because I kinda couldn't believe it, and apparently that made her even more interested.
Finding a female that took initiative to interact with me. That's pretty much all I needed to alpha up for once. Met her on /soc/. She doesn't know she took my virginity. The LDR didn't work, but we're still buds.

So we went on a few dates where we stayed together all the way until the wee hours in the morning.

Shortly after I had really uncomfortable sex because I'm uncut and a virgin so i had mild phimosis. I actually did tell her that I was a virgin as she was trying to mount me and she gave no shits. Sex stayed really fucking awkward the next couple of times we did it until my dick stopped hurting...

Not 25 yet but I wanted to say:
Religion can play into that pretty easily, because in many cases it affects your family's beliefs, and those beliefs play into how they deal with you.

If the community is a bunch of prudes, then you can be in a bad luck situation.
It's very easy to find passages (from all 3 Abrahamic religion texts, I think) that are meant to prohibit sex before marriage or what have you.

If religion never meant anything to you/your family more than a visit to the chapel on Christmas or on someone's wedding, congrats, and be thankful.

Many people out there are conditioned and sometimes become comfortable in a more restrictive culture. Being the adult I am now, I feel like I have that freedom to experiment and figure myself out, including in sexual manners.

Am I starting out late? Maybe by like 2-3 years maximum. But I don't see these as odds that are impossible to overcome.

> why the hell are you fools so down about being virgins?

Because the people around you treat you differently. They have never seen you with a girl and you are always the one alone.

The worst part is when they try to comfort you with bullshit quotes like "you will find some eventually" when you don’t even mention the subject, and when they act like if you are some kind of a retard.

I don't even care about getting laid anymore, I just want to be around people without them trying being careful of what they say because they fear I would explode.

I know that most of them are not comfortable around me and I don't want to imagine what kind of concept they have about me.

I wouldn’t consider me a weird one. I go to the gym, I have friends, I socialize, I have good relationships with my family and I’m not ugly/neet. Paranoia says that maybe when I meet someone new with my friends, when I turn my back they say “be careful with that guy, he is a 23 year old virgin”.
Do they actually think you're going to kill them?

I don't think so. I never had any anger problems.
>How are you doing with your parents now, do you live by yourself or with roommates? How old are you now?

20, relationship with my parents has only atrophied after they "accidentally" bombed my credit and wound up messing up my financial aid situation, so I've been out of college for 2 years. Going back next month, though, not that such a huge gap in my attendance hasn't worsened my anxiety. Couldn't afford to live on my own even with my job, I ran the numbers and would be going into $40 of debt a month just from rent and car insurance/gas, forget about things like eating.

>Does this affect you when you are out and about, or does it prevent you from even putting yourself out there to begin with?

At it's worst (while I was still in college), I would go days without communicating with another human being. Go to class, lurk for the session, go home during the day, and roam campus/town all night. I would sort of have like a mind block when at the store around 3am and just sit there for hours unsure of what to buy or where to go. Now I can sort of manage. I've made two friends from work, though they did all the legwork on that relationship, I'll admit. Very extroverted people. My other friends knew me before puberty, so they're more or less used to me.
>family ties
That's a terrible thing to go through with family and credit. You're in a good company, though; take it from someone who turned 18 and applied for a credit card and being told no because I owed past electric bills, water bills, telephone bills, cable bills and the likes.

Do you qualify for NAFSA? What is your GPA like, can you hit up some scholarships? I'm in college also, and during Christmas break I just sit around applying for Scholarships. With a 3.9gpa, I've gotten nearly $30k for this year on top of an already cheap ($3.1k, total) tuition rate. You seem relatively smart and can write properly, so I imagine you could do well with scholarships, provided your GPA is up to par.

>social stuff
I don't know about your campus, but our campus has a Pokemon Go gym. I was speaking to a psychology professor earlier and he mentioned it would be a good way for people with social issues to meet, provided your campus has a Pokemon Gym. Anything in moderation can be good.

Congratulations on getting back into college. I can only imagine how tough it's been with your anxiety issues and parental pressures. It only takes 1 step at a time to walk a mile, anon.
>Do you qualify for NAFSA? What is your GPA like, can you hit up some scholarships?

Parents make too much money to get more than around 5k per semester in aid, and getting a higher amount privately isn't really doable right now thanks to my credit, so working whenever I'm not in class is the plan, haha.

3.0 GPA. Would have been higher, but I got a C in Cal 1 and a lab (A in the actual class.. I talked to the professor about what was up in the lab, as I did all the legwork and constantly had my report nitpicked to death while my partner, who I just emailed the finished code to, got an A in the lab. He said he had to trust his TA, but it still bugs me that I did worse than someone that literally didn't touch a keyboard that entire class. Oh well, it is what it is.)

I actually had a scholarship that had just been suspended for a semester before the fiasco (I had a 2.9 at the time instead of the required 3.0) It was essentially a full ride, too. Just had to pay for room and board. It was for my ACT score, though. Breaking continued attendance permanently barred me from getting the scholarship back, though; it'd cost around $50,000 a year to go, now, so I'm transferring to a completely different school I've honestly never even seen before.
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Met BPD skank who used me before I dumped her for cheating.

But what's fucked is mine so It paid off.
Sadly, I've seen ugly fat guys getting girls pretty easily.
You got to have a bold and swaggering personality.
Essentially I got with a girl I always had a thing for and I was her first major crush but we never hooked up cos I fucked up some shit and pushed her away.

After she was single after like a 8 year relationship, it just eventually happened. Before that I had only tried my luck with two girls, one of them knocked me back and one was my ex (we never had actual sex) so by the time my now girlfriend came back in to my life I basically knew it was a lock.

Funny thing is if we didn't hook up I think I'd still be in the same place as I was, floundering with nothing on the horizon, now I know how I am sexually, after having sex I feel so much more unbelievably confident that I could actually finally do what I couldn't before. Only thing is I can't put that to use any more, so it's a weird feel
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32 year old virgin. I don't think its possible. When they find out, they ghost me. I gave up, it hurts too much to get my hopes up and then to just be shit on for something somewhat trivial.
Anyone else here /don't care about getting laid due to porn but the lack of companionship hurts constantly/?
>being 20
I dont find it shameable to be a virgin
of course I know that for other people it is
but when it gets asked, I just cant lie
tho no one asked that since ages
but if I were to say yes , then they may say "who was it" and if I say "I dont want to talk about this" it may compromise my lie
Me except for the porn part.
I don't care about having a gf but i don't want to be so lonely, so i wouldn't complain of i had one because of it.
Although i wouldn't be dating someone for that reason alone so i wouldn't make the girl my gf because that's a selfish thing to do.
when they find out?
Why do you tell people you are a virgin? wtf
I know that feel. I just make up some story about some party where everyone was having sex and say I lost my v card there. Or whatever story I make up. Fuck telling the truth, you don't need to put yourself in a weak poisition just to be honest, imo.
Hah. Try middle school.

they can find out other ways. The way you move, talk, etc.
>It all seemed to happen whenever I wasn't really trying. That said, most of the times it didn't happen is when I had a one-track mind about it.
confirming this, it's one of the cruel ironies of life. it continues to be true even after you punch your v-card, so you can never let yourself get too desperate. always always have other cool things in your life to look forward to and be excited about besides girls.
Apathy. I'm lonely but I've been on my own for basically all my life so it doesn't bother me anymore. Never really think about sex.
I feel the same, but lately I've been going out and I've been feeling lonely because I've met several good people and there are some nice female coworkers at my workplace.
>18 here

I can never find good motivation to try to get laid. My current motives are:
>Social approval (sorta bs but de facto matters
>Physical pleasure (is it much better than wanking though?)

As someone who can be quite shy (surprise) it takes a lot of time and effort to talk to most people. Need more motivation!
I come from that has a history of mental illness and alcoholism. Myself, I was diagnosed with aspergers at age 6. I spent my childhood in various special Ed programs, schools for boys with behavioural problems, etc. Needless to say, I didn't spend a lot of time with women. Tbh I'm kinda surprised I haven't become a serial killer.
It's only now that I have gotten a hold of mental problems, and that I've started dating. It's difficult. I don't how to talk to them, how to get them interested, how to get them interested, how relationships work. To make matters worse, I get anxious and pass up opportunities, though I don't know what to do when those opportunities arise.
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