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Oily face. What do

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So, I've been using two types of cream for my acne problem for the past year. Their role is to make all my red spots and marks from acne go away.

The problem is that this is making my face really oily. Up to the point that friends stop me by and ask me why I'm sweating during low temperatures. What should I use, mostly interested in international stuff or stuff made home because I live in Europe.

Pic related, but I'm a male.
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Fellow acne-cuck reporting in.
I used a variery of different shit and some meds, even custom made cremes just for my acne 'types'.
Really the only thing that has been working out so far is Ro-Accutane or just Accutane depending on your country.
They do exact opposite and dry the shit our of your skin, all around, which forces u to stay lubed up.
At this point the only thing left is for my inflammation/red spots to go away, but the amount of scars I'm potentially facing is disheartning.
Side-Note you'll need to be drinking a FUCK load of it depending on your skin condition.
So I could give u a fair assesment of hown long it would potentially take for ur face to clear up if u post a pick.
Btw before I hopped on this, my parents must have spent a few hundred on my cremes n shit that didn't do that much and also made my skin oily.

The current creams I use are pretty good. I mean, they swiped the shitty stains from my face, leaving quite a few now.

The problem is my oily face. I fucking hate it.
Roaccutane is in my country. Are you from eastern europe by any chance?
I am actually
I just started accutane a week ago! Hoping for the best
how much were u prescribed in terms of dosage
i've been on it for the past ~3-4 months
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shiieet ur taking 20mg
i been takin like 40mg from the get go
im on like 70 now
if u got any questions from a patient's perspective feel free 2 ask
blotting papers. should be in the chick zone of any drugstore
I'm taking 40mg twice a day, also known as 80mg/day.

Romanian by any chance? Roaccutane seems to be the name there

Poate ne intelegem asa
Serbian m8
OP here. I don't know about accutane. Seems to be really hard in terms of dose of usage and all.

Do I need a doctor to tell me everything or it's like an advil pill?
Oh, it is way more serious than advil. You have to be closely monitored by a doctor. Bloodwork and a doctors visit each month.

And if you are male, lucky! You don't have to do this fucking ipledge program each month about your 2 types of contraception
This. My face is extremely greasy, like a fucking mirror on my forehead. These things are a godsend.
Use a face oil at night instead of a moisturizer. You're drying out your face and causing your skin to produce more oil.

Yeah, I think this is the most logical. Accutane seems to be way to dangerous and all.


I want something to fix it for good. Aren't blotting papers just taking it off for a period of time and then you have to use new ones and on and on?
What you can try is a primer
There's low end like Neutrogena Shine Control Primer or other high end primers like Mac Matte Primer or Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. These are meant for makeup so they'd definitely do the trick for you. They should last more than half your day. There's also Nivea Men Post Shave Balm. These are avail for sensitive skin too. If you find that youre breaking out with the Nivea then stop using it. Nivea tends to clog pores because of its ingredients with some skin types.

I would still recommend blotting sheets though. And before bed I'd recommend you wash then lay a warm towel on your face to open your pores. Primers can get into and clog your pores along with the dirt and oil, causing breakouts. If you dont want to use the towel you could take a hot shower or boil some water and just use the steam.

Depending on your skin you should exfoliate every so often too. Clarisonic works really well, but it's pricey. You could also find knock offs at the drug store, but essentially you get what you pay for with those. Peel off masks work really well, but don't those often because they can make your pores huge.
These are meme products, don't do this. Don't exfoliate daily, also a meme.
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I am the janitor in a building with ten apartments.
I was out at a club tonight.
One of the tenants wants to fuck.
She has a boyfriend.
They have an open relationship.
Do I proceed?
She's cute enough, but not in the same ballpark as the women I'm used to, but I'm on the longest dry spell I've even been on.

Fuck, I meant to start a new thread.
Wash your face twice a day (morning and night). Use cleanser, toner, moisturiser.

Use blotter pads. I use Clean and Clear ones sometimes


Go with accutane if the acne gets severe.
Yeah, Accutane is some EXTREMELY nasty shit. It's the acne drug of last resort for a reason. However, there's a reason it's "last resort" rather than a total nonoption: it may take a couple of courses (you take it for 10 weeks at a time), but it will work when nothing else does. You do, however, need to make sure it's worth it, because the side effects don't always go away when you stop taking it.

Another thing I've heard works well: put a fresh towel over your pillow every day. Sleep with the towel in place. This will help get some of the oil off your skin, at the cost of having to do more laundry.
>on a dry press
Stop the spells.
I didn't say exfoliate daily you tard, I said every so often.
Going on roaccutane more or less fixed my skin, but in order to maintain its not-oily-ness i moisturise every morning and night and drink a lot of water. I think your skin produces excessive oil to compensate for a lack of moisture in skin so keep it hydrated yourself to prevent this from happening
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 4

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