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Job Advice Thread

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Guys I need some advice on what to do in my current situation. I'm a teacher in a very niched area within art and I got tenure at the school I work at. In recent years the amount of jobs within my field have more or less disappeared and only 3 other more prestigious school exist when I live (capital city of my country) but have rarely open positions. I applied to one of them this year and even with 12 years of experience I didn't even get to go on to a interview (because of over a 100 desperate applicants and their high level of expertise). So finding my subject again is out of the question.

I got offered a job at another school teaching in a different subject (I got two degrees) which I like but don't enjoy as much as art. They don't have an art program at this school (they discontinued it because it was so fail). They offered me lots more money and better hours, so I decided to take it. My old school just made me a counter offer with slightly less money (but more than I have now). I have to decide before Monday.

Old job
> I get to teach the subject of my dreams
> Horrible co-worker and no support
> High stress levels and many extra hours
> Bad environment and location

New job
> Boring subject
> Better hours, longer vacation and slightly better pay
> Unknown co-workers
> Good location
> Newly opened school that might not have a long future ahead

It just hit me and I got really depressed knowing I will never teach my best/favourite subjects if I leave. But my horrible co-workers make me want to go postal at work.

Feel free to vent your own problems in the workplace. I know a lot of people experience the similar problems.
I spent six years to attain a bachelors and masters in a field I find little interest in. It does open doors for me and I would have plenty of money to spend, provided I get hired haha.

I say go for the other job with less stress, more money. My passion is in my hobby but it doesn't pay the bills nor secure my future. Our jobs dont define us. We have another 8 hours in the day or less to spend our time and freedom. Lets not have our jobs take that away.
Thanks for the comforting words. The new job seems like the most logical choice right now. I will definetly keep my art as a hobby and not let it go. It's just really sad that a big part of my carrier and education just vanishes. But being able to work with something you are really passionate about makes a big difference.

Can I ask what your hobby is anon?
My hobby are certain martial arts.

What is your niche art?
Whats wrong with your coworkers
I guess it falls within visual communication and graphic design. But with a recession going on almost all art programs are being shut down around here. It was very fulfilling to be able to teach and work on projects and make a living with it.

My co-workers well... Long story short they are all incompetent at what they do. They cut corners and have hired a lot of under qualified people. The normal ones quit last year, and two more this year. The ones left are old hags that have given up on their lives and just go around bitching and sucking the life out of the place. 2-3 others are old but nice but they are broken by stress and avoid everything like the plague. The younger ones are really bad at their job but think they are the shit and cause drama all the time. There is a lot of harassment, trash talking, big egos and bullying. New management is old employees that got promoted that don't have the balls to question/put other co-workers in their place and let them get away with their shit. We are severely understaffed but nobody tries to help out. Their solution to problems is to ignore them and hope they go away. What rubs me wrong is that all this shit affects our students.
I'd take the new job and fond some students that'd be interested in an art club. It's not the same, but I find that, oddly enough, most passions are best outside of work.
I say take the new job. You can continue to pursue a position teaching your subject. Your it's not good to not get along with your coworkers. If I didn't get along with mine, I probably wouldn't still be at my job, cause my manager is a bitch. You're also dissatisfied with the institution's culture and management. Time to abandon ship.
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