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Hey /adv/, Disclaimer: Not US citizen, I'm from EU. I've

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Hey /adv/,

Disclaimer: Not US citizen, I'm from EU.

I've been unemployed for about 6 months now and employment services got me on a program, where I am teaching after-school classes of journalism. I'm an ex journalist and now I'm stuck with a bunch of 11-14 year old kids learning "journalism". I'm doing it for about three months now (have 6 to go) and I have to say its great fun. Much greater then I expected.

In one of my classes is this kid, lets call him Mike. Shy, rather chubby guy.

Now important thing about this whole picture is - i was bullied and molested in elementary school. It was rather hardcore, I was on the lowest rung and have barely fought my way throught. I've been checking this Mike kid for a while now. Rather smart, but very reclusive. I have to say thought, that my alarms vent off a bit even during forst hours. Kid just had a "vibe" to him.
Now maybe its me being ex reporter, maybe the fact I was abused. I've started noticing things. Kid was being bullied. One day we had journalism class and kid had this dictaphone he loved and he said he lost it. I probed him a bit and he almost cracked. I saw it. But did not want to push further. After a few weeks it became clear there are three kids in his class that are his tormentors. It's funny how teachers are looking away from this. And kids themselves also have grat sixth sense when authority is around. it's funny really, maybe it also helps a bit that i am part-time teacher and a smoker and do not fit into "authority" group. So one day I've been smoking away from school ground, but still within sight of it. (other teachers do not approve but thats not rally my problem now) I saw Mike being held down behind a tree in courtyard and a third kid putting dirt onto his hair and over his face. They've performed this and then there was end of break and everything vent on normally.

I've talked about this with one young teacher and she suggested I should "inspire kid to do what he does best" (jornalism? lol) and school councelor said she can't do anything if the kid does not get to visit her.

I'd like to get him out of this shit, but I wonder If I can do anything. I have to admit its pretty hard to watch this undertake in front of me.

If you guys have any advice I'd much appreciate it.

Lurking, keep it up i'm thinking about it. Country?
Slovenia. We have like really traditional school system (don't rock the boat). I was wondering if I could offer any for of support to strenghten the kid. I know he only has a mum and they are nto well off. I dunno guys ...
mh... me myself was never harrased in that way but i saw alot young ppl suffering from bullies. i think you should not talk to the bullys themself, that would make it even worse. Maby you should try to talk to him i a face to face conversation and ask him how he sees his own situation. and based on his answer youo could give him further advice to defeat himself/ back up from the bullies.

directliy telling him things like "start karate to defeat yourself, stay fit to run" or "go to the principal and blame your bullies" will lower his selfesteem even more..
if you cant do a thing till you have to leave the job; try to fuck with the bully's in your last weeks, try to get them expelled or at lease embarresed in front of everyone. i mean u don't have to care if u will leave the job; and it will help everyone to see that bullys can be bullyed too xD

dunno if this is any helpful but hey; let me say that you are a good, empathic person! keep it up and dont let this skills go m8 :)
That's a pretty sad story OP. If it were me I would take this kid under the wing a bit. Maybe sit down and explain to him the that you were also bullied. Find out a little more about him. Take the time out. If you do this right you could be the best thing that ever happened to him. I can imagine its very difficult to navigate through 'delicate' situations like this but surely its worth a shot? If this goes unchecked these demons will follow this kid around for a long, long time.
>directliy telling him things like "start karate to defeat yourself, stay fit to run"

This idea came to my mind and I agree it is not really good. I'm thinking of approaching this somehow (I'm a bit of a boat-rocker lol) but I want to do it in a right way.
Teacher here. Unfortunately situations like these are more common than people think. Some tips:

1. Talk to him. Tell him what you saw and make it clear that you are his side. Tell him that you won't tell anyone/his bullies what he doesn't want anyone to know, don't rat him out. Let him vent out his frustration. There is a chance that he won't want to talk, just tell him you'll be there if he changes him mind. Ask if there is something he want you to do. Ask him if he ever stood up to them or said no. Lots of bullies will stop if they face to much resistance, they prefer passive, weak victims. Help him get enough confidence to do so. It can be hard but with persuasion and logical reasoning you can do it. For example "what's the worst that can happen if you say no? They will bully you? They are already doing it. But if you keep making it hard for them they will stop." I've had plenty of those situations, even if the bullying doesn't stop at once the kids usually feel much better when they stand up for themselves.

2. Look up rules/laws although it probably won't leed to much. In my country bullying must be reported to the principal and he/she is required to solve it and contact parents or face the risk of getting fined/reported to the educational department. With that said I've been in situations where the principal/teachers don't care to solve it and remove evidence and reports to not have to deal with it.

3. Make it very clear to the bullies that you do not approve and put them in their place. Very hard to do without outing the kid or making the bullying become worse. But you can always crack down on them really hard in your lessons if they do something out of line (even if it has no connection to the kid) and state that those are your rules.
thanks man. I'm still reading the thread.
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