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Is my gf schizoid or extremely introverted?

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I need some light on this issue, I thought she was introverted and sort of loner but now I don't know what to think anymore... she needs unreasonable amounts of space and alone time that moving in together sounds impossible.

She seems aloof and absent minded, prefers to sit by herself home reading or playing instead of hanging with me (we do hang out but a few hours at best otherwise it "wears" her out). When she's over at my place, we play video games together or separate and it seems like she's having a good time together but ignores me. She says she is just focused on the game.
Rarely engages in a conversation especially with others, has been called antisocial and avoids people like the plague. She almost NEVER initiates or shows physical affection, and it's more like she tolerates it from my part but if things went her way, I'm 100% sure we'd probably barely even touch skin for days. She says she prefers mental stimulation but I'm more the type of guy who talks a lot of random shit and makes nonsense jokes so I guess a reason for why she keeps to herself is that it may seem that one can't have a deep conversation without me cracking some ass joke.

Help /adv/, I don't know what to think. Does she love me or just tolerate me? Is there something wrong with her, should I break off this relationship? Do relationships with these people have any future? I'm attracted as shit to her and I love her
hopeless bump
u already know the answer to the majority of ur questions
it probably won't work out
ur girl has issues
i just dont get how u got with her in the first place
let alone fell in love
if u do decide to be with her then distance urself
u cant and should not engage in emotional dependance on a person that garners no sympathy/empathy
quiet people have the loudest minds...
She could have add, autism or even dyspraxia. I have these things too and if it wherent for a cenrtain group of friends I wouldn't have known how to communicate it doesn't come naturally. Maybe you could talk about it with her that you are concearned. Most introverts want to open up but just dont know how to. Butdont dump her before trying to help her. A relationship is like a house when a lightbulb breaks you dont buy a new house you change the bulb. :)
his gf seems to be emotionally, physically and mentally retarded
he's not supposed to HELP her, he's supposed to support her get help but it doesn't seem like his gf has any ambition to 'normalize'
please read into add,autism (asperger) and dyspraxia you will understand everything. She is not retarded.
Holy shit I'm the guy and I was sorta like that in my last relationship.

Ex would always complaint that I don't give her enough attention or show my feelings for her.

But shit, I'm with her, had I not wanted to be I wouldn't have wasted my time on her. I don't have to look for confirmation that we are "ok" constantly, only insecure do. If it's not "ok" I'd just tell her right away so why would she nag me constantly about it?

I'd exchange her for OP's mate anytime.
You're asking for a second hand personality disorder diagnosis (and an exotic one, at that) on 4chan? Nigga I need a complete history and a dozen sessions before I'm going to be sure of something like that. Six months worth of sessions if I'm putting that kind of shit on paper. For what its worth, you're describing someone closer to the autism spectrum, but that gets messy as shit when we start talking about Axis II (DSM5 can suck my entire dick).

General advice: if you aren't happy now you won't be happy in ten years after she hasn't changed. If you are happy now, roll with it and don't care too much about the label unless it starts to bother her.
She might have some issues, but sounds like she is just extremely introverted.
I stopped the whole dating thing partially because I just cant meet with people every day. There are times when I want to be left alone for 2-3 weeks at a time. When the girl would come here, I would at times be very distant, but present in a way. Sometimes I felt very talkative and wouldnt mind physical contact, other days I felt like I wanted to talk, but didnt feel comfortable with physical contact or atleast iniating it so I would more or less "tolerate" her getting close physically.
Im the kind of a person that isnt made for love and relationships, but atleast I tried.
I've known some people online with similar issues, they arent autistic or anything, just really introverted and not used to dealing with people. Many people who are like that open up and warm up in time to some extent, but isnt like few weeks or even few months. It took me 4 years to be truly comfortable around my best friend. 4 fucking years. I imagine it would take longer than that for me to be comfortable with someone Im dating and aint nobody going to stick around for that long.

I want to play advocate for any introvert and I say just stick with it. Introverts or aspies/autists can have a lot of trouble spending time even with people they like and even that can be draining on the mind.

Ask yourself, DO you still like her even if she's so aloof? If yes, if what time she spends with you is precious to you, then confront her about a few of your most pressing troubles, like how you two can't seem to hold a conversation. Tell her you love her and that she doesn't have to reply right away. Maybe try getting into her mindset and staying more serious and getting into whatever subject matter she enjoys.
woah retarded on all levels? why do you say that? it just looks like she is extremely solitary/lonely and enjoys living in her head too much
Thread posts: 11
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