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How do I structure an essay about how I nearly killed myself

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How do I structure an essay about how I nearly killed myself over a girl, have depression and subtly say I love you to that said girl?

We're not going to do your creative writing homework for you.

Play some Pokemon. You'll feel better.
i am, im sitting on facebook to clear the air, all my friends look up to me and it is extremely hard to type or even call her because i haven't been in the situation before
My man please do not tell this girl you almost killed yourself because of her. Please do not fucking so that.
not just over the girl, just life in general (work, family and friends), it involved vodka and a fuckload of pills.
Why would you want to talk about this to strangers?
why not, everyone needs help once in a while getting through life
How is this going to help anybody?
its going to help me and anybody who is going through similar things by reading suggestions
The stranger you need to talk to should be trained to advise you wisely.

If there is an Assistance Program through your school, employer, or insurance, call them.
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nah i'm going to get typing
I'm a slimy, vaginal beta. There, I said it. I'm a cucked faggot like 90 percent of the Internet. Now that that's out of the way, here is my shitty essay.

There are your first few words, you're welcome
1) i'm borderline beta
2) i have had enough sex and just want cuddles and talks
3) finished it, thanks
structure? that's pretty simple

introduction (lead into the topic, explain some background about it)

literature review (any relevant scholarship?)

theoretical framework (this is optional, but if you are writing this from say a nihilist or realist perspective it's useful to explain that)

body (usually divided into 3 parts)


works cited.
i'm not even joking thanks, I used it to touch it up a bit
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all the advice you need, OP, right here

but seriously man. write it as honestly as you can to get it off your chest. but don't write it on facebook, use notepad or word or something and save it. then please *PLEASE* sit on it for at least 3 days before deciding whether to send it, post it, or anything like that. if you truly feel that it needs to be said, you will still feel like that a few days from now. if you have changed your mind in that time, then you will have dodged a howitzer-sized drama bullet by not sending it. because that's what posting things like that to facebook is: a drama bomb.

also: if she hears that you almost killed yourself over her, it will creep her out. and if you insinuate in ANY way that you still have any feelings for her, you will creep her out twice as much. if you actually care about her and not just about your own personal problems, you will not tell any of this to her or to any mutual friends or acquaintances you and she may have. but it doesn't sound like you do. it sounds like either you think somehow that she's going to take pity on you and fall for you, or that you're just giving her one last creepy drama e-grope before fading out of her life, or something.

what you're planning to do reeks of an attention-whoring cry for help. if you are to the point of crying for help, get some fucking help. start seeing a therapist, find a support group, spill your guts to an older person you look up to, whatever you gotta do.

if you really need to educate people about the things you've learned through your experiences, make a blog or post it someplace where it's going to get seen.

source: I have done shit like what you're planning to do. I have seen other people do shit like that as well. it has never, never been a good idea. it will always end badly.
ive been wanting to say this for her for 2 years, she also tried to kill herself and opened up with me so i dont think she will be creeped out. I trust her and she trusts me with each others lives but she is moving away next year so i wont see her for ages
thanks guys its going well so far
OP, for the love of God, DO NOT DO THIS.

Do not do this to her.
Do not do this to the people you know.
Most of all, do not do this to yourself.

Seriously, I've been where you are standing right now. This cannot possibly end well. If you absolutely must write something down, do it by hand, on paper -no typing of any sort allowed- and then burn it before you show it to anyone. Anything good that can possibly come from this essay can still be gotten this way.

If this gets out, it will fuck up everyone involved but good, and when you realize that you are to blame, you will carry the guilt for many years. I speak from personal experience. You have been warned.
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i didnt in the end, i was pretty drunk yesterday and I deleted it, i did however see room for improvement for myself
That's great OP.
I'm all for you writing what you need to write and reflect on it and how you can improve your life.

With that being said, publishing it, especially to people you care about, is a really bad idea.

You may think you're helping people going through similar things, but the truth is that these things are deeply personal, and it won't benefit much anyone.

On the other hand, the people that care about you will receive a slap to their faces. You'll be stigmatized, and some people will just cut contact with you.

If you need to say that you like this girl then by all means, do it. But don't force this kind of responsibility down her throat.
Make it as general as possible. If she reads it, at most she should only be left with the suspicion. Don't in any way identify her. If a lot of people read it and know you're talking about her, she could feel called out on, and it could hit back at you in a bad way.

I'd advice against it though. Talking from experience, I'm glad I never publicly talked about my romantic mess.
Then you got what you really needed. Congratulations.
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