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/r9k/ is starting to eat at me

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Holy shit /adv/. I don't know what it is about that fucking board but holy shit.. that fucking board has ways of liking wriggling its fucking tendrils into your brain and influencing how you think.

For example, I recently read a thread on /r9k/ that said something along the lines of "All those 20-25 year old females you like? Yeah, they have probably all sucked at MINIMUM 2-5 DICKS while you have not even had a girlfriend yet"

That shit hit home real hard. It makes me wonder how I can even keep up with these women my age if I have not even experienced a basic relationship.

What sucks even more is I know that guy is right. He is right about the fact that as women age in their 20's they become more and more sexually experienced. I mean how could they not when people throw their dicks at them 24/7?

I am not even really mad about the sex part, I am more mad at the ease of which they can acquire these experiences.

FUCK that fucking board man. I never use to think like this. FUCK!

Now its hard not to consider "How many dicks has she sucked probably?"

Anytime I meet a new girl, the first couple of thoughts go like this "Oh she is pretty, I want to talk to her. She almost seems too pretty.. she has probably has seen many dicks. I can't compete." Then I bail out and don't talk to her.

Well the dick part is a little simplified but I feel the same way I guess
People around me are just much more experienced socially and emotionally and I feel I've missed the boat and have no way to recover

I understand how you feel. I also hate that there is such extensive dating capital needed. Like no woman is going to want to date a dude with no car and doesn't have his own place. I live with a room mate and it seems women don't even like the idea of that while they themselves live with a room mate.. The hypocrisy..
Dont browse /r9k/. You are influenced by people around yourself. /r9k/ is full of the worst parts of the internet. The deranged, the forgotten and the lonely. Leave and purge your mind of their thoughts.

This is a good example of comments to ignore.
Ok so this is gonna sound a little fedora-y but here's the thing
When I sit and think about the friends I have, man or woman, that sleep around, theyre not hot shit
they have a car payment and pay rent paycheck to paycheck, or are just unemployed stoners altogether
theyre not well educated, skilled, or athletic, or really anything noteworthy

I think that's what it means when people on here say sex doesn't matter, is that losers can have a lot of sex and it doesnt mean much of anything, its not something you can really call "experience", its just superficial shit

the reason to stay out of r9k is the crab mentality, honestly just stay away from this website
/r9k/, /pol/, /b/, some board are quite toxic because they give you a code to understand life. And this code is not universal and it's quite ambiguous. Now you're thinking following this code "how many dicks has she sucked yet" etc. Loose the board, forget about it. If you stop reading there and concentrate on your life, you'll forget about it. If you wish to get a gf, don't go to /r9k/ to get advice.
Uh, if it affects you that much, get off /r9k/?
Make /trash/ your home board, it'll definitely improve your outlook. Those guys are super laid back about everything.
The truth, once discovered, does not change.
As far as coping, the best palpable help for you is on reddit's The Red Pill board.

The code I have taken from those boards is, the world WILL be as bad as it CAN be. Like Murphey's law. I think it's better to be pessimistic and knowledgeable than optimistic and ignorant.
I'm sorry to hear what you've been going through, but the only cure is to cut out the cancer. Stay away from /r9k/, anything to do with redpillers or MGTOWs or people who call themselves "involuntary celibates", and the like. These people will only pull you back down every time you try to rise above, like crabs in a bucket.
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Think about it like this;

People who are born rich have better opportunities. They go to better colleges, they have better houses, they drive faster cars, they have better lives.

You have two options. You can either lament about how much easier these individuals have it than you; spend all your time composing conspiracies and ideologies that absolves you of all responsibility for the fact that you aren't in there position or why life is too hard or people are too mean and girls are too hot.


You can accept with that you've been born with. You can accept your place in the world, the skin you're in and instead of responding to environmental/sociological differences and disproportionate privileges with bitterness you dedicate yourself to being the best you can, behaving the best you can, and making the best out of life that you can muster.

In not so many words, you can either roll with the punches or you can cave into your own bitterness and hate the world for not handing you things that it hands to others.

Life isn't fair. No one is going to stop and feel sorry for you because you don't get the things you want as quickly or as easily as you want them. /r9k/ is an entire board dedicated to enabling young men to never overcome that fact and live in a perpetual state of buck-passing and existential resentment.
/r9k/ is fucking poison, stop going there. For a while i was actually a regular at that board. I was pretty much consumed with resentment, I was depressed, my grades sucked and everything was pretty shit. /r9k/ encourages you to wallow in your own pity, not do anything about it. They literally worship fucking murderers, its disgusting. And before you auccuse me of being a "fucking normie" this is coming from a 21 year old virgin who had a gf that turned into a fucking lesbian cause she thought it would be cool. run away from /r9k/ never go back, ever.
Dont worry op you will get your turn after she had her fun with the bad boys and you get to be the lucky guy who even raises the bad boys child because she is amazing at making decisions.

they dont care if youre a virgin lol and that thought goes away when you start hooking up with women too
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If you let yourself be influenced by some tread on an image board then you better disconnect from all this nonsense and have a good look at yourself.

If you're not getting any girls it's for a reason. It may be the way you talk, your hygiene may be lacking, need to lose weight, maybe get fit, get some nice shoes and clothes, etc.

You're the one who decides how things play out, not some thread on 4chan.
Yeah I don't care about a relationship anymore because of those reasons. You try and try but you'll never be rich enough. So fuck that shit.
Are you just insecure about not having experience? Because that's really not a big deal, everyone is nervous at first.
I actually have it rough since I want to wait for marriage, which is less and less common now.
I'm kind of retarded but every time I come on here I get called a normalfag so I guess take this with a grain of salt.

I've never really let this /r9k/ mentality bother me. The amount of guys a woman has sex with doesn't affect me in the slightest. I got pretty worked up over it when I was a kid (17-21) but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter. I'm 27 now, I've had a handful of good experiences, my girlfriend is in the same boat.

There was an anon about halfway up the thread comparing it to being rich, and he's right. You can either spend your whole life being angry at the rich, or you can live the best middle class life you can, and in the process discover that money doesn't make you as happy as you thought it would.

I've dated women who had bizarre /r9k/ style hangups about sex and relationships and it was about as surreal as it was miserable. I've also dated women with 50+ previous partners and it was also pretty miserable, but not for the reasons you'd think.

I've found that the best partners are those who don't dwell on partner count or letting their sex life define who they are as people. Of course, that's just my opinion.
Stop going to /r9k/. They feed off and create insecurity in others.

That board is pretty much just filled with people who gave up and still want to vent about doing that for years on end.

Yeah, the girl probably sucked a dick or two. You'll probably eat a girl or two out too. This shit is relatively normal and really does not matter.

If you're inexperienced/virgin, you can tell the girl upfront when they are in that mood. They'll understand completely.
the majority of the userbase here see sex as the single most important thing in a person's life

in reality sex is almost as normal as doing laundry

get off the computer
talk to people irl
Just get the shit you want and stop reading weepy r9k stuff

It's not getting in your brain by force just walk away from the screen like close your eyes

I get that normalfag women during their twenties are looking for men who are just as experienced; but browsing /r9k/ makes you feel only worse, these are the kind of people who will turn on you as soon as you manage to climb out of the hole they've made for you and themselves, being like "you were one of us man, you traitor" and light your ass up should you ever post a thread of you having finally found a woman on that god-forsaken board

regarding your KH-Virgin part;

either you manage to find a woman who's just as clueless as you

or you go out and become a normalfag, and develop experience with the other gender; sexual experience can be acquired through escorts if you're a complete autist

>being mad at women having it easier to get sex than you
you're essentially mad that life isn't fair, buddy do we even need to talk about why you need to dismiss this thought immediately?

just start frequenting another board, if anything is cancerous, then it definetly is the poison that is /r9k/

Lonely and forgotten people are the worst parts of the internet? Really? I mean, even deranged isn't strong enough of a word to describe the actual worst parts.

/r9k/ is a piece of shit, but get a grip, my dude.
Trash boards you should stop surfing:


These boards will give you a negative outlook on life. They are not realistic in any way, they try to paint a broad picture usually in a really dark and medieval way that your life is doomed and that you don't need anyone other than you. Truth is most people are nice, most people aren't pessimistic 24/7, but these boards show you the really ugly side of humanity. It's like living in the sewers and thinking that the whole world smells like feces. It doesn't.

>A girl has sucked 2-5 dicks minimum by the time she's 25

This isn't close to being true. In that I live in one of the most "liberal" states in the country, NY, and I know a dozen girls who don't just put out or go out with anyone. Girls with actual principles, and no, none of these women are ugly or fat. You're quite literally making an excuse for yourself to still be a shut in and not better your own life by using 4chan as a crutch.

Truth is you will never meet 99.9% of people on Earth, but by choosing not to go out and meet the ones that you have access to, you are literally refusing to add more xp to your game. Think of life as a video game and every single new person you meet is a bonus level that gives you extra xp in life, that is what you are depriving yourself of.
Don't know why men on this site are so hesitant to talk to women cause they're worried when it gets to bed she'll leave you if you're a virgin.

You're overrating your social skills too much and thinking 10 steps ahead when in reality you should be thinking one step at a time. How about you just go and talk to the girl, cause I doubt a lot of guys like you even go through this very first step, no you're always worried about the bedroom part..Chances are, if you're already in the bedroom with the woman, then you did steps 1-9 correctly, but you're so bogged down by "HURR GUISE GOTTA HAVE SEX WHAT WILL SHE THINK OF MY DICK?!"...How about you instead worry about setting up a connection?

Also /r9k/ is pure trash. Top 5 worst boards on this website.
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Become a mormon. All this problems will be solved if you join the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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