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Strong desire to legally change name

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I have three names: One my mother gave to me, I like it. I'll probably keep it. One is my father's first name, I don't like it. I've never liked him or felt any pride as his son, I'd rather be my own man. He was not a decent person. My last name is Mohamed.

I've never liked my name. I've never wanted to share my name with people. I strongly dislike it. I never liked writing job applications with the name down, knowing it instantly closed so many doors on me. It brings me no pride or joy. I don't even like saying it. Maybe some people will find it offensive, but I honestly don't think my feelings would be much different if my last name was Hitler. I was raised in a Muslim home, I have read the Qu'ran. I understand who the prophet Muhammad was: a pedophilic warlord, an illiterate, a misogynist, a conqueror. I don't even feel comfortable when people call me Mohamed, even though it is my name.

I see nothing of myself in this man. I see nothing of myself in this religion. I see nothing of myself in my father.

I have a strong disconnection with my family. They don't understand me, I don't understand them. I don't think we'll ever have a very close relationship, and I've strongly desired to move away from them once I have joined the engineers association in Canada. Maybe somewhere in another province where I could focus on my career, and hopefully find someone to start a family with.

I already have a new name figured out, I even wrote it down on a piece of paper and felt happy with it. Maybe other people will think it sounds funny, but I felt much happier writing down "I am Isaac Michael Isaiah."

That terrorist attack in France was like the last straw. Knowing some idiot with my name is being broadcast as having run over children with a truck in the name of Islam just makes me feel even sicker.

Is it so wrong to change your name if you hate it so much? I honestly feel like it might be a hassle legally changing everything, but my own happiness would be worth it.
>book of Isaiah has 66 chapters
Changing your name is fairly easy and inexpensive. If it makes you happy, then do it.
The why or should you is entirely up to you. The how depends on where you live. In most countries you can legally change your name just by filling out a form, paying a fee, and having it approved by some government office. In some places you don't need even that.

Google "name change laws [country]" and see.
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I know it's not hard to do. For me the hardest thing would be explaining it to my family members, that and friends that I have. Even though I've said I'm very distant from them, I still don't think they'd understand. They'd probably just badmouth me even more and alienate me even more because I've disowned the names they gave me. I don't think they'll ever understand, they never have. When I was a kid I was the black sheep, as an adult I'm the unspoken of child. No matter what I do, I doubt my family will ever really love me. So why should I love them back?

I really don't feel like I'll be happy unless I change my name, move somewhere else and basically become a different person. I want the man I am now to disappear and to become someone else. Watching the show Mad Men I found it incredibly intriguing how Donald Draper is a false name, taken from another man, and yet the identity of being someone else fundamentally changes the protagonist so much he essentially becomes a very different, much more successful and interesting person.

I've come to think some people in this world are meant to throw away the identity they're born with. I know it's cheap, it's less than $150 to do it and simply a matter of paperwork and legal process. I've just got a lingering insecurity about the whole move, even though it feels very right to do something or other makes me hesitate. It'd basically be the last straw between me and my family, who I rarely ever see or speak to anymore. I guess I feel lonely.
I would recommend changing your last name, just for the fact that the U.S airport security systems always unfairly target anyone with that name, and other more popular middle eastern names.

Isaiah is a good last name and I like it, but if you plan on doing international travel you may want something whiter. Otherwise you should be good.
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Yes I've travelled to the United States many times, every single time I'm "randomly selected" for closer investigation. It's not random when you're selected 100% of the times. It's not random when you can't comment on something without being called a rapist or a terrorist both in real life and on the internet, regardless of whether you're telling people to vote for Donald Trump. It's not random when girls decide to stop dating you when they find out what your last name is. It's not random when the only places that ever call you back for job interviews are places that hire a disproportionate amount of minorities. It's not random when Muslim groups send you mail and knock on your door harassing you to come to their mosque.

Being named Mohamed really sucks. There's literally 0 benefit to it unless you're a muslim and actually believe all that shit. My grandparents were die hards and that's the only reason I have this name. I have no idea what my ancestor's name was before they converted, so I might as well choose my own name.
Hmmm. I don't like my name either - I always post under a pseudonym on registered websites. Not because of anything like that though.

Can't you just change it and try to keep it from your family?
What if you keep your first name? What's the point of having 3 names anyway?
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I don't know how to explain it, but the name Isaac Isaiah just sounds right. It's the name I want to be called. I want to be addressed as Mr. Isaiah. I want my friends to call me Isaac. Maybe it seems weird but my current name just doesn't really mean much to me. I'd like to keep my first name as my middle name though because again, my mother gave it to me.

I guess I'd like to try and keep some familiarity with my family, even if they call me Michael. I guess they might not understand it, but I don't want to totally forget my brothers, sisters nieces and nephews. They all know me as Uncle Michael.
How do you come up with a new name though? Especially a surname, without accidentally associating yourself with people that do have that surname?
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