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Texting and Communication with Grills

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All right I feel like I've got a problem with this. Everytime I get into contact with a girl, they eventually stop communicating/texting me after some time. I even have made it to a first date, but it never goes anywhere. Like right now, I feel like complete shit because of it.

>last week
>have coffee date with this girl
>we seem to hit it off just fine
>we were talking for hours and not a bit of it felt awkward
>eventually say good bye (though I couldn't kiss her cause I completely suck and don't know how to go forward)
>text her I had fun and shit
>she agreed
>I try to plan a second date where I can actually man up this time.
>but now I'm completely ignored

Did I fuck up? I'm really at a loss here on what I did. I know I was a bit sparse on details, but I didn't want to write a long post about it just to get to the point.
Don't pressure her and don't feel needy. Do not think, "Oh no, she doesn't like me." It comes out in your behaviour.

Just let it sit, if you asked her out, if there was a real connection she'll get back to you. If she doesn't try again in a week then drop it if she doesn't reply.

Work on feeling good about yourself, by yourself, in your own skin and not needing people to validate your ego. You will seem more attractive to girls.
I really need help getting over this "feeling needy" thing. I'm not delusional about it in that I know I'm needy, but I'm trying my best to hide it. Like I'm 20 and have went to a community college for two years and the dating pool is extremely shallow around where I live. So its pretty rare for me to find someone I like.

Maybe I should just give up and wait the one and a half months before I go to a real university.
No, just think about what your best qualities are, and work on improving them. Work on being your best self in general. It will lead to increased confidence and come out in your behaviour. Try to establish a good support base, with your family, or with friends, or whoever you live with. Encourage good relationships in general. That'll make you feel more sure of yourself. If you don't have good friends, try talking to people casually until you find people you connect with, you'll feel more outgoing. I'm just spewing truisms but it's all applicable to you. Good luck. Good job on getting into a real university. I can confirm that as long as you're serious about your study and don't neglect it you're in for a good time. Interesting people everywhere, it's a very special unique environment. Don't miss out on your youth by not talking to anyone.
Also texts are for setting up meetings until much, much later in the relationship. Don't give too much away over txt, it's unattractive. Save it for face to face, that's what really counts.
I do know that much. I usually ask "what's up" (oversimplification, but you get the point), in order to initiate the question. It's just tough because she's been tough to get a hold of.

So for next time when I get this far, what would be a good rule of thumb in order to make plans for a second time?
Just wait anywhere between 2 to 5 days or however many you feel are appropriate then send a text asking her out again, same way you did the first time. Keep it neutral, don't put in anything relating to emotions, positive or negative.
Ok then. And should I even bother trying to contacting this current girl? I know its a bad idea to try again tomorrow since I snapped her yesterday and texted her today with no responses. So should I bother?
If she doesn't reply at all, try again in 3 or 4 days then forget about it.
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Ok thanks a lot, dude. You've been a huge help and I'll apply what you said not just this situation, but whatever is to come.

Thanks a lot!
You don't communicate with grills, stupid. You cook food on them.
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