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Shitty roommates abusing 30 day eviction

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So we let a few people live in our house with good intentions, under the assumption that they could get back on their feet since they helped us get out the two previous people who lived here, and have since then proven they are not doing anything to get better, are clearly doing heroin or meth still, and do not pay rent nor really anything to help out with the house.
These people have brought in their personal effects and are receiving mail here. We would like to evict them and they have agreed to leave, but are not only abusing the 30 day eviction notice but are also demanding we have something signed saying they have 20/30 days to leave which they have been abusing for the past month while we get the funds together to do up the paperwork.

We want them out. Like immediately.
Is there any legal loopholes I can use or is there something I could do to make their lives a literal fucking hell within the boundaries of the law?

We have already taken the microwave, locked up the refrigerator and both freezers, MAC Address blocked any and all of their devices, and they still won't leave. One of them has MS and the other is a severe asthmatic.

Give me your best ideas guys. How can I get these fuckers out? Also where I live is a house, not an apartment, and it's owned by one person.

TL;DR Our roommates are drug addicts and moochers, they're abusing eviction laws, what can I do to, without being illegal, torment them to where they leave or evict them faster than 20/30 days?
If drugs, report them. Arrest is PDQ for fixing that.

Otherwise, legally you have to serve them with a notice of an intent to evict. Regardless of their inability to pay, they've become legal tennants there. Research landlord Tennant law in your state to learn more
If someone is using drugs in your house you should call the police.
Thanks, reddit.

Put their shit on the curb. People who can't afford rent can't afford lawyers. Change the locks.
give them fleas
they'll fuck off
bomb your house or call an exterminator afterwards
Kick 'em out at gunpoint.

If the cops come, tell them you don't know them, you never let them in, and that they're squatters who forced their way into the apartment, refused to leave, and started doing drugs.
Unfortunately they receive mail here and several people know us and them personally.
Also I live in the state of Washington. So there's those laws.

I'm seeing something about a 3 day eviction notice for waste or nuisance however. Might trash the house and evict them for it.
I did leasing full time for three years and I manage the dozen or so units I own. Your options here are limited, especially as I'm guessing you don't have a formal lease with them.

Serve them with paperwork, report their drug use to the police. Those are your own legal options.

Constructive eviction, forcing someone out of a property, is complicated. Under the best of circumstances its for people with a very high tolerance for risk and the ability to engage in explicitly criminal activities. You're living with these people, you sleep in the same building as they do, you're not in a position to start that game.

Serve the papers, take the microwave, lock the fridge, turn off the AC, empty the cabinets, remove all things of utility or value from common areas, cancel your cable, have your electricity shut off, keep toilet paper locked in your bedroom. Anything else and you're going to get in over your head.

>People who can't afford rent can't afford lawyers.

They don't need to be able to. There are a ton of free services that will get them pro bono representation.
Seconded. These guys methheads or heroin addicts? Well then kicking down their door is knocking down a hornet's nest. They have NOTHING to lose. They'll break into your house and hold you at knifepoint or some shit if they get high enough.
I've done six evictions with drug addicts. Five were straight, legal evictions with sheriff's deputies. In one of those a deputy, someone who serves evictions full time, was hospitalized. The sixth was a constructive eviction that the owner insisted upon against my advice. Turns out he had the benefit of being able to show up with a bunch of guys who had rap sheets with nicknames and last names that ended in vowels.

You're right, addicts are unpredictable. If OP is here asking how to deal with this, he isn't the kind of person equipped to deal with that shit. He needs to leave it to the professionals.

Consult an actual lawyer.

Sounds like this isn't even your house. Consider moving out yourself.
Also a very solid option.
yeah, if they're doing that you can have them removed immediately. especially hard drugs.
You can have them arrested, sure, but residency is residency.
Evicting someone while they're in jail is pretty easy. You don't even have to pay to serve them.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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