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Wisdom tooth removal recovery

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So today i just found out i had to get my tooth removed because it was hurting like hell, only to find the tooth that was bothering me isnt even the one that needs the most attention.

I went to the dentist thinking this was just some infection and that i just had to get some puss removed and take better care for myself but after an x-ray the dentist told me that i had some fucked up wisdom teeth and that my biggest problem wasn't even the one that aches.

He made an appointment for me this very same day i got the check up and i had an hour to get to the other dentist that was going to fuck my shit up.

I get there and the guy tells me that he can do all my teeth but one every 2 weeks and mind you i had 4 of which and a possible 5th that he reccomended i leave alone. i have an extra tooth growing just next to my nerves but it is so insignificant i can't even feel it.

Now my biggest problem is that after he fucking yanked it out it started to hurt like FUCK even after the freezing and the pain med and this shit just wont go away and at this point is actually worse than when i went for the check up.

My question is how you people cope with this. I have gotten home and been at this chair for several hours now seeing how long people take to recover what kind of advice i can get and the only thing the dentist told me was to eat very soft foods lots of ice cream and no fucking with the area. i am on pain meds as well as antibiotics but i just can't seem to get it pat down. is there some better way of coping with the pain? i just want to prepare myself before getting even more fucking teeth pulled 2 weeks from now and by the way this guy was a fucking asshole about it. just fucking yanked it didn't even prepare the area so it is bleeding fucking horribly and the cotton is just not helping it anymore.

Help please.
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Additional information

The Fatass on the op is me and since i am a big boy i guess that kind of explains why the pain meds are not effective enough to let me rest

The area just keeps on bleeding no stopping no matter what i try and at this point ill do whatever you suggest to go at it.

My girlfriend already told me to put ice on the side of my cheek but that shit doesn't even make any sense having it on for like 40 minutes and shit hasn't done what it was supposed to

Mother keeps telling me to man the fuck up but since all we have to eat is fucking hard meat and bread i am kind of fucked

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Did you mean lbs?

Also do you live in texas?
So like if it's still bleeding, wet a teabag , wet a teabag , put it on the socket and bite it firmly for thirty minutes .

No walking around, heavy lifting, ect. Keep blood pressure low, because it effects bleeding and throbbing.

The acid will help clot it. There's a difference between oozing and bleeding. If the blood is filling your mouth it could be a broken blood vessel.

The taste will always be there for the next few days.

Extra strength Tylenol and extra strength Advil at the same time. Those two work the best.

If these don't work go to ER.

>from my girlfriend
>she's my dentist and she rocks
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>Wet teabag
>bite into it firmly
>Tylenol and advil together
>She's a dentist and she rocks

Bro. I know its fun and games to fuck with people on the internet and then have them post the result to fuel your stupid sick sense of humour but you gotta try harder than that.

Even the fucking doctor told me not to mix those two together.

And who the fuck is dumb enough to bite down on a teabag? it will fucking break and anyone with half a brain knows what happens then.
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Can't believe i am saying this but fuck you /adv/ you fucking failed me this in my time of most urgent need.

Not even a fucking blowjob keeps the pain away and that's how you know it's bad as hell.

What the fuck have you become?
They're two different painkillers that don't have long term effects together and worst case scenario you end up with tea in your mouth?

What the fuck is wrong with you? Tanic acid prevents clotting you dolt.

You body can absorb 400 mg of ibuprofen (Advil) and 1000 mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Why would you consider this a bad thing? T3s do not contain the same amounts of ingredients but they contain codeine. It helps you fall asleep and can be hard on the stomach.


You're a fucking idiot and deserve to be in pain. Hope it hurts next session :^)
Thread posts: 8
Thread images: 5

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