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ITT let people Judge you

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Post the weird stuff about you and let other people judge you

>Shower once a month when I smell
>Don't brush my teeths sometimes mouthwash before an important encounter
>18 male virgin
>never fapped. dont plan to
>was addicted to watching porn for a year
the fuck?
i don't judge you but as someone (21) whose teeth are fucked up i will suggest that you brush your teeth more often.

the teeth die first.
then the big holes happen.
you can't brush away death.
ooh god i was going to make a thread like this

>today is my two day anniversary since i started working here
>in that time I have literally only been on time once

i feel so ashamed and keep thinking I'll change but i never do. even this morning i rationalized 'well theres no consequences so why not enjoy it til i get a different job?
>never fapped. dont plan to
>was addicted to watching porn for a year
Just how you managed to watch porn without fapping?

As for me I'll try to list some weird stuff I do:
>have a system for cleaning my ass, paper first, wash later: the paper takes care of the big stuff, washing for the small stuff
>have a system for masturbating where I gotta be naked or in boxers, with a precise number of paper towels for sperm disposal, used to be even more defined when I saved porn on my comp
>brush teeth once a day, twice only if I have to leave my apartment twice that day
>my sense of smell is pretty weak, so I have to bring my face close and almost snort the smell
>I will sit with a foot under my ass whenever possible, usually my right foot, I sat like that since I was a kid and it's hard to shake off
>lost virginity at 21
>had "sex" at 17 but couldn't pop a boner
>have had sex with 7 girls
>just want to be a 16 year old manwhore, but that trope is long gone with the advent of tinder, everyone is fucking everyone and nobody cares and sex is as easy as saying "hey, you wanna bang?" now.
>I finally got what I've wanted but it is too late and I'm miserable
>literally suicidal because of it.
>I will sit with a foot under my ass whenever possible, usually my right foot, I sat like that since I was a kid and it's hard to shake off

heh, I do this too. Or I have my right/left foot hang on the opposite knee when I'm sitting down.

this but i prefer to sit with both feet. at least one though. i will do this all day til my feet hurt, then i will just put something else on my feet to make them feel like they are experiencing pressure.
What kind of job?
I hoarded pissbottles in my room and didn't change my sheets for 4 years

i manage a small business.
This is hilarious and reminds me of always being late in high school and not caring since my seat was by the back door

i care i just... dont care enough i suppose. but yeah. im the only one there until at leat 10am most days, so its not really a big deal. i dont think the owner knows how often im late, though he knows i am late quite a bit.
I'm an occultist and voluntarily celibate.

Other than that, I'm completely normal and well-adjusted: I'm gainfully employed, I keep hygiene, work out, dress well, have friends, socialize, etc
>i eat more or less the same food everyday
>i lost my virginity at 22

most people think i lost my virginity at 19
why is it always more scarier when its regular ppl who run shit like this?

>im an edgy try hard faggot
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i like to feel sad for an evening once in a while, especially when things are going great and i'm having a good time overall.
this helps me appreciate what i have and i feel like it helps me get over bad times faster.
I have a tight foreskin, I can't pull it back very much when I'm erect but it just rolls over itself when I try pulling it back when I'm soft. I've gone to a doctor a couple times about it but he's just said it'll fix itself

i feel ya. though i dont think what you are experiencing is sadness so much as... 'feels' yea? kinda like weatching something with a bittersweet ending. you are appreciating the beauty of a sad idea while not quite being sad yourself, yeah?
Probably because people tend to think we're all performing spooky rituals and summoning demons, when many of us just have harmless research projects that are about as exciting as academic research papers.

Pretty much. Have a nice day, anon.
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Only the weird/unusual stuff?

>I probably have some kind of autism spectrum disorder, but my brain's so fucking weird that it's actually kinda hard to peg down one thing and they've tried to slap me with everything.
>I'm a multiple-synesthete. I feel sound as tactile input, I see text when people speak, like closed-captions, numbers and text have color to me, music creates imagery, the months of the year, days of the week, and periods of time over years have spatial locations along a sort of ribbon, math is kinetic/spatial, and my brain is pretty much organized spatially and I can "feel around" for ideas.
>It's honestly so many varieties that I can't keep track of them, and I often find myself going, "Wait, that isn't normal?" now that I know that synesthesia is a thing. I wouldm't be surprised if people didn't even believe me, it's so many.
>Pic related is a shitty paint drawing of a song I like.
>My favorite bands are the ones my mom listened to while I was in utero, and I don't even know her.
>I try to equalize the sensations on both sides of my body and need to eat even numbers of things like skittles.
>I do and always have worn my socks inside-out.
>Whistling is like kryptonite to me.
>I can read and write in ancient Greek.
>I sleep on the floor.
>I wear flip-flops in snow.
>I have dreams that are just music sometimes.
>I've had kind of an obsession with Halloween since I was a kid. It makes me giddy.
>I use piss bottles sometimes.
>I squat backwards on the toilet.
>I pace more than anybody else I know. Like, constantly.
>I ran away from home in high school and didn't come back.
>I'm allergic to propylene glycol.
>I have trouble using utensils properly and couldn't tie my shoes or ride a bike for an unusually long time.
>My first memory is of being underwater.

Bad ideas, man.

Kinda stereotyped, but not too weird. Oddly hygienic.

I can't judge you.

You an /x/phile?
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see, its not. that is just what anon wanted you to say. the whole point of it is


or, as he puts it:
>Lost my virginity at 12 but tell people 14
>Have subtle feelings of wanting to be the other gender probably related to next
>Can't hang out with same sex friends for a long time, even when they want to.

And I'm surprisingly adjusted.
Is that like phimosis?
What happens when you get erect while pulling it back?
guess you are right
real sadness hits you like a truck, puts you down, kicks you in the face and leaves you with nothing.. you know what i mean.
but when you are happy and see sad stuff that doesn't directly affect you, instead only gives you feels, you always see that life goes on, that there is sunshine after the rain and such.
when you are really down you often only side the negative side of things.
i guess appreciating sad things when im in a good mood helps me appreciate good things when im in a really bad mood. that's probably closer to what i meant.
>complete introvert
>only friend is roommate
>girlfriend keeps cheating on me
>contemplate suicide daily
I don't think it's tight enough to be considered phimosis

I've tried this and normally it just hurts and my erection goes away. Since it rolls back instead of pulling back, it tries to snap back into place also
Why even stay with her?

>Real sadness is etc.

that sounds more like tragedy man. but yeah theres a big difference between being sad and the self inflicted feels that make us appreciate.
>You an /x/phile?
Yes. I used to read there regularly, but I got bored of the constant love queries and decided to put more time into my other research. I find your synesthesia interesting and would like to talk to you more about it if you're willing. My email is [email protected]

Actually I just posted because OP asked for weird things, and people apparently find it weird for some reason. Also, I'm bored and waiting for an appointment.
sex on the reg.
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>have cuck fetish and whenever I fap to porn I imagine to woman to be "mine"
>sometimes had problems coming during sex, had to imagine being cucked
>would sooner kill myself than try this for real because I don't want to be a cuck
>25 year old male virgin
>almost kissed as many guys as I have girls (4 girls 3 guys)
>fantasize about my female and male friends both
>have jerked off to a tranny that I actually talk to
>fap once a month
>eat 450 calories a day but still fat (5'9 200 lbs, kinda skinnyfat really)
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>people apprently find it weird for some reason
>i dont get it, why would they find it weird?
>its like everyone is ignorant except me
>im no attention whore, im just really unique
I'm 24 years old

my possibly good stuff
>I'm maybe excessively humble and under the radar/low profile irl
>I almost always put other people's needs before mine
>I don't judge people and always assume people have good intentions when they do something offensive
>at least 3 or 4 girls have found me attractive so I guess that's something
>easy going and I don't know if I'm shy but I have no problem talking to strangers
>open minded
>people say I'm a good person (though I was kind of a jerk in my teenage years besides being a loner)
>some tiny artistic talent for drawing and computer graphics

my bad stuff
>never had a job
>low as fuck self esteem
>very often think about suicide
>studying something I hate to please my parents
>transgender (like everyone else I guess) but only my parents know and are in denial and hate the idea
>bisexual but mostly attracted to guys, though I never had anything with a guy for fear of the social stigma where I live
You're transgender, but you're afraid of the social stigma that comes with fucking a guy?
I'm afraid of the social stigma of being transgender as well of course. I act as an average straight cis guy outside.
You're a doormat. You're going to end up either killing yourself or getting killed in some really dumb way if you keep letting people use you.

And tell your parents to fuck themselves and help you instead of pretending they live in some fantasy land - they're not fucking teenagers anymore, you can't just ignore problems happening around you. Remind your mother no one forced her to blow you out of her misshapen cunt.
In the states?
No, some small town in the not so progressive Argentina
damn i wanted to suck you off
I mean thanks for the advice
I have absolutely no idea how to flirt. I've had two girlfriends, neither of which I flirted with, and I lost my virginity to my second gf last year. A couple months ago I was really flirty with a friend, but I have no idea how I did it or how to do it again
>Only brush teeth once a day, so I show up to work with morning/breakfast breath
>Used to be a furry in the 7th grade before I really knew what it was, and before the internet really took it by shitstorm. Essentially I just liked drawing animorphs. Will never tell anyone that
>Straight guy but I love putting things in my ass during sex/masturbating. The idea of being finished inside of is hot (I guess being dominated?) but I'm not attracted to men sexually. I guess just the penis.
I've a smelly nose. I rinse my nose every day with salt satches. Just turned 22 also Virgin.
I can dig this

>Haven't cut my hair since 6 months
>Not sure if I really care that much about virginity or relationships, since I see myself as an insensitive asshat.
>Start hating all the things that I liked in highschool (videogames)
>Alt Girls are the only women I can picture myself in a relationship with.
>Women seem to like me and wanted to have a relationship with them (or don't idk) but I didn't care.
>Try to talk to strangers when in a long trip because i feel restrictions doing that at college.
>Neurotic I guess. Can go from happy to angry to suicidal in two minutes.
>Don't get why people care so much about virginity, even though I feel sad for not knowing how is teenager love or sex.
>Judges too much.
>i piss in the sink when i dont feel like walking to the toilet
>i blend nearly everything i eat, meat and inbetween snacks are the only exceptions
>i have adult braces at age 28
>4chan made me far right while i used to be a lefty
>i cant masturbate to porn, only by thinking of a cute cashier or cute girl i saw irl
>i have no ambition in life
I value your honesty, you are hired!
I have a steady job perfect for me. But thanks, i guess
>Shower twice a day
>Lost virginity at 13
>Don't drink or do any drugs
>enjoy cleaning and working
>use negotiating over fighting
>all friends are drug addicts
>never been a NEET
>scared to get an actual relationship
>can't shave properly
>always lose things
>get angry because a person wears gothic/emo apparel
>will spend my time reading and eating unless work/with friends
>Shower once a month, have bad smelling sense, so can be up to 3 months easily.
>Don't always brush before social shit
>Wear dirty, unironed clothes with dried out sweat in public
>Either greasy hair brushed to look cool or sprayed and waxed and shit which never fucking works and goes all over the place cause of the smallest of motions and I have to remove the hair from my forehead every other minute, don't like to wait in line for the barber, so
>often too lazy to even finish on the floor so just spray on the stomach and remove it with paper
>used vegetables as plugs and dildos as well as objects like fork or screw handles, shit like that, used sunflower oil as lube
>can't help but smile or laugh when someone is emotionally hurt cause of me or just very confused
>been more than half a year since I washed anything in my house including 95% of the dishes. Everything is in green, blue or black mold. In every room there's just loads of stuff lying on the floor or wherever, random stuff, cause I didn't care to order it. I have a mouse (maybe mice) in my room for about a year now and sometimes we cross paths, but with minimal effort I put in I couldn't catch it and still haven't really tried to trap it. When I do, I'll try to find some mice outside and make a cannibal mouse, I'll have it as a pet.
>the cat that lived in my house once brought a newborn puppy or a rodent after biting off it's foot. I put the little creature in a carton box and gave some water and bread but apparently it couldn't reach the water and was too young to eat bread. There were some flies. I felt too jewy about wasting ethanol or bleach or whatever to actually sterilize the wound which is probably why it died couple of days later. After that I never let my cat in. I once carried it away from my house in a bag at night, but it found it's way back and now lives somewhere near and I sometimes see it in my garden. I would probably drown it or something, but I'm too lazy to catch it.
I need a visual representation of you squatting backwards on the toilet, hoe do you not constantly get it on the realm?
>4chan made me far right

It made me a libertarian for a while before I realize how retarded that was and then I went further left then I was before.
>21 yo grill. Virgin, never even kissed before.
>Prefer to stay at home playing vidya rather than going out and talkin to people
At 5'9 200 lb you're fat fat I'm afraid.
>gay virgin
>not attracted to ass at all
>haven't shaved in a number of weeks
>have 5 friends
Killed a man (me own flesh and blood father) because he tried to hurt me mum
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