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wanna fake propose to my bf while he visits, possibly in a public place like the airport i'll be picking him up from, or a restaurant that we plan on going to. I'm going into this knowing for a fact that he will say no. If I do it at the airport, he'll say no in front of everyone and I KNOW I'll be able to cry because it's a public place and prank or no prank, it's an embarrassing situation and I'm an already nervous person in front of other people.

tried googling some ideas but can only find dumb facebook proposals.

any ideas that can pack on the guilt? i want to keep it simple, maybe have a soppy letter or something to read to him. I feel that if it's too over the top, he'll know it's fake.

also want to drag it out over a few days, because no arguments are going to arise from it. I'm going to claim that I want him to marry me because of our distance (US-UK), it's a valid reason and believable on his end.

i know it sounds mean, but we kind of have a back and forth of playing mean-ish jokes on one another. I know once it's revealed to be a joke he'll laugh. Already have a friend of mine that he trusts to back me up that it's just a joke in case he thinks I'm doing damage control because he said no, which he will do.

ordering a ring with a little light up ring box, it's gonna be so good if i can get my plan together.
Not to rain on your parade, but do you have a backup plan if he unexpectedly says yes?

Marriage proposal is a high stakes joke. It only happens a handful of times in a person's life.
Wait you want the love of your life to be blind sided with a fake proposal, he gives you an answer and you laugh saying "it was a joke LOLZ"?

You are sick. Honestly if a girl pulled that stupid crap on me, she would be back slapped.
So basically you want to be a douchebag bitch? Then when he proposes to you and says lol just joking it's over you'll be the victim right?
Honestly, it'll be about as funny as if you told him you had terminal cancer.

What kind of fucking jokes have you two been playing on one another that it's escalated to this?
I really fucking hope he ends up saying yes.
I really do.
would be honest and tell him it was a joke but I'd be happy to marry him considering the US-UK thing, would make everyone's life a helluva lot easier after shitloads of money spent on immigration lawyers n such. Really wouldn't mind it, but I'm not TRYING to get married. He's absolutely not trying to get married ever. No silver linings. He feels the same way about kids, as do I.

He has told me straight up that he won't even tell me yes in a crowd for the sake of my feelings. We both don't feel like it and have talked quite a bit about it, and agree and respect how each other feels about it. Well, I'll take away the respect part because I suppose it takes at least a little disrespect to fuck with him like this.

cheating, preg, we're all about the bantz dude

he'll be alright
>we kind of have a back and forth of playing mean-ish jokes on one another.

Has he faked your mother's murder yet or something? Because if he's done something on that level then I guess this can be a cool idea but if this is your response to him putting salt in the sugar bowl then it seems a bit much.

I guess my advice would be to focus on your appearance to attract bystander sympathy. Go for the most girlish, naive, innocent, virginal look you can manage. Don't try for too sexy or too conservative.
>itt dont stick your dick in crazy

feel deeply sorry for the loser stuck with your deranged ass wouldsmashyourskullin/10
>I'm an already nervous person in front of other people.
This doesn't add up with what you're trying to do.
>how to drive a man away from you 101

If I had been dating a girl even for years and she pulled this shit I would walk away without a moments hesitation. There is no humour in this, you will ruin your relationship and the worst part is you'll actually be genuinely confused as to why he didn't burst out laughing. This is a terrible plan. I need to reiterate it so you can get it through your dense, pre-pubescent lump you call a mind: this is a terrible plan.
I need stories of these pranks you two have pulled. For advisory purposes, of course.
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jeez I really didn't know how serious this would be taken on your guys' end. Unless you guys are the ones that have been fucking him for the past however long and know something about him that I don't, I'm sure it's not going to be taken as hard as you guys are saying.

it's really not going to be that big of a deal. he does things like surprise me with showing his butthole to me as I walk into a room, don't think he'll be bothered by a joke like this at all as soon as he knows it's a joke.

yeah yeah sure, "advisory purposes"

>cheating (he did it)
>coordinated w a female friend I know that he has
>generated fake whatsapp
>told her when i was around
>offered me his phone to look at a funny convo in a whatsapp group he's in
>had her message him somethin suspicious so i would see it when this was happening

didn't even think anything of it at first, then asked about it and saw the fake questionable conversation, but he didn't let it go much further than that, immediately copped to faking it and scrolled to her verification of faking it

>pretended to be preg for 30 minutes before he got on a plane, copped to it pretty quickly because I didn't want him to be in crisis mode during a transpacific flight

in defense of the pregnancy one, i was paranoid that i was and bought tests. sort of just took advantage of the opportunity to make him shit his pants for a min, because I had already been voicing my concerns about it. wasn't actually pregnant praise the lord

for real, I am. had a ~panic attack~ after having to speak in front of a class today on behalf of a group I was part of. Got voluntold to speak on behalf of the group, by my group, because they thought I'd look like a retard in front of class because they thought my contribution to the group discussion was wrong (it wasn't). Did look like a sperg tho because I stuttered all over the place and was shaking the entire time and I cried a little so I guess they won in the end.
So the only things you've got to tell us that he's pulled on you is that he's mooned you and he tried to fool you into thinking he was cheating on you, it kind of barely worked anyway and he immediately pulled out. And you want to humiliate the both of you in front of an airport full of people and string it on for days. You certainly sound like the more accomplished prankster but I dunno if your prank war is ready for this bomb. At least consider doing the terminal cancer bit first, that one is a classic.
You are so incredibly transparent, and obviously want him to say yes.

Considering a close, mutual friend, whose word he trusts, knows, "It's just a prank, bro," you better pray that your man refuses you. Said friend will tell him; therefore, your cunning ruse has already failed.

It is obvious that the two of you have had the marriage talk. He does not want to, but you do, despite you not being honest with him; you probably said you hadn't considered it, or could go either way, right?

Oh, you also cannot back out of your "prank", as your friend will inevitably break this down. Your potential husband would be told about this, too, though for different reasons.
Honestly I can't see what anyone sees in someone like you, such an unstable and unattractive personality. I mean, just wow. Psycho in big fucking capital letters.
I hate people like you
Do not do this. Nothing good can come of this.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 3

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