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What is advice you would give to your younger, inexperienced

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What is advice you would give to your younger, inexperienced self that you needed? Doesn't matter the topic, anything helps.
1. Do not pick up the habit of smoking cigarettes.
2. Always always use a condom. Never trust her when she says "it's fine". You will, sooner or later, wind up with a child and/or a std.
3. Don't let a girl come between you and a good friend.
4. Don't let money come between you and a good friend. This means don't lend money to friends.
Can't think of anything concise to say, so... bump.
>Go with your gut, if you feel something is up in the relationship talk about it or get out. It'll save you so much bullshit.
>You can say no and get out of relationships, don't feel the woman always needs to end it.
>Stop being such a baby
Be less of an absolute cunt at UoI and just stick to CS. Go to class.

Or maybe just kill yourself now, it really hasn't gotten any better at all.
Stop caring about relationships, none of them are worth it anyway
Don't fuck her

Don't get salty because she left you, you'll fuck her anyways in highschool

Her moms a bitch, stay in that relationship untill her mom breaks it up, she sends nudes.

I'd tell you to not worry about eating right/working out a little bit, but it'd probally just make it harder on me. Do what your doing now.

Even though he's a fucking social reject, he's loyal as fuck, don't try to push him away/cut him off. Share your ex's nudes with him to, he has Carly's, and holy fuck dude, you don't even know.
Think a bit more positive. Your life only got fucked up because YOU let it happen. The twist you put on daily life and the perspective you CHOSE to look at it from is what put you through unneeded shit, not the people around you. Well, maybe some of them, but still. The narrow-ass, foggy-ass telescope you looked through is in the garbage, and things are much better for the both of us now
Oh yeah, and stop being such a faggot
What's with underage retards admitting they're underage?
Yeah you are insane bro just work it
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Shoot up the school.
They're going to get away with their crimes and lead fun, exciting, fulfilling lives. You have to do it while they're all in one place. Do it. Don't wait, don't tell yourself it gets better. You've only got one chance and this is it
Don't take that job. All that money might sound like a dream come true, but money can't buy peace of mind, nor can it buy a good night's sleep. You have the skills to do anything you want, but that doesn't mean you should choose to do bad things with them.

Also, break up with that bitch girlfriend.
Stop going on 4chan before it's too late
Don't do your taxes yourself, get professional assistance.
Drink less, send more time with mom and dad.
Don't believe Felicia and stay the hell away from her sisters.
1. Fuck the question of what you want to 'be', just think about what kind of life you want.
2. Get a job and start saving now, no one's going to light a fire under you.
3. Your mother doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about, don't take that class.
4. You know how much you absolutely don't give a flying fuck about high school? Try, if you can, to give even LESS of a fuck. Because holy shit, it really DOESN'T matter, at all, and you will never get over how much of your time they fucking wasted.
5. Don't let her think she doesn't mean something to you. Don't be so ready to think you don't mean something to her. Don't just let her drift away and then act like she's the one who rejected you.
6. Don't be such a fucking weirdo about him, holy shit, he's so cool and easy and he'll be in your life for a long time so get some balls and try to say two words to him occasionally so you're not just eternally some quiet weirdo that his friends are friends with. I mean holy shit, what is wrong with you? How did you create a situation this fucking awkward? He probably thinks you fucking hated him or something, everyone probably thinks it. Making conversation with someone is just polite, you stupid fuck, you're not so unique that your presence is universally offensive and unwanted, you're not doing him a favour by pretending not to exist.
7. Google 'anxiety'
>change your major, you don't care that much about environmental science
>bros before hoes
>don't ever fuck girls in relationships, if she'll cheat with you she'll cheat on you
>don't fuck fat chicks either
>ask out d., she likes you and she's not a ho
>start running yesterday and don't ever touch a cigarette
>buy fewer but nicer clothes
>you aren't worth anything by default. nobody gives a shit about you unless you figure out how to contribute value.
>quit playing video games
>never date anyone who dates because they crave companionship and validation, not because you're truly compatible. the best relationship partners are the ones who are happy when they're single
Dear few-minutes-ago-me, just scroll on past the thread about giving advice to your past self, it'll just bring up some uncomfortable old feelings that you're not in any position to deal with.
Don't worry about your looks. Take care of yourself and stay healthy and people will notice.

The opinions of others should be a barometer of to how your measure yourself and not a final goal or destination.

And get over the sex thing, the sooner the better. Its not the end all be all.

And stay away from self medication on all levels, sure its fun to experiment, but you'll be surprised at how easily you might become addicted to a few things you never thought you'd become addicted to.
>put more care into your appearance and how you present yourself to others
>you don't need to tell others what you're feeling, but be honest with yourself about your emotions
>if you want to do good, think more on how you will one day die, a little every day
>worry about spending time the way you want to, don't worry or focus too heavily on girls
>always travel when the opportunity presents itself
>Seek more to understand the mind and nature of your enemy, whomever or whatever it may be
>Be kinder
>Being accountable and responsible is better than getting away with it
>don't do anything you wouldn't be proud to tell your grandkids
>stay in touch with your friends
>don't take anything too seriously
>quit video games, you wont even miss them. they make you feel like shit, and they are a time pit.
>get a job asap, and save that fucking money
>start working out now. the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago
>maybe don't drop out of highschool. It's true that it's all bullshit, but ultimately most people don't see it that way.
>or drop out asap. dropping out a third of the way through senior year is a massive waste of time
>no one give a fuck about you, good or bad. quit worrying about it
>quit dressing like a bum, putting half a bit of effort and more than 2$ into an outfit doesn't make you a fashionista fag.
Stand up for your opinions.
Don't deny your values, be it in your head and in front of others.
All of these fuckers around you have no idea and are just faking confidence - you can call them out on it or do the same.
You are better than you think.
Do NOT stick your dick in crazy.
Not in that other crazy either.
You'll never, ever, ever regret giving 100% percent effort, or taking on too many challenges.
It is better to fail exhausted than succeed at a lesser challenge and always wonder if you could've done more.
Learn to pick up signs girls want youm you fucking autist.

That girl who said she'd suck your dick? Let her.

That girl who was literally naked in your room? Fuck her.

Take the full fuckin scholarship.

Maybe then you wouldn't be down so damn much in the future.
Get a job when you're in high school.
Fuck friendship. You care way too much and they know.
You should've just worked on yourself.
Save yourself the trouble.
Because it's all just one big fucking scam.
Pay attention in spanish classes now rather than learning later, language tutoring is so much easier and better paying work than shelf- stacking.

Also, eat more fruit and less cake.
>4. Don't let money come between you and a good friend. This means don't lend money to friends.

1. You should had go for Her, who you had possibilities and a lot in common, rather than those 2 who were just hot.
2. You should had done exercise instead of falling down on depression
3. You should punch that false friend and spit on him and tell him to kill himself, in his worse state. Because he is not going to be nice to you. At all.
4. You should Never tell your father about that. never.
5. Don't get excited about the holidays because they are going to be sht anyways
6. Dont sleep in class. For your own good
you're afraid and an idiot in many ways.
you're arrogant, yet weak. you project a false sense of yourself.
the world doesn't owe you anything
your sense of trust in people is commendable but naive
ANYONE is capable of hurting or subverting you.
you rely too much on others for comfort instead of yourself. people come and go.
stop putting yourself down.
Ask her out you fucking pussy. She was clearly into you.
>Don't bother with that girl, she's gonna fuck your shit up.
>Don't give up on trigonometry after one bad test grade.
>Learn to drive before your sister cause she's gonna end up totaling the car that was supposed to be yours.
>Tough out AP chemistry so you don't have to do general chemistry with that god awful professor your'e gonna get in college.
>don't be an overly emotional cunt.
>The scenster look doesn't work for you, give it up.
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 2

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