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Why do people hate cops? Are they not a necessary evil? It seems

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Why do people hate cops? Are they not a necessary evil? It seems like the majority of the reason people hate them are cherry picked events and/or one sided examples.
>necessary evil
Explain how cops are "evil" to me please.
I don't hate cops. The people who hate cops tend to be the ones breaking the law.

I'm not American though, btw.
When I was 17 I was riding my bike in my generally sleepy suburban area and I ran a stop sign. a cop blared down the street, yelled at me to stop and told me to give him ID, when I said I didn't have my wallet on me he insinuated I was lying and threatened to search me. Then he took down my info and printed me out a fucking warning ticket.

How much of a dickhead do you have to be to act that way to a teenager. man fuck that asshole. ruined the police for me.
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I don't hate cops, but isn't it kind of fucked up that if you see a cop you immediately mentally check to make sure you aren't doing anything suspicious or illegal?
cuase the run ur funny and got no chill
An oppressing force is evil. In a perfect world with no crime, police wouldn't be necessary. Cops are cool if you're cool.
Are you american?
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>Asks why people hate cops
>Post pic of the most hated woman on the planet in 2016
If you do that next to some old, more experienced cop, he'll probably catch up on that and target you.
But your retarded because we are not in a perfect world and cops are needed, even if there was no crime, to stop people getting away with shit.

For example. I live in Vietnam now. Cops are basically a job you go into for power, not to protect people. Cops will not help you if you cannot give them some extra tip money unless it's being shown on the paper or news or something. It's just the way it is, for locals and foreigners.

They will come if a crime happens, bit only if someone will pay for their time so this means that people never feel they can rely on them. What this causes is every house to be built in ways that are heavily anti theft proof. Bars on Windows, huge gates, etc.

Take this in comparison to where I used to live in Australia. Don't get me wrong individual cops can be bad everywhere, but if someone broke into my house in aus I can expect not only near instant response, but professionalism and assistance. This deters criminals you see, because police will actually try to find them. In Vietnam on the other hand, bandits and theifs know if they can get in and out, it's very hard to get caught. This makes people take security into their own hands because the police are not reliable.

Without police, there will always be people willing to take advantage of others. Having police helps deter this.
I think it really depends, but the bottom line is that most people are shit anyway, so most cops are shit. And if you give a piece of shit just a little power, they patronize you at the least, and at worst, harass you or lose their shit if they don't get the "respect" they believe they're entitled to. One of the main problems is that the "good" cops just about always stick up for the bad ones, so it just breeds more abuse and mistrust. They're not held accountable for their crimes the same as a citizen would be.
I've never had too much of a problem with cops, as I pass for white, but I know Military Police are fucking assholes. God forbid you go 40 in. 35 zone, or have a busted tail lite, they talk to you as if you're some retarded child.
My sister in law is Mexican, and her husband is black. Her younger sister was dating this dude who had a total tweeker brother. So someone called the cops and told them that the brother was hiding out in their house. They had never met the guy. They ask to search the house, and my BIL says "no, you can't go in my house without a warrant." So they harassed him and threatened to take his kids away, literally for just exercising his rights. There are a lot of other stories, my dad was suicidal and put a gun to his head, and when the cops showed up one of them was just really mean to my mom, basically blaming her and treating her like a criminal. She is a fucking 55 year old frail white lady who was terrified and crying and this guy just fucking treated her like shit. It's one of those jobs that attracts the best, the people who want to help out and make a difference, and the worst, the guys who just want to wear a gun and boss people around.
Exactly. I shouldn't have to worry about getting stopped by a cop when I obey the law.

"Innocent until proven guilty"
More like
"The accused must prove they are innocent against every accusation"
Great reading comprehension chap

Why'd you change your general behavior around a cop? Just ignore them. If you're doing something illegal too bad, if not then chill. Sure you can get lucky and find a power tripping stuck up cunt, but that's one in a thousand. Be cool and don't try to argue, let him talk, answer calmly and lawyer up.
Yeah yeah you're right. When a cop talks to you, it's just usually bad news ya know?

>We got multiple noise complaints
>You aren't allowed to burn crosses on your own lawn
>it's the police ma'am your son has been killed by a hit and run driver. The driver was an alcohol
>I have never done anything illegal
I hate people like you. Either you're a liar, or just a boring sonofabitch.
You never drank underage, or where it wasn't allowed? No illegal fireworks? Never gone a single mph over the speed limit? Never let your car insurance lapse, or anything like that? I call bullshits.
I'm not that guy but the most illegal thing I ever did is torrenting movies.
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Tell us more ...
I hate people who put words in other people's mouths.
I've done all that. I'm human. You know who else are humans? Cops. I'm not gonna act like a paranoid schizo next to cops because I have nothing to fear FROM THEM. Now if you want cops to ignore you and let you do all that shit, then move to Somalia.
I don't hate cops, but I can see how people do. I mistrust cops just like I mistrust anyone. I don't think cops should LET people commit crimes, but when dozens of murders go unsolved in my city, and they bust pot shops, or illegal fireworks, or you have you pay $300 for something like changing lanes in the wrong spot, or going 10mph against the speed limit there is something wrong. They focus more on things that can bring them retinue, than on trying to find murderers, because that doesn't bring in any money. DUI checkpoints are shakedowns, and if cops are going to profile people by their appearance and treat them like criminals, then they should be surprised when people profile cops as assholes who Nike and dime normal people and illicit false confessions, and shoot unarmed people because they forgot where their pepper spray was.
When an anon says cops in the US are fine I want to ask how old they are and what narrow lane they have lived in.

And yes I judge people who leap on to a stressful and dangerous job being hated, spending half the time responding to domestic calls, another half arresting people who suffer from addiction and maybe a sweet sliver of time fucking shooting people.
That being said, cops who hassle people and sometimes shoot them are necessary. I guess it's justified in a "somebody has to so it" way
All cops are different. Some are nice, some are assholes.

I am cautious when initially interacting with them just because I don't know what to expect. I've had cops try to fuck me over for things I could prove I didn't do (ie speeding) and they instantly just try to fuck you over for some other minor and irrelevant thing because they don't like being proven wrong.

They also couldn't be bothered coming to investigate my house when I was robbed of over $10k of stuff, yet they are happy to be there to fine me $100 when I drive down a steep hill and exceed the speed limit by 5mph...
>cops are a necessary evil
Please take your high school debate club to >>>/trash/
So much this. The amount of videos I have seen where someone is doing nothing wrong and the cop basically says
>I will find something.
One where a guy was sitting outside a 7-11 drinking an iced tea, and a cop thought it was a beer, so he got harassed and cops got irritated when he found out it was iced tea and not beer. So he told the guy to leave, and he was waiting for a friend, and he wouldn't leave, so the off duty cop arrested him FOR NO REASON. and then the justice system being what it is he couldn't get bail, so he lost his job
Or the guy who was just sitting on the curb waiting for his kid to get out of school to pick him up. But it was near a bank, so someone complained. So the guy got harassed, and arrested because he couldn't produce ID. In front of his kid who was just walking to meet him. Same story. If you can't bail yourself out, you lose your shit job you've been busting your ass for.
Or the woman who called the cops on some suspicious activity going on at an abandoned house near where she lived. She was a city representative or something, but she got arrested for.... Uh, resisting arrest?
Or the guy on the motorcycle who was pulled over. Cop said it was because his plates were obscured, except he read the guys plates to dispatch before he pulled him over. The dude just happened to be riding near a group of guys who were.. Obstructing traffic? Riding all together on the highway.
All of these are on video on YouTube, and there are tons more. I know there are great cops out there, but it's the nature of the job these days that the total assholes always get away with it.
Dormer was a prophet. He was trying to warn us. But no one listened, and the cops fucking set him on fire. No due process, they just burned him down.
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I really wish I could like and trust the police, but I just don't. Not what because they've done to me, but because of how they've treated people I know, including my brother - all of which are lower working class

If they treated everyone like that I wouldn't care, but I broke my lower class shackles and I'm now a doctor. I'm always quick to mention this to them ("I was just returning from work at the hospital... Oh yes, I'm a doctor"), and they're suddenly laughing and joking, telling me they admire the work I do

Na, fuck them

And how many times do I get pulled over? You'd be surprised, because I still walk around in cheap clothes, driving a cheap car, and strongly identify with my lower class background (mother still in council accommodation etc)
My father was a cop and he was one of the worst people I have ever known. When I was in Afghanistan, I worked with a national guard officer who was a cop; he was a shitty soldier and a shitty person. Police work (like politics) appeals to these sorts of people because they see it as a way they can force people to redirect them. I don't have a problem with the concept of law enforcement; all societies need to be policed. However, I will always be suspicious of anyone who aspires to power over others for the sake of having that power.
*force people to respect.

I'm posting from my phone...
This fits exactly with my experience of them...

They get a kick from controlling people they think are below them. Suddenly they meet someone who society generally holds in higher regard and they almost try to befriend them
Why is an Arrow actor hated? Makes no sense and I found nothing on google.
>You'd be surprised, because I still walk around in cheap clothes, driving a cheap car, and strongly identify with my lower class background
All the years I went to work wearing overalls and driving a van I didn't get pulled over once - including my yellow transit (one of the old BT ones they sold off) that never once had insurance in the whole three years I had it. However, since I've moved up the ladder a bit it's almost a regular occurence. Two years I've had my Jag, and I've been stopped a total of eight times in that. I'm 38 and wear a suit, so it's not like I look as if I've stolen it, I've no motoring convictions, my tax and insurance is up to date, the car doesn't need an MOT, but every time a cop gets behind me on the M40 I get grilled.

>mother still in council accommodation
Can you not do something about that? I could service two mortgages on smaller houses if I sold the place we have now, and I'm pretty sure I'm not even doing 70% of a doctors salary. She won't be around forever you know.
The place I'm from and visit regularly doesn't have any nice cars haha. Police are surprised when they see my address and say I'm a doctor (I still haven't changed the address on my license card)

And you'd be surprised what doctors earn, especially during the first five years before you reach Registrar level (people often forget doctor salaries range from £26,000 -£260,000+ pa). I still haven't settled in one place yet - when I do, I'll put a big deposit down, see what my mortgage is and help my mum after that (I send her the odd £100 here and there, but she wouldn't accept a house - nor could I afford it at the moment)
I also pay for my sibling's car insurance - which my mother would rather at the moment (I'm the eldest of 4)
>>17321969 didn't get pulled over in his overalls because working class gets the same treatment from cops as doctors, lawyers and engineers etc.

_ it's about profiling which they are trained to do; hard working people are less likely to be up to something shady as are people with their familiy with them etc. So they have a better chance of finding something if they spend more time harrasing 4 males driving in a single car with hoodrat attire.

There's is nothing wrong with this, it's a system that works.

>. Two years I've had my Jag, and I've been stopped a total of eight times in that. I'm 38 and wear a suit, so it's not like I look as if I've stolen it, I've no motoring convictions, my tax and insurance is up to date, the car doesn't need an MOT, but every time a cop gets behind me on the M40 I get grilled.

The thing is if you look young and you have an expensive car like that you are usually either a drug lord or a trust fund baby and I'm not sure on which you're more likely to find felonies.
This video sums up my thoughts about the police in USA.
>feel safe walking the streets at night
>become worried you're doing something wrong when police are near

That's why police suck
They're the manifestation of state power

They'd do anything an authority tells them to

Same to the army
>Be a well-dressed minority
>Get harassed at every opportunity by cops
>"im white but it never happens to me so ur lying lol"
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Only when not controlled for the people, by the people.
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If you don't break the law,nothing will happen, it's simple.
If you don't be a smart ass when a cop comes, you will be fine.
Police don't suck, they are just doing their job.
What happen if someone start bother me at my job? I would kick him off here, since he's not
being productive.
What suck are niggers making this crime happen and calling themselves victims on SJW media because cops are doing their fucking job.

The law exist to maintain order. Without order, there will no exit a government. Without government, we will go back to dark ages "eye for an eye".

>muh law

>cops are sweet angels who never commit crimes

I think this is one of the biggest problems people have with police officers. When they do illegal things, they almost never pay for it. If the police policed themselves as hard as they do normal citizens, the common opinion of police would approve tenfold.
Being a smart ass isn't against the law. It's a problem when cops get so butthurt about this that they absolutely lose their shit.
This times a million.
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are you literally 13?
>be white
>black friends tell me they dindu nuffin and the cops harassed them anyways
>I wasnt there so how can I not believe them
>fuck cops
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