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Hey /adv/, how do I become mean and rude?

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Hey /adv/,
how do I become mean and rude?
Let the dark side proliferate inside you.

No, seriously. Trust anybody and wait for someone you thought would never fail you, dissapoint you.
It has happened already, but apparently I'm still a softie
>start browsing heated threads
>get heartbroken
>smoke and drink long enough to get addicted to both, then quit simultaneously
>spend more time here
Guaranteed you will become a fucking asshole

Source: worked for me

Well that sucks. Join the club, anon.

I was kind of a selfish prick in my 16-21's (25 now) because of that. Maybe I did wrong, but this is what I did back then:

1. Being selfish (I'm the first, I'm the last and if I'd have leftovers, I would think to others)
2. Close my friendship circle (to 4 or 5 people in whom I really trust and I was completely sure they won't turn me down)
3. Being picky to new people
4. Changing my mind about the whole world (this one was hard)
5. Do most of my stuff alone, even when requires help from others.
6. Of course, never trust anybody. Always overthink situations. Think always people just want to take advantage from you.

However, I don't recommend you become like that. I have corrected almost everything and made my life "normal" again and trust me, I regret every day I spent being selfish.

Oh, I forgot something: Only your opinion and your way of thinking is the correct. Everything else is either stupid (say it out loud) or useless.
Well I tried doing many of these, but it feels like I'm acting and every once in a while I'll just give up on that

Maybe you're not to become an asshole.

Think about it.

Good luck
Probably not, I guess. But maybe there's something else I can try?

Good luck with your life, kind anon!
Holy moley.... thinking like that actually exists. rather, actually consciously deciding to do what you have is.. oddly commendable.

You basically explained how to give yourself superiority complex:
-trust very few people;
-thinking all opinions that don't align with your own are dogshit;
-closing your social circle and denying entry of newcomers (being incredibly judgemental in the process); and
-never asking for help.

Fuck like really.. that post blew me away. Because I act like that.. but didn't consciously decide to become that way.
It's only since trying to understand my place in the world and in society that's made me endeavour to understand others and their motivations. I tend to hope most peoples actions are usually coming from a good and virtuous place, as opposed from stemming from insecurities/expectations placed on them etc.

Easiest way is surround yourself with people and behave like them. Maybe you would get hurt in the process but that's what you want, right?
Fuck, I mean, surround yourself with assholes and behave like them.

I got you. Sometimes I keep doing stuff like that when meeting new people, but I guess I managed to become more tolerant and stop thinking like the whole world is a trash can (it is, but not always)

I don't know.
I guess so?
I want to stop being exploitable and generally the douche that feels the world's happiness depends on them
And even when I surround myself with assholes I always justify their actions because maybe they were hurt or they don't know any other way or so forth
Why do you talk about these two types of people as if there is some sort of dichotomy? You don't have to be one or the other.
Become an SJW.
No, I know there's plenty of people in between, but I'd rather go the full way with it
Dude... thank you for existing. Honestly, I'm 27 and the fact that you decided to act in such a way from 16-21 really highlights your maturity and, perhaps, my lack of maturity --- but I still think that I am way above a lot of people my own age in that regard... so its really odd for me to encounter this.. especially on /adv/ of all places.

I guess becoming more tolerant and taking down the walls is just a slow-process..

I wish you all the success in the world :)
(I cried a lot typing this).
'I got you' -... I can't express my gratitude enough..
Why do you just want to become an asshole? You don't have to be one in order to avoid being taken advantage of. It's as simple as avoiding relationships that are one-sided or mutually beneficial.

If you believe that your relationship with another person is not healthy, resolving it is as simple as cutting that person out of your life.

Although I say this from a unique perspective, because manipulating people has always been a talent of mine, so I understand how manipulative people think.

You are responsible for your own happiness. Justifying your actions and avoiding responsibility for everything that you do will do nothing but ensure that you become a worthless piece of shit later on in your life. You can choose the people that you decide to help, and whether or not they are deserving of your help.
*Seeking out relationships that are mutually beneficial
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 1

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