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>Go through phases of wanting a partner, then being chill

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>Go through phases of wanting a partner, then being chill being a bachelor, then wanting a partner again etc.

>Never had any real relationship where I actually felt something for the girl, always just flings where its just fucking
>Closest I came to caring about a girl dumped me after one date (but very nicely to be fair, we stayed friends)

>Go through dry spell, no sex in 3 months
>Get girl on tinder interested, get chatting, meetup for coffee within a day, sex is pretty much on the table within a couple days
>Not really my type but I still find her attractive enough
>Sext the girl while we're both masturbating

>Suddenly no desire to meet girl and actually fuck her

How to deal with this state of mind

I really dunno if I even want a girlfriend or not. I feel like I'd just get sick of them so quickly once the sex novelty wears off

I dunno what I actually want. Should I just be single and not bother with hookups?
And just wait till I meet someone I actually care about again?
Find a girl who is like one of your guy friends. I would always think that if I were ever going to find my partner she'd be exactly like on of my dewd friends just because of how well we'd get along and shit. It's not about the sex dood. It's never been about the sex when it comes to an actual long lasting relationship, it's about those fundamental things that keep y'all together like; "getting along" "similar hobbies and (likes/dislikes)" all of that shit that will make y'all stick like glue.
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Stop masturbating and your libido will go thru the roof, in no time you'd be dry humping trees.
Your problem sir, is the contrary to every anon in here, you're too much of a chad. You get the pussy before the personality.
Be real with women, that should scare off a lot of them but some will appreciate you for your personality rather than your beauty, you'll get more chances to meet a girl who's more about the personality than the sex.
Well all of that is based on the assumption that you don't have a shitty personality
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Thats what I want desu. I want a girl who's vaguely interested in the same sorta world as me (pokemon and other nintendo stuff, magic the gathering mb, just games in general) while still being like me in that they can go out clubbing and go to bars and stuff

I think my problem is Im stuck between 2 worlds. Im a nerd at heart but Im also really good at talking to people and being social and an amature dj and I mix with completely different people

And have you tried going to nerdy events to meet girls? Soooo many neckbeards, and the girls are all taken. Its a dayum shame

And then the girls I mix with tend to be slutty party girls I dont really have anything in common with who I dont really wanna take to meet my friends and family


I dunno if Id consider myself a chad. Like I said I think Im some sort of weird chad-nerd hybrid

But I treat people well and Im loyal, so Id say I probably do have a good personality

Just seems like all the girls I do like have always rejected me, been unavailble, shrugged me off etc. And my sex drive leads me to end up with these girls that aint right for me

Sad times


Eventually found a long term gf through /soc/ and it's going well so far (2 years) but I have no clue what to suggest to you because honestly I just lucked out. If this relationship were to fall apart I wouldn't look for another one, just resign myself to bachelor life , and if someone good does happen to come along again then try not to let them get away I guess. But looking for relationships sucks.

Thas Why I think the idea is to not look for relationships

Just do your thing and go for girls you happen to meet. Looking for love is a shitty path to tumble down

To add to this I think resigning yourself to bachelor life isnt bad at all, so long as you never close yourself off to the idea of meeting someone

At the end of the day most women come and go. Only ones gonna stick around forever. So for the most part the only constant thats always gonna be there for you: is you

So focusing on you and always looking to better yourself and be a better person aint exactly terrible while single
Thread posts: 8
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