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I've been on three dates with one girl about a year or two ago. I am khv and those three dates are my entire experience with the opposite gender. My questions are:

When is the proper time to go in for a kiss? By the third date? Does the girl need to be told explicitly that me and her going out means we are on a date? Will the girl think I'm sexually assaulting her if I go for a kiss too early?
Go with the flow. You think you don't know when it's the right time. It shouldn't be your goal to kiss at some certain point, but if it feels natural, do it fgt.

And yes, you both should be aware if it's a date.
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I'm afraid the girl will think I'm a creep or something if I mistake her having a good time meaning that she is open to a kiss.
Sounds like you fear that you won't be able to read your date's emotions. At least when it comes to appropriate time to kiss.

Do you have hard time reading people's minds in general? Is this the only case when you have this kind of fear? It could be that you're only overreacting. Especially if you've had a bad experience in the past.

If this is a legitimate concern, don't kiss. Let your date do it when it's the right time. They might do the same mistake and assume you're ready!

How about touching back or shoulder, are you comfortable with that first?
I'm uncomfortable with breaching a person's personal space. Perhaps, because I'm uncomfortable with human touch myself. My mother did some weird things with me as a child, but, she never really raped me.
Right! That makes sense then. What did your mother do?

Yeah, I'd say let your date lead the way.
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I feel uncomfortable saying this but since this is anonymous, I'll say that she would sometimes force me to kiss her barenaked ass.

Will women ever make the first move to kiss me, though?
Out of all the girls I've kissed that I've went on dates with, it was always the first date. If the dates lasted over an hour and she's chatting up a storm, just go for it. Don't EVER ask a girl if you can kiss her by the way.

If you're anywhere away from your home or something special is prepared at where you live, it is considered a date if romantic implications were made prior.

No, if you fuck up the kiss you fuck up the kiss. It's not sexual assault, she'll likely just leave.
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So she probably thought I was a huge loser for not kissing her for those three dates.

Alright, you live and learn I guess.
If shes a hoes then you can do it whenever, if shes a secret hoe depends on the flirting level, if shes a wannabee classy girl but really a slut on the low then the third date or beyond really depends on the chemistry and the look she gives you in certain situations for example when you take her home and your at her door and she looks at you hard as fuck like shes talking with her eyes waiting or expecting something, its really cliche how the moments always play out, but then again everything is cliche and played out to me.
Not exactly. Just go on the 4th and surprise her with it when the mood is right.

By her going on three dates already with you, she's already expecting you to make some kind of mood. Kissing her on the fourth might even make you seem cutesy in her eyes.

What I would do is right when you pick her up kiss her and say you've been wanting to do that and go from there the rest of the date. You seem too nervous to do that so just follow first sentence.
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Thanks for the advice but there won't be a fourth date as those three dates occurred about a year and a half ago.
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