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Marriage ending

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So, recently my wife started a new job, maybe two months ago. In the past two weeks she's been sneaking around, hiding text messages, hanging out with this dude. I called her out almost immediately, and sure nuff, she couldn't say shit because she'd been hanging around with some dude. Since I know her very well, I could see right through all the stupid shit she's saying. I told her I'm the fuck out, packing my shit and hitting the trail. Question is:

What's some alpha ass shit I can do to make her regret her decision?

Do women prefer men who have been married before?

I don't even give a fuck to be honest. I don't want to seek revenge or fuck her over, I just want to go bang her best friend or her mother, then come back and fuck her again too.
>don't want revenge
>i just want to bang her best friend or mother
OP, you are extremely angry, and rightfully so. But maybe you should let it go, and just walk away? I mean, what's the use in causing all sorts of drama, that you will inevitably end up having to deal with? Why not make this divorce as smooth as possible?

What about the finances? How does that work since she cheated on you? Do you keep everything? That would be the BEST revenge, I guarantee it.
Most women don't care if you've been married. Once you get to your mid twenties everyone has a marriage under their belt anyway.
I really don't want revenge. I could absolutely fuck her over though, I haven't had a job (on paper) for about 3 years. Almost the whole time we've been together. I work, and make money, but legally she's been taking care of me, which entitles me to alimony. This state takes that very serious too, which means I could easily get it. But I don't even want her money, I want her to get two months down the road and regret this whole decision, and then I'll come back every once in a while and fuck the shit out of her. I don't even care if she's with some other dude. I'm heading back to my house (we own two houses, our finances are pretty split) and getting back with a few girls I used to roll with.
I'm in my later 30s now. I'm pretty excited to try and date some older women. I want some chilled out 40 year old that's just happy to hang.
been right were you are but I made plans with my attorney to divorce her but didn't tell her or say a word. I gathered evidence which was not hard because she thought she was invisible and I was stupid. One day she calls me tells me she is working late and I say if she doesn't come home now her key will not fit the lock when she gets home. She doesn't even bother to come home till the morning and the locks were changed and I had neatly packed her things and left them in boxes under the carport with a note to take them with her. The following Monday I had divorce papers delivered to her workplace. 90 days later I was divorced and no alimony since my attorney threatened to tell her bosses wife (the boss was her new swinging dick).

Bottom line OP. When a woman gets and itch for new dick everything goes out the window and they will do anything to get it. When you see the signs it's best to shut up and get her out of your life and let some other fool deal.
Find happiness in life and then post about it on Facebook. In doing all this never contact her again and ignore all attempts from her to contact you. You'll emotionally starve her if you pull it off and that is the shit that destroys people from the inside.

The worst thing you could ever do to someone is not acknowledge their existence.
Yeah, I can see that she's just acting out at a new job, but I absolutely am packing my shit and getting out. There's already a couple girls that are super excited I'm getting out. We signed a pre-nup, so most of the financial stuff is ok, and I don't want to get revenge.

I don't even feel jealous because this douche canoe is hitting on a married woman, and he knows it. I'm already laughing at the situation. I honestly have her ass in a bind if I so chose to exercise my rights. I really just want to do some alpha shit so she'll always regret pulling this dumb shit. I find having sex with many of their friends makes them get even wetter.
What the fuck is going on in that picture
It's a still from the film "Life and Death of a Porno Gang"

It's a fantastic film. It has traps, bestiality, gay sex, strait sex, murder, suicide, blood, gore, insanity.... The best kind of movie. The larger lady in the photo is about to smash this poor suicidal persons head in.
Dude you say you don't want revenge but it sounds like it. Try to put that out of your mind. Don't make the mistakes I made.

>Be me
>Fall for girl
>She likes me too and we kinda friends beforehand
>Everything seems to be going well
>She realises I'm a bit more into her
>Ends things
>Try the friends thing as share same group of friends
>Acts the cunt to me like I dumped her
>Ditch her and friends but feel pissed off
>Revenge fantasies kick in were she'll regret it months later blah blah fag shit

Realised that shit becomes a habit and all it does is being you down. it's just you trying to still feel connected to the person. Easier to stop a habit forming rather than having to break it. All you need to think now is I got what I could from that relationship, time to try something new

You clearly want revenge. Revenge is synonymous with "fucking her over". Take the money AND fuck some strange. What the hell is stopping you? Why do you care about what she'll feel, she obviously doesn't give a shit about you.
> I just want to go bang her best friend or her mother, then come back and fuck her again too.
Gather evidence of her unfaithfulness for the divorce case instead of caring about some Jackass shit, you fucking idiot. She will suck you dry, but not in the way you think
Thread posts: 13
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