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Been texting my girlfriend about some random shit (ceramics or

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Been texting my girlfriend about some random shit (ceramics or sometime), and then out of nowhere in the middle of the conversation she texts "I can't wait to feel your mouth tonight", I'm not seeing her tonight. Her explanation also seems convoluted, am I crazy or am I getting cucked?
>posting the exact same thread over and over

Why do you do this?


Time to have an intervention. Suit up to dump the girl
I posted yesterday because I never got a decent response.
Can I really dump her based on that? I feel like I need more evidence, but I'm not sure how to get it.
chad thundercock is pluggin your grill m8
spy on her. where is she going to be tonight? find out.
Here's your decent response. She's cheating on you but you're in denial.
How can I know for sure though?
Ask her what the song was. If it doesn't exist, she meant to send those texts to Erik XD
The song exists, it's a Van Halen song.
There's two ways anon if you want hard evidence instead of breaking up and not being a cucc
Either the faggot way
Or the super faggot way
The faggot way : act normal ,spy on her ,get hard evidence
The super faggot way : become cold to her ,if she gets all caring and stuff,keep the act
Test her limits . Act like a fag
Then,if she doesn't seem to care more then you got cucced boi
I don't suggest the super faggot way ,it went super bad for me
here you go again
I don't think I'll ever have access to her phone, she keeps it pretty close and I never need to/ask to use it.
>Her explanation also seems convoluted
what is her explanation? Who is Erik?
she was talking about tomorrow night or can't you read? Are you seeing her tomorrow night?
That screenshot is her entire explanation. Then when I brought up how fucking weird that was as apologized and said she was "just trying to be funny". That's her coworker.
hmmmm, does she have something with Erik?
So she is in a debate with Erik about having her mouth on someone tonight so out of the blue she uses the same phrase on you? Looks like she was texting with Erik and she commented expecting him but sent it to you by mistake. Do you know Erik?
Everyone in this thread is a fucking idiot.
Here is how it went down you retards:
>slut and erik are working at the studio (dance studio? dude is gay)
>song comes on the radio
>van halen comes on
>"I can't wait to feel your love tonight"
>slut starts laughing
>erik is curious why
>she explains what she heard to erik
>she thought the song said, "I can't wait to feel your mouth tonight"
>erik corrects her
>she thought it was a funny phrase
>lol this is funny I bet anon would get a kick out of this randomness"
>OP makes a thread "HOLY SHIT I'M GETTING CUK'D !!!!!!!!"

This is the only thing that happened and nothing more.
Stop being a paranoid faggot and delete this thread now, retard.
I hope you're right
Describe Erik. Does she spend time with Erik outside work and have you met him?
Nah, sounds like it's all good but be cautious if anything else happens. I know this shit, i'm a girl.
Those are the lyrics to a Van Halen song. However, there has never been an "erik" in Van Halen. I'd say let it go but be suspicious.
You're obsessive so she's probably cheating on you.

This is not a Nat thread.

but seriously, there are parts of the song where you could mistake "love" for "mouth" depending on how much you're paying attention and the way sound is traveling in the "studio."

be sure to ask her how erik's dick tastes though.
I think it's a case where you were RIGHT to jump at the start and be like "BITCH WHAT THE FACK YOU SAYING, WHO WAS THAT SHIT MEANT FOR, ITS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH GLASS"

But upon further inspection, this is a comedic case of misunderstanding. I mean, it's a classic song, it'd totally come on, and the lyrics match, and he sings weird. It's kinda funny. If she were cheating on you, she'd not have been able to save herself with such a perfect lyric match to her error - and even if she did, she'd have employed the song name directly, not hinted that there IS a song, out there somewhere, with that lyric.

Laugh off the unfortunate miscommunication, but it's clearly too coincidental to not be JUST a badly executed joke as she says it was. Also, future advise for you two, make light of the situation so you're on the same page over the miscommunication.

"I really jumped when you said that! Haha, sorry, it just seemed so unrelated, didn't realize you were misquoting Van Halen to me." - or something along those lines.

I'm not one to be so trusting of bullshit either, but this situation seems clear cut. Good luck OP.
>I know this shit, i'm a girl.
I used to believe that girls knew more about girls than guys, but in my experience they don't. women are fucking clueless about other women.
it's cause they're forced to view the situation/issue in an objective fashion and they attempt to apply reason and critical thinking.

turns out that doesn't work.
The biggest mistake I made, and the reason why I remained a kissless dateless virgin for years, is that I believed what my mom told me about what girls like.

NEVER EVER take a single piece of advice from your mom when it comes to girls.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 2

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