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What is the best method of losing my virginity?

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Backstory : I'm a 19 year old virgin with severe social anxiety and very misogynistic views. Don't want a girlfriend, but I still have sexual urges and frustration I must fulfill. I need to know what sex feels like so I can hopefully stop putting it on such a pedestal and focus on more productive things. I live in norcal.

I don't want to post my picture on a hookup site because I live in a smallish city where someone might recognize me. I consider myself a 6/10 in terms of looks, so if there's a way to get instant one night stands with mildly ugly women without putting my personal identity out there, I'd be willing to try that.

If not that, do you think it's worth the time, effort, and risk, for me to try and get a prostitute? I know it's super easy to do so in countries like the UK, but I'm not sure where I would even look for one in the US.
How about you keep fucking your hand for a few years until you grow up into a normal adult. Plenty of people older than you still haven't had sex wait your turn.
In short,

>get /fit/
>get a decent haircut
>get some decent clothes
>get a fake, or access to alcohol in a comfortable social setting
>post some decent pictures on tinder

Message the fuckable ones. Expect to get rejected a lot, that's just part of the deal, especially if you're just looking for the easy hook up. But this is the tried and proven 2k16 formula for getting laid

It also helps if you have a few friends and don't come off as a loner sperglord
You sound like a triggered virgin. Why should I wait? 17 years is the average age to lose virginity for men in the US.

I need to lose my virginity because I know it would be psychologically beneficial for me to do so. I've heard from a lot of people that their sexual frustration diminished greatly once they lost their virginity and realized the importance of sex was overblown. I would rather lose my virginity sooner than later. I don't want to be pissed off all the time. I don't want to end up like that Rodger Elliot guy.
buy a fisting machine
Prostitutes aren't a good substitute for sexual conquest. It won't solve the problem and you'll probably think less of yourself afterwards.

Or see a shrink about the latent narcissism :^)
Appreciate the reply

I really do not want to put a picture of myself on tinder, as I have family and people I went to school with in the area.

I don't have the time to work out. I have a BMI of 16, and I see lots of skinny guys with hot girls, so I've never felt the need to work out.

I don't think legitimate methods like socializing and finding a girlfriend will work for me. I've always been very antisocial. My personality isn't the type that attracts women, and I don't really care enough to change it. I just want sex with minimal effort, even if the girl is slightly ugly. I have a limit as far as attractiveness goes. For instance, I wouldn't fuck a girl who weighed 200 lbs, but I would be willing to fuck a 4-5/10 if it's significantly easier than getting a 8/10. I just want the least amount of effort possible, is pretty much what I'm saying.

It will probably be good to mention I'm half Japanese and half white, so I'm not exactly the ideal of beauty. Even if I were to work out and get stylish clothes, my cap for physical attractiveness is like a 7/10 at best.
So by your own admission you've never spent any time with women, yet you hate them anyway?

You're not fooling anyway. Your post screams desperate for female love and affection.

There is no magical way to get a woman to fuck you and I don't believe for a second that you have "severe social anxiety", since the evidence on display in your post suggests it's far more likely you're just an awkward teen.

If you want to fuck a woman you need to stop being such a faggot all the time.
>I wouldn't fuck a girl who weighed 200 lbs
Neither would most /fit/ users going in, but they all walk away thinking their premature balding and fat girlfriends are due to high testosterone and not a series of coping mechanisms.

Try to make yourself as presentable as possible and make an honest attempt at traditional dating. Be willing to learn through trial and error and eventually it'll happen and hopefully click.

Or like I said, wimp out and see a shrink.
I don't want to lose my virginity for the sake of my ego, I just want the experience. I've never viewed men who fuck lots of women as superior to those who don't, so I'm not doing it to boost my own self esteem.

How is my post narcissistic? I was actually pretty humble I thought. Is labeling myself a 6/10 really narcissistic sounding? That's just slightly above average.
what makes you a 6/10 and not a 10/10?
I've read books written by women, listened to female public speakers, watched youtube videos with women, listened to women speaking in online video game voice chats, and text messaged women personally on internet forums. I didn't talk to lots of women in high school or in real life situations, but I've had plenty of experience with them from other places, and I don't like their personalities. Even if I did like their personalities, I'm an introvert and wouldn't want a companion anyways. Nothing about a relationship sounds appealing to me.

Is that really that unlikely to you? Because I see tons of other men who are the same as me and just want sex without the relationship. You must be a woman if you're so bothered by me saying I want sex without a relationship.
kek but also bump
>It will probably be good to mention I'm half Japanese and half white,
Wow, your self-image is messed up. I know Asian guys aren't stereotypically sex symbol material, but I know plenty of women who've expressed a clear opinion that Asian guys can be hot as fuck. Don't confuse pop culture and advertising with reality.
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>I don't want to lose my virginity for the sake of my ego
I'm not convinced.

You come off as a narcissist over text by virtue of your writing multiple paragraphs about yourself and your hang ups and why that means you can't score. Your desire to have non-committal sex outside of a relationship leads me to believe that it is in fact a confidence issue, and that you're deathly afraid of confrontation as well as consequences.

My question to you is this: why *do* you put it on a pedestal? If it's not an ego thing, what are you trying to prove, and to whom? The experience won't mean anything if this is a one-off thing.

You're not really fooling anyone. It's obvious you are very lonely and you're turning your frustrating desire to have a relationship with a woman into hating them. All your energy is focused on women and you realise how pathetic that is.

Drop the act and go fuck some women. You're going to look back and be embarrassed about this time in your life.
I wrote about my situation so people would give advice more suitable to my specific scenario. If I just said "I want to get laid" and left out important information, I would only get garbage, uninformed replies. I want to know what the best way to lose my virginity is, and if I leave out that I have social anxiety, for example, people are going to recommend that I go around talking to random girls, which is something I would never feel comfortable doing. If I mentioned details that were irrelevant to the question, that could be legitimately seen as narcissism, but all I've done is add clarity by adding the details that are important.

I put it on a pedestal simply because I'm at an age where I have a very big sex drive, obviously, and also because it's unobtainable. I've heard other people say they were a lot less desperate for sex once they finally experienced it and the mystery of it was gone. I've personally observed this too. Virgins seem to be the ones who are the most desperate for sex, while non-virgins don't try nearly as hard to obtain sex. I'll be a lot more content with my life once I get the virginity thing off my checklist.
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I understand the need to convey the details of your situation but the point still stands.

Sex is by nature a social sort of thing. At the end of the day it's two humans interacting. If you're uncomfortable talking to strangers, then that in and of itself is a problem you should be addressing before you move on to sexual relations. If you're not that functional already, as in no job, living at home/never leaving your dorm room, that would be your first step. You can't just approach this from the outside, take what you want, and leave. That's not how it works.

If your hormones are still giving you a hard time, that should be a motivator to get yourself on the right track. Learn how to talk to people, find something to do that involves real interaction with humans like a retail job or volunteer work. That experience will help you build connections and make friends with other people, which is a very important life skill, even for self proclaimed introverts.

Developing a healthy relationship with a woman, even for just a little while, will be a lot more fulfilling and enriching for you. It's not a chore. Nobody expects you to do this. But if you just give it a try it will be a lot more positive and uplifting than hiring a prostitute and going back to whatever it is you're doing.
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