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Aynone have experience with your SO having a child with someone

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Aynone have experience with your SO having a child with someone else? During or before the relationship or during a breakup? How does it work? Are you involved in the child's life?
No, because I'm not a cuck. Good luck taking your wife's son to school, lmao.
Actually I am woman. I just think that I'd be the third wheel when the baby comes. Of course the baby momma would be the most important woman to my bf, and the child would be the most important person.
Or well, if the baby comes. They used a condom but the girl says her period is late but now she can't remember when she last had her period. And they fucked just one time (when we were broken up) but I am really hopeful that the girl is just really irresponsible since she can't even remember when she is supposed to get her period.
He'll always love the kid more than you. That's always how these things go. He should though, and you should be okay with it.

You will be a female cuck though. It's just as pathetic as a male cuck.
Yeah I would be okay with the kid being more important but not the mother of the child. It just seems like it's so much hassle, even though the thinks nothing will really change but it will, for sure. What if he moves to live closer to the child? I can't do that, I have my school. Will I be a shitty girlfriend if I leave him if the other girl is pregnant?
I'm assuming he had the kid before you guys were together, right? Like it was a kid from his previous relationship that didn't work out? Not something that happened while he was cheating on you?

I doubt the mother of the child would be more important than you unless something sketchy is going on. The mother of your child that you're no longer together with becomes a sort of hassle that you have to tolerate to have a relationship with your kid (since family courts always favor the mother).

I'm not going to lie, it for sure complicates things if your bf has a kid with another women.
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>Yeah I would be okay with the kid
I broke up with him but we got back together. We were apart for four months, both had sex with other people. He had a thing with this girl for a few weeks, they had sex once with a condom, then they broke it off since they weren't a match and my bf wasn't over me. So there is no feelings involved, they both had a little crush on each other (met online, like okcupid or whatever) but it dried out very quick.

I feel like we can plan this but in the end if the baby comes it won't work out exactly as planned. Now I'm just hoping she isn't pregnant and if she is I hope she will get abortion (that is what my bf wants too, he wants to have his first child with me and in a stable financial situation to married parents).

The girl is trying to stay friends with my bf but he is not interested. I have a weird feeling that maybe she didn't want to end it really but she said she did.. It's just so typical from some women to get pregnancy scare after a thing with a guy is over, I've seen girls do it to try to keep the guy in their lives. But still, she just doesn't know when her last period was. And the condom didn't break or leak from anywhere. We'll see what happens, maybe my feelings about this will clear when we know for sure if she is pregnant and if she is, will she keep it. That would be weird for her to want to be a single mom at 24, we live in a different city than her and she has a decent career going on.
There might be no pregnancy and she is just fucking with him, or it might not be his kid . I'd get a DNA test done if she really is pregnant. He had sex ONCE /WITH/ a condom. It's very very unlikely that it's his kid. There is a chance, but it would be extremely low.
Ok cool, and imo, if she can't even remember when she last had her period, she isn't very responsible, right? She did one test already but said that the result wasn't clear and wouldn't explain what that meant (I know how pregnancy tests work but still no) so that made me suspicious. She will be getting a test taken from her blood, not sure when though. It's been like three weeks or a month since they had sex.
Luckily from ultra sound you can determine when the child was conceived so that's good.

My bf smokes a lot of weed, has been for like more than six years. He used to date a girl who kept forgetting to take her birthcontrol pills but never ever got pregnant.

He is 100% sure it is not his kid if she is pregnant. He isn't even worried about it.
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Well, I have a story of how it DOESN'T work.

In my first relationship, guy found out his ex was pregnant. Or one night stand, he said. MOt someone he wanted to be with. We were e-dating/LDR, but he had plans to come out to see me for a week. I thought it was going to be his way of saying he wasn't coming, or we could hang out for a week as friends. He insisted he wanted to be with me though, and after he visited, even moreso. It was "perfect" being here with me, it felt right.

And then he went home, things were okay, then I more or less couldn't get ahold of him for a few days. We used to text all the time, now I got one text just saying Sorry, been busy, work etc. with no other responses.

So I fully expected the break up, what hurt more was him saying the week he spent with me made him feel more like we were friends. That wasn't true, I did eventually get my closure. He was being pressured by her and everyone else to stay and step up.

And there it spirals off into her getting an abortion because she had health issues, him saying he still wants to be with me while also being on and off again with her, and him getting her pregnant again. At that point I think I emotionally checked out, finally realizing that maybe trying to stick to my first relationship was a poor idea.

I'd say maybe wait until finding out if she's really pregnant. But if she is, that may change how he feels as having a baby becomes a more "real" concept to him (can still change over the course of the pregnancy, or when the baby is born, etc). Proceed with caution.
Thank you so much for this. It just feels weird, like really selfish of me to think about my feelings when those two are the ones that might have their whole life changed. But I know he doesn't want to be with her so that's good, I already asked him would he try to have a relationship with her if she was pregnant and he wouldn't, he would be in the child's life but not together with the mother. But still, deep down I am scared that what if after they have a child they will get feelings for each other, the girl is probably going to start dreaming about having a family with my bf but I'd be pissed if he moved in with her or something like that.

But yeah, I'll wait and be cautious.
It would be highly unlikely it's his kid. I think you are worrying for nothing.
Yay :3 the girl is pretty sure she is pregnant and that it is his. I hope she gets the test done soon..
She's fucking with him. She's probably bleeding right now and just mad he got back with you. She'll just scare him for a while.

That's if you boyfriend told the truth about using a condom with no issues and only fucking her once.
Yeah, I was honest about fucking another guy for ten times so no need to lie about that. Also there was one other girl too but she is not pregnant (thank god).

This waiting is just killing me. So ridiculous that we got our problems solved and got back together and the same day magically she might be pregnant. It just sounds like a plot from some movie.
Sort of was my issue too. I wanted to do the right thing. To me, that meant not giving up on someone who was going through a hard time. Standing by my relationship... But in some cases, being selfish is self preservation. You can't push all of your feelings aside to emotionally support someone else. You need to keep your emotional stability too.

But yeah, wrote most of my story before seeing the post about her period being late. Way too early to do anything.
Ah I see. I'm just the type of person that thinks ahead of things too much. Plus I want her to take the freaking test so she can be out of our lives if she's not pregnant since she clearly is bad news.

Also, she isn't sure if it's late for one week, or two weeks, or whatever. Kinda weird for a woman not to keep track of her period, she just likes to start bleeding by surprise? Right...
you guys are sluts
She is going crazy now, blaming my bf for not caring about her (they met only few times) because he got back together with me and that she will send some papers when the baby is born that my bf has to sign as a dad. He said he will want a paternity test before that.

Also, she still isn't sure if she is pregnant. But it seems like she won't be having an abortion if she is.
that's why you don't fuck some whore you met on okcupid. still she's probably just a nutjob if he wrapped it.
Hope so, we are waiting for her to calm down. She still hasn't made the test so I feel like she is trying to continue this as long as possible. I believe that when she calms down and makes the test, she will tell the result. Why would she want to be alone during the pregnancy? But if it's negative she might not want to tell.
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