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While my body is under construction, are there any particular

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While my body is under construction, are there any particular mental, emotional etc non-physical things I could do/learm to improve my dating prospects and become a more desirable potential partner?

I want girls and the gays fighting over me.
get comfortable with your body
>body is under construction

Wait, we have this shit already?

Where did you upload your mind while you wait?
I want to be the robot.

go to nudist events. learning to be casual is kind of the same as learning to be confident.

the thing is that nudist events have some ripped people. but also a lot of fat or ugly people. you will be somewhere in the middle. by going you get used to showing off your body and realizing that it doesnt matter if you got a little extra meat here, or arent as toned here, or your gut sticks out just the tiniest bit past your chest. you learn that not every single person in the world is sititng there and judging you and that you are generally on the better end of things.

this kind of confidence carries over into your entire life. if you can be normal when you are naked, you can be confident when you are clothed. its pretty awesome. changed my life to be honest.

also, consider not acting like you are under 'construction'. becuase we are ALWAYS under construction. there will likely never be aday where you wake up and say 'THERE MY BODY IS FINALLY COMPLETE I CAN DATE NOW'

begin putting yourself out there now. immediately. talk to everyone you see. not just hot chicks, but old ladies and dudes and anyone you can. just learn to talk to people. learn to randomly approach people (or rather, strike up conversations with whoever yo uare around). that way when you do approach hot women its no big deal.

but dont act like you are in a cocoon. thats a bad mindset. cuz you will always be scultping, never feel ready, and likely end up quitting because 3 years in you'll have results but not the results you want / the supposed end game.

also consider adding something a bit more fun as a supplement to your workout.

i for instance recently picked up dodgeball. yes, cardio kills gains, but its not a big fucking deal, and if you go to these events you'll see theres plenty of ripped people who just do this for fun.

staying active doesnt just mean an hour a day at the gym.

if your gym offers yoga, take that. basically if you have literally nothing to do, consider finding something active to do that night. you can always cancel if friends want to hang or whatever.
How are you doing career-wise? Do you have hobbies that involve being outside? How do you express yourself creatively? Are you self-sufficient in life?
In the ugly, shitty body.

I'm not fat, just a transsexual. I'm not going after a perfect body, just something someone of the right gender and orientation could stomach touching. I will be finished once the psychiatric professionals are done wasting my time and the surgery scars are healed. I just have to wait. Another year or so. On atop of the eight I already have under my belt.

My home country does not really have a nudity taboo, I know what people outside of porn look like with no clothes on. Objectively speaking my body would be pretty damn nice if it wasn't the wrong sex.

Talking to strangers, however, is not a thing. Basically being nude around friends and family isn't that weird, but talking to people you wouldn't be naked around for no good, obviously apparent reason is rude. I have no problem with social situations, though.

I do a 3-shift work, so a regular once-per-week hobby won't be an option.

I've got a well-paying chimp job right now, and I'm trying to get into vocational school to become an electrician (and I have no reason to doubt that I wouldn't get in). I enjoy walking and generally spending time/loitering outside and I'm writing a book.

Once I get a place in school and move on my own again, I've pretty much got my shit together. Other than the psychiatric bureaucracy holding my future hostage, that is.
Does your dick work
My dick does not exist in the physical plane of existence, and considering that the surgeries that way around are trash, odds are I will never get one.

I am, and will most likely always remain, incapable of masturbating and positive, pleasant sexual experiences.
You will never be desirable to anyone.
Not rude- realistic, there is a difference.
Sex is a part of a relationship. For some fucking reason people who have alternate sexual attractions rarely want a relationship. Gays are self absorbed idiot- dicks in my experience.
I just want to be loved and I don't understand how to get there.

I just want someone to sleep next to and make coffee for. Why is that too much to ask?
Why do you want gays fighting over you?
Because only being settled for by people I wouldn't settle for doesn't feel nice.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 1

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