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How unhealthy is vaping?

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With the little information we have on vaping/electronic cigarettes how bad is it to smoke them? I am really drawn to the lower nicotene (1.5 mg) and like that it is vapor rather than smoke. Was not a smoker before trying these. What's the likelyhood of dying from this ?
I imagine you could possibly die.
From what I've heard, compared to cigarette smoke, vaping has less tar but more formaldehyde.

There haven't been a whole lot of studies on the matter though. Long term health implications from vaping are still largely unknown.
I am trying to quit for the 2nd time. On day 3 now.
I seems to not give you the shortness of breath and cough that smoking does, but it gave me sharp pains that were kind of scary, and seemed to make my level of motivation and energy worse compared to smoking. Just constantly being sedated by nicotine puts you in a strange space.

Vapenation :::;:
NIgga what are you vaping?

Nicotine makes me feel awake and focused. It also relaxes me which is why I vape. I went from a pack a day to vaping. My lungs and body are soooo much happier with the change.

No more waking up coughing, no more bad smell, cheaper in the long run and no withdrawal symptoms if i dont vape for a week or two.
Truth is nobody really knows yet.

Smoked for 5 years on pack a day. Quit with vaping nicotine addicting still going strong. Don't vape just because it's cool. Nicotine addiction sucks big time. However, I don't want to quit ;) feels too good.
>I need something to take the edge off my day of sitting around doing nothing
I'm thinking about taking up vaping so I can stop being such a fatso. Get something sweet and flavorful so when I want to snack I can just suck on that shit to take the edge off
Addiction is no fun. Physical damage caused by vaping still mostly unknown, but assume it's eventually going to be discovered to be fatal or cause something terrifying, and/or it will be banned. But as a former heavy heavy heavy smoker (1.5-2 packs/day of pretty harsh smokes, replaced with a cigar or two per day, some of which I fucking inhaled like a savage, replaced with vaping), my body feels better. I was really abusing my lungs. Would wake up with a sore chest. Don't feel respiratorily compromised anymore.

I do suspect, though, that my nicotine consumption has increased--I use high-nicotine liquid and vape in a lot of places I never would have smoked (car, house, office, hotels, public toilets; used to do it in bars before my city banned the practice)--dissipates quickly and generally leaves no stink.
It's obviously healthier than cigarettes in the short run.
The juice market is unregulated, so I'm surprised there's so little horror stories and bad suppliers as there is.
Who'd have thought, making a good product is easier than finding ways to cheap out and put additives and extra chemicals in what's literally VG/PG and flavoring.

The days of horror stories from exploding batteries from shitty ego knockoffs are over, too. unless you buy said ego knockoffs or use a mod box with bad batteries

Long run though? Nobody really knows yet, but nothings happened yet either. The optimist in me says VG/PG is used in inhalers, the pessimist says flavors aren't, so who knows.

You might be disappointed by how sweet vaping is, it's a very light flavor in the vapor, not a sugary burst like a candy. You can get most juices with extra flavor though.

Get some gum instead, cheaper and it's everywhere. I remember I used to chew dessert flavored gum as a appetite suppressant, but if you try vaping and it works for you, nicotine has been used as a diet aid like that before
>feels too good
>not even weed

dude seriously
I'm thinking about starting to vape to try and quit smoking. Hoping this will make it easier. Any tips on which brand to get?
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