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Has anyone managed to not be held liable when they're the

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Has anyone managed to not be held liable when they're the car who hits someone from behind?

Just happened, a guy pulled out in front of me and he had the space to do it. He then accelerated a bit but then braked suddenly and tried to do a u turn or something. His car was almost perpendicular to me but he saw me the last second and cut it the other way.

Damage to me is here, his back left was damaged too. I got a ticket for failure to reduce speed but I have no camera to show he was doing stupid shit and had no idea I was there.

Am I basically fucked for liability without proof of him being an idiot? His story was he was just pulling out to get into a left turn lane that was a bit ahead but that guy did a full stop almost right away and started to do a u turn or something instead of continuing on like I and most people would assume he'd do.
Unless I'm not following your story correctly, you're at fault for hitting him. Every driver has the right to hit the brakes at any time, and if that causes you to hit them, it's your fault for going too fast too close to them.
Did he get a ticket too? If not then that's essentially confirmation that he wasn't doing stupid shit as you say.

Invest in a dash cam.
He pulled out in front of me and then went to make a u turn right away. I had slowed for him and had he went straight after pulling out it would have been fine.

I don't think he ever saw me until the last second.

Been reading other places anyway and it seems I'm screwed for this no matter what even if he was doing stupid shit and oblivious to his surroundings.
Idk the cop told me if I go to court and say I did reduce my speed and he isn't there then the judge throws the ticket out. He also told me that he told the guy he didn't have to show so I guess that means no ticket
Can you draw a diagram? I'm kind of confused as to where he was when he pulled out and when he made a U turn
At any point did you let off the brake after he pulled out?
On phone so can't. I was in left lane, he pulled out in front of me from my left, across the oncoming lanes. Once in front of me he accelerated a bit but then hit the brakes abruptly and went to turn left into the oncoming lanes in what I assume was an attempt at a u turn.

I slammed the brakes and swerved but he was nearly perpendicular to me. Lucky I didn't t-bone him.
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OP, the accident is your fault. You are expected to be in control of your vehicle at all times.

It doesn't matter that he did stupid shit, you should have been more attentive and ready on the break. The fact that you hit him is proof positive that you didn't have sufficient control of your vehicle. Either pay your ticket like a man or hire a traffic lawyer to keep the points off your license.
Yes after he was in front and accelerated a bit as if he was going forward with traffic. I let off the brake and was going back to speed as he stopped suddenly and went to do some sharp left turn
I had control to avoid huge damage and crushing him despite him not acting like no one was fucking around. I braked, let off the brake once he was in front of me and moving forward and then he pulls that shit.

If I wasn't in control he gets t-boned and a lot more than just the corners of the cars are damaged
Then it's your fault. As a driver, you are supposed to assume all other drivers are retarded. You are supposed to maintain enough distance to stop.

You can never "Increase my speed at them because, because I thought they were going to do X".
That means you were only in control of your car enough to hit a vehicle.

It shows you don't completely suck at driving. OP, like everyone has a fender bender eventually, it's not that big a deal. It doesn't mean you are the worst driver in the world, but you need to take driving more seriously.
Well then it looks like so far I'm fucked.

About the ticket then. The officer told me if I go to court and plead not guilty, and if the other guy isn't there, then the judge will dismiss the ticket. Has anyone done this before? Is it as simple as that?
No, you had partial control. If you were in actual control of your vehicle you would have stopped without hitting another car.

Understand OP. I'm not really judging you here, I'm telling you what the law is.

Quit arguing with us, your question was answered and you got the best advice (pay your shit and be done with it).
In law it is ALWAYS the guy in back's fault. Period.

Even if the guy in front suddenly reversed and backed into you, the law says it's your job to be back far enough to prevent being hit.

Give this to your insurance agent to handle.
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