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gf is driving me nuts

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a while back i found out my gf dated one of her friends. i found out they've exchanged pictures back and forth. she had afolder full of pics of him, dick shots and everything. when i confronted her about it she deleted them and begged me not to leave her. most of them were before me but 4-6 were wile we were together. its been months now and i know for a fact they haven't spoken. hes one of those douchebags that travels the world with only 1 backpack to his name.

the other day she tells me shes tired of her life and doesn't know how to fix it. she mentions moving away to another country for a couple months is something that interest her, knowing well theres no chance in hell im moving out of my state let alone the country. the next day she says she wants to cut back on sex after no sex for over a week. What the fuck is she thinking? what do I do? we have a lengthy lease on an apartment together. I wouldn't mind if she left and we had our own places but im fucked if she does since we have a lease together. what do?
How long have you been together?
But it sounds like you're on a sinking ship. Best you can do is try to get her to settle the lease before she leaves.
I dunno about legal options, but if her name is on the lease she should be liable for half of it. If not, you're screwed.

In any case, your relationship sounds like it's coming to a close.
about 2 years now, half a year living together. when i found that folder i was devastated but i honestly dont give 2 shits anymore. she wants to travel the world, i have 0 interest in that. I want kids at some point, she has 0 interest in that. but it does seem im fucked as far as the lease goes
were gonna talk about this tonight, i guess im looking for some pointers on how to react to any possiblities. i dont want her to tell me shes leaving and me telling her idgaf. but i do in a way because of the rent.
Tell her that. Keep the rent portion and the relationship portion as two different sides of the discussion. If she wants to leave she's gonna leave, but tell her it's a dick move to screw you with the full rent.

Also, what are you renting? If it's a single and it only has your name on it, it will suck to pay alone, but it won't be the end of the world, unless you did the dumb thing and went way out of your own personal price range because you figured you'd be splitting it. If it's a double, you should have gotten her to sign the lease.
totally agree with anon. the relationship is over and she's likely headed to hook up with this friend but you guys just need to negotiate an equitable financial separation without emotion
shes first on the lease actually, but yeah its something i can't afford by myself. atleast not comfortably. I f i pay it by myself its about 70-80% of my pay. but if she does leave and doesn't pay what can i do legally if shes in another country? I guess ill bite the bullet and break the lease. or i could rob her b4 she leaves, kidding.
she hasn't made plans yet, atleast i dont think so. def not with him, their only way of communicating was skkype and i've been owling on that shit since.
another possability iv'e been thinking about is she probably felt comfortable telling me that thinking that i'd be into a LDR for a while. totally not into that, she can go suck a dick to a 3rd world country. maybe when she knows i wont do that she'll think otherwise. either way im sure once the lease is up were through, i need to move on up to a better piece of tail
If her name is on the lease, then you have some legal options. You might need to bring in a lawyer to see your options, but in some cases half the rent is hers to deal with, and it is between her and the apartment complex to deal with. The complex will go after you, because it's easier to coerce you into paying, and you might be legally obligated depending on the laws surrounding the lease, but there is a chance that you only have to pay your half of the lease.
Granted, they can still evict you, but that requires notice. If you can, work with the complex management, and try to move into a smaller apartment in the same complex. You might be able to get away with nothing more than an extension on your lease (IE new lease on a smaller apartment).

Once again, check your local laws before you sign anything.
cool, thanks anon. i felt i would get legal advice here. lol
Get someone to move in with you if its a two bedroom
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