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i pretty much wanna die. this whole month has been shit. i dated

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i pretty much wanna die. this whole month has been shit. i dated this girl for three years and when I left she said we weren't dating but we were still fucking and spending all our timr together while I was gone she met a guy and made out with him and didnt tell me until the day after and I talked to her the same day it happened and she says she likes him and wants a break from me, says she loves me and when I got back I stayed at her house last night and we fucked. she said she would fuck him if he did anything and I don't know what to do now, she said she didn't want to have sex yet but she lets him kiss her and hold her hand and shit , should I beat his ass? he's way smaller than me.. and all of her friends hate me and don't like her being with me and I am not a degenerate or anything and now they want her to go sleep over with him and her friend on Friday.
You sound like a degenerate to me. Get your shit together kid.
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Dude, what the fuck? What are you, 12?

OK, you're young, dumb and full of cum, I know. I was once, too.
You're being used, however nice she may be about it. You're a stunt dick, a placeholder while she waits for anyone but you to express sufficient desire to fuck her. Seriously, she prefers to fuck other people. And you're still there, waiting? Holy shit, where the hell is your ego, son? That's some messed up, extremely unhealthy shit.

OK, from her perspective, you're an object to be pitied at this point, because you won't set her aside and tell her that you're better than the other guy, and deserve better from her. If you did that, she'd actually respect you. Granted, she's already finished with you, other than fucking you occasionally, which serves double duty: it keeps you on her leash, and it keeps your ego and value low.
Judge people by their actions, not their words, kid. You need to do that. I'm assuming that you don't live with a parent or strong male role model, because this is, honestly, some awful, degrading shit you're doing, pining after some horrible, horrible person who is absolutely laying waste to your ego and self-image. Someone should have already pulled you aside, slapped your shit and put you on the right path, and I'm sorry no one was there to do that for you.
Seriously, you couldn't be hurting yourself more than by continuing with this awful, vicious amoral cunt.
She does not love you. You don't use people you love to keep you entertained until the next one shows up, and you absolutely don't threaten to do that. No, you're being manipulated, buddy, and whether she's self-aware enough to know that she's being a horrible human being, you need to stop this shit.

This awful whore is bad for you in every way. And she's only practice. You have to understand that. That's all she is for you, a life lesson on what to do, and more, what NOT to do in a relationship.
Cont from

You need to accept that she is not for you. You WILL do better, because you can't possibly do worse. Seriously. You're at the bottom of the barrel now.

I'm sure you used to love this girl, in a childish, obsessive sort of way. No way in hell her behavior changed out of the blue. People DO grow and change, and it sounds like she grew and changed into an absolute dumpster fire of a girl.

Ultimately, I guess you need to decide on what you want. Do you want to continue like this, being ashamed of yourself, and ashamed of her for not valuing you more? Do you want to taste the salty leavings of the next guy whenever she kisses you? Do you really want to be involved with someone who does not have your interests and well-being in mind? Do you like being used?
I'm sure you're confused. Don't be. You're not the first guy to get overcome by pussy fever. But knock this shit off now, son. You're embarrassing yourself.
i have a job,car. live w parents.. I have zero friends. besides her and she was my best friend..
You are one dumb motherfucker
I like how how ppl like you blame the other person but what you fail to realize is that this situation is her fault. You should be mad at her not him. She had to of did stuff to make him think that he could kiss her. Smh
well, at first she told me she wanted to fuck him only, and said that she would have her hot friend fuck me and she said she wants to , I don't mind the sex but she always comes over and she bought me lunch today and went in my room and cuddled up to me so she does some of the shit she says but she's bipolar. how do I become numb to her wasting three years of my life and just use her for sex. i don't have any friends, nobody that has really been there except for her. she tells me she cares. oh and she wants me to fuck a girl with her and then she wants me to fuck her with another guy..
You just chose the wrong person OP. Take it as a lesson for the future.
she fell into my life. from what she did these whole three year's made me feel like she would be around forever. last night when we fucked I gave her a bunch of hikeys all over her neck to make her look like a slut, I've fucked her the most out of any of her exes and I used to cum In her everyday but she says I'm the only one who.can make her cum so I don't know why she wants to fuck everyone
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She's a whore. You don't beat the dog for shitting on the lawn. That's what dogs do.
OK, if she wants wild and interesting sex, that's fine. If you do not want these things, that is not fine. If you can't reconcile, you're done. If she can't commit, you're done.
If this is just a matter of different desires, you're done.
If this is about you wanting more, emotionally, you're done.
If she wants an open relationship and you don't, you're done.

Pretty simple.
i kinda want the interesting sex and open relationship if I can somehow find girls to fuck that aren't on shitty apps. but I don't like her getting romantic affection from someone. im19 and this guy is 17 no job license or car
she gives me all her emotion all affection and said she if she dated him she would still want to fuck me because that she said she doesn't love him
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