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WTF situation

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Guys I need your take on this. TL;DR Girl is playing mind games.

I regularly hang out with people from my class.
Last week I was hanging out with some of them in a pub. I usually chat with all of them, but theres this one female that I have been eyeing for a while. We talk without any problems and the conversations seem to be more flirty than just friendly. However I don't usually start this, she does. We don't really have any history with each other. She asked me once if I wouldn't like to go somewhere with her and I said yes, but nothing came out of it.

I must mention that she is sought after by many males. During the past few weeks, she has been flirting very directly with one of my acquintances from school. Recently, our mutual friend posted a photo of them on facebook with a caption of something like this: "Congrats for being together for six years!".
However I overheard the mutual friend once saying that they werent actually together for six years.

This all would be fine, the problem is that during one of the recent class meet up sessions this girl actually tried talking to me again, even following me around as I chatted up different groups of people, and even went as far as taking a photo with my, grabbing my hand and biting my fingers and even touching my crotch.

This boyfriend of hers was there too and he saw how she followed me around. I tried to kinda keep my distance from her but she always came back. He left early, and she escorted him outside while holding his arm. Then she came back 5 minutes later. Note that the finger biting and grabbing my crotch happened after he left.

Im not sure what to think really. First she was hot and cold, later she seemed like she was trying to make me jealous by overtly flirting with this guy in front of me and now this. She barely even talks with the guy in school. The problem now is that this guy is trying to one up me in school when I meet him in the hallway.
DESU Im just trying to figure out what shes after.
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>TL;DR Girl is playing mind games.

>Im just trying to figure out what shes after.

Doesn't matter what she's after. She's playing with you, move on.
these don't seem like very deep mindgames.

we can assume he isn't completely happy with the bf/relationship she's in.

we can guess/hope that there might be some real kind of chemistry between her and OP

in all likelyhood she doesn't know what she's after. young people in long relationships have often broken up several times and then they get back together and that staying together inertia can get really fucked up. also sometimes people just fall out of love but the person who has been part of their life for a long time is still someone whose friendship and support they cherish/want so they aren't sure what to do. they want to get dick elsewhere but they don't want to hurt a close friend (the bf) and there's no way to do both.

OP, i think your best bet is to talk to a third party who you think might have some insight. its ok to tell someone "i'm into this girl but i keep hearing she's with this guy... etc etc" and find out what someone who knows her better can tell you. this seems like it should be possible bc you share a large group of social acquaintances

this is stupid, we console people all the time that are this girl and who are tired of their shitty SO but can't figure out how to break up, no reason from what he's said so far to assume she's some kind of psycho-bitch who fucks with him just to fuck with him
Pic is not related
>Girl is playing mind games

>she is sought after by many males.

There's what I needed.

She's an attention whore.

Plain and simple.

If you were smart, which I highly doubt, you could play her back and destroy her self-esteem....but that's another lesson for another day......
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