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Not coming into work until my payroll problem is fixed, unreasonable

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>months ago a manager talks to me and says that there was a payroll problem

>I wasn't given the raise everyone else was given and I was the only one excluded

>other manager who handles payroll was present and didnt say anything

>fast forward months later and a sympathetic assistant manager tells me the payroll issue wasnt taken care of and that I should check my paystubs

>implies that they're deliberately taking advantage of me due to being quiet or that there is some kind of personal dislike due to being a quiet awkward guy

>payroll person acknowledges the issue once again but doesnt raise my rate to the same as everyone else's and doesnt give me retroactive back pay as I was promised by the head manager who was present at the first meeting

>was only alerted to the issue by other staff members who are no longer there

>bring up the issue more forcefully this time indicating I could call the labour board and then e-mail the payroll manager

>starts avoiding me suddenly and cant get ahold of her at work

>dont see her for a week or two at work

>e-mail her detailing the exact nature of the payroll problem

>receive no response which may be a way of covering her ass so as not to admit to it in writing , I dont know

>a week later I go into the office on a day off and she seems nervous and spontaneously tells me that its being addressed

>tell her that I cant take her word in good faith and that she merely verbally told me she would do it while ignoring my detailed email which seemed suspicious

>tell the manager that I wont come in until I receive my retroactive pay, have my rate raised to the same as everyone else's and have the overtime I was deliberately not given and for which I have documentary proof detailing that I did work the overtime (in total I made $170 dollars that day and it wasnt recorded when I was told it would be)

its unreasonable. You should contact authorities
You can sue for that shit

Seriously, press charges, get coworkers on your side, make bank.
TL;DR - Scammed on payroll and its almost certain it was deliberate as an assistant manager told me it was targeted and not accidental due to them thinking I was passive and would roll over - also an element of dislike was part of it.

So I told them I wasnt coming back to work until I had my retroactive backpay.

Months ago another manager brought it up and informed me I should check my payroll stubs implying there was some malfeasance and I should be vigilant. Payroll manager was there during the meeting and just sat there stony faced.

Those were the only times I was ever told about it.. The payroll manager brought it up once and then did nothing about a month ago.

I was promised twice it would be fixed and it wasnt. Brought it up in person more forcefully and said I could take action with the labour board. Began to avoid me very obviously when I was at work so I couldnt have a chance to talk to her. Sent her an e-mail detailing the payroll issue and received no reply for a week, so I went to her office on one of my days off and she was very nervous and conciliatory and verbally promised me it would be fixed.

I told her over the past few months I was told more than once that it would be fixed and it never was.

She had a chance to respond to the issue in writing and never did, instead choosing to verbally tell me she would do it which struck me as an attempt not to admit to any wrong doing in writing for reasons that cast doubt on her honesty.

Fucking sue

Go in act like everything is fine and get a lawyer

Non-Greentext summary:

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Final bump for input.
Sue them. You'll make money off of it and you'll be able to screw over this shitty company.

Here's the advice you asked for OP
Contact whatever union covers your field, its their job to fight for fair rights
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I e-mailed the bookeeper/manager a formal letter to explain the situation and why I wasnt coming in to work.

The regional and new site manager sent me a stern email saying that I was to handle everything through him now, that it wasnt her responsibility but that of the previous site manager (not true, she handles the payroll. I think he was trying to say "the buck stops with the site manager so deal with me"), and then capped his email by saying I was to come to work in the morning as usual tomorrow.

This same manager bullied me in front of literally the entire staff a couple weeks ago (15-30 people). He mocked me and then talked about me like I wasnt in the room while the people I worked with in a team were either treated with praise or not mocked at all. That included a black woman who couldnt speak coherently or understand directions who disappeared for most of the day and was unaccounted for. I had to piss a few times per hour because of a bad bladder and I was reported as just wandering around.
>Not coming into work until my payroll problem is fixed, unreasonable or not?
Not so much unreasonable as i oractical. After only a few days, you can be fired for jon abandonment, and then you're really fucked.

Lawyer up and sue the bastards. Invoke whistleblower protection when they try to retaliate. This is wage theft.
talk to a lawyer dingus, if you're too fucktarded to do that then there's not much else we can do. Fuck. You're probably as stupid as your bosses make you out to be if you can't handle simple advice as has been given to you.
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