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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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Any survivors lurking?

How long did it take until you were finally declared cured?

Are you infertile?

Are you in debt?

How was your life as an outpatient?

I apologize for so many questions.
Have a bump. Good luck with you disease, man.
Hope somebody helps you! Bumpppp
Well this one brought me down petty quick. Sorry about it man, but if it makes you feel any better, try thinking about life as pointless anyways. There's nothing you could have done to prevent this, you just got dealt a shitty hand, so to speak. Except, it's the only hand you get, and when the cards get shuffled back into the deck you're dead... But, hey, everyone else will die too, eventually. The excruciating pain and pumping your body full of poison to maybe cure you once are subjectively pretty terrible, and if I were in your situation I'd probably just off myself... But best of luck to you and, uh, I'd try to sound supportive and motivational here, but I would just want to yell and curse and tell the entire world to go fuck itself, so I'm gonna invite you to do that, because you're entitled to all that and much, much more.
My disease is curable. I am a white male, so finding a bone marrow donor will be very easy. I don't plan on dying and my doctors gave me a high chance of survival.
My wife had non hodgkin lymphoma when she was 8, which I guess is a similar thing.

From what I understand she was in and out of hospital for about two years before she was given the all clear. She did have to go back every few months for tests for a long time though. That was still going on when we met, and she must have been about 22 by the time her doctors decided it was a waste of everyone's time and resources to keep going back. No idea if her being a child at the time had any bearing on that though.

We've got 3 kids, and we live in the UK so there are no issues over paying for treatment.

She reckons the whole thing wasn't that bad, allthough I guess children are really good at normalising just about any situation. Also, she's the sort of person who'd get run over by a bus and be like "honestly I'm fine, I'll just go and lay down for a little while when we get home", so there's that.
Not leukemia but my wife had breast cancer last year. Caught it early, didn't even show up on a mammogram. Aggressive little fucker that feeds off estrogen. Had the lump and a couple lymph nodes removed. No spreading. Had another surgery to install a port for chemotherapy.

Chemo sucked. Once every 4 weeks for the strong stuff then once a week for the other. Each treatment session was around 3 hours. Since there was a bunch of blood work and stuff involved each treatment was 2 or 3 appointments. ( Port flush, blood samples, onc evaluation)

Hair fell out as expected and loss of energy but the newer anti-nausea meds are really good. She was a fucking trooper. Worked through most of it, taking a day off here and there when she was tired. Her work was really good about supporting her and giving her all time she needed off.

Radiation was easy. Appointments only lasted about 15-20 minutes but it was a daily this for a month.

The type she had has a tendency to recur within 2 years. We're keeping a close eye on it. She on a couple medications and will be for the next 10 or so years. The port is staying put for at least another year just to be sure. That means port flushes every 6 weeks.

Cancer sucks. It sounds like you realize this. It won't be pleasant but it's not too bad. If the prognosis is good then just accept that life is going to suck for a while but will eventually get better.

My wife had hysterectomy a few years ago so fertility was already off the table.

Debt? Oh yeah. Even with descent insurance and a health savings account we paid out over $9k out of pocket not including over the counter stuff. This year we're looking at $12k. Same insurance and coverage just a deductible hike like every year. Still only drops in the bucket compared to what the insurance company covered. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How long until your cured? Typically around 5 years after treatment if nothing shows up.
You guys are awesome. The doctor told me he hadn't seen anything like me in a while (abnormal white blood cell count is like 10,000, and mine was at 700, 000 which is seriously ugly). I'm 22 right now, but I would like to know what to expect after all of this. You're a great help.
Thread posts: 8
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