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i really miss one of my friends but she cut me out of her life

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i really miss one of my friends but she cut me out of her life completely more or less.

Blocked me on all forms of communication, threatened me if i tried to contact her, and we don't live in the same town so we probably wont see eachother for a long time.

She flipped out at me over something thats been building up for a while. Basically im almost 100% positive shes bipolar, but she doesn't realize shes bipolar.

She will go into manic states where things that happened in the past make her super upset because she can't stop thinking about them and gets upset about things that didn't bother her at all in the past. There are also lots of other signs like she doesn't eat or sleep, shes ultra sensitive to touch, she gets very interested in something for a couple of days and then drops it completely.

Other than that she is a very depressed person and doesn't leave her room/house for long periods of time and has no motivation to do anything.

She finally flipped out about something big, and blocked me from talking to her and its been over two weeks and she still hasn't unblocked me from anything. I think its because we started getting really close and things were turning more intimate/sexual so when she got upset about something this time it was a bigger deal to her.

Im really concerned because undiagnosed bipolar disorder is really dangerous. I dont think she will see a psychiatrist on her own even though she needs one.
Does she have supportive family? Or at least normal family? A circle of good friends? If you answered yes at least to one, then just wait till she unblocks you and bring up psychologist sometime later.

I'll come off as a sociopath, and i kind of am, but I recommend you not to bother hospitalizing her instantly. Unless she is b o t h suicidal and has shit social environment.
Btw, isn't it too much for you to bear so much responsibility on her well-being? Don't get that superman-saviour syndrome. You may convince her going, or may not, people can live with bpd.
i dont know if she needs to be hospitalized, but she definately needs to see a psychiatrist. I would bet that shes had thoughts of suicide, but she never has tried it i think.

Shes not very close to her family i think. Shes told me she is, but shes also told me that she never anyone else the stuff shes telling me because shes so embarrassed about it(a lot of the stuff is like definition of having BPD, i just didn't recognize it cause im not a doctor)

She doesn't have any friends that she reaches out too except me and like one other person that i think is her cousin but idk.

And yeah i know i shouldn't, its just difficult in this situation because i care about her a lot. I feel like im in love with her but i don't want to admit it cause its hurts too much to think that someone i love would treat me like this.

Shes also been delusional before, like legit denying objective reality which is apparently another symptom if mania.
Does she have any family or other friends who can get in touch with her? Ultimately she may need some kind of intervention, and you may not be able to provide that. Until she DOES get help, she will remain troubled and those around her will be affected. You don't have many options here as you lost contact with her, so the best advice at this point is to save your own sanity and consider this a blessing in disguise...she closed the door OP, so move on and move forward with your life. If you're meant to see one another again, then it may happen in its own time and place, but don't wait around to be sucked into her problems and, likely, sucked dry...

I hope that this helps! GL out there!
Being relatively close to family and not telling them everything doesn't contradict one another.
Lack of friends sounds alarming though.

Also I feel bad for agreeing, but it's kind of good like this anon says. Who knows, maybe you became codependent or something and didn't know it.
If it's meant to be she'll unblock you, apologise, you'll forgive her, etc.
Close friends with psychological disorders may turn your life to hell, beware.
yeah it was really stressful no doubt.

I knew someone else who had a friend who killed themselves and they felt somewhat responsible and i think thats part of the reason i want to do everything i can to help her cause i know ill feel terrible if something happens and i couldve helped to avert it.

I dont think she understands herself very well, partly because of the disorder, and i think knowing whats causing her confusion would help her a lot, but again that might just be me projecting that i would want to know whats causing my absurd thoughts.

I also think itd be easier for her to "forgive" me if she understood that sometimes whats shes feeling is literally insane.

The reason she stopped talking to me was because i suggested we text through a different medium. She said shes uncomfortable talking over FB cause its linked to her personal information, and i said lets talk over snapchat and she flipped out.

It's utterly bizarre cause it seems like im just bothering her and she wants me to leave her alone one week and then another week shes telling me how much i mean to her and all of this other really personal stuff.
I shouldve clarified in OP when i said she flipped out about something big, i meant to say she thought it was big but it wasn't.
You are a really nice person, anon, I hope she'll realise it and get back to you. Have you ever tried to tell her how her behaviour hurts you, though? Or do you think she won't handle it?

She must have serious issues if she flipped out over something like that. People can change, but it's hard and, well, she doesn't seem to realise she is ill.

Anon taking full responsibility for your BPD friend behaviour is too much. You may not even be able to make her undergo therapy and you shouldn't blame yourself. You are doing as much as you can, there probably aren't many people who would tolerate her behaviour or love her. Just staying with her when she needs you is very good for her.

The only thing left is literally dragging her to therapy, which is too much.
ive told her before, but she says she has a lack of empathy for people for some reason, which i believe is also common in people with bipolar disorder.

She believes shes autistic because social situations are difficult for her. But she doesn't misread social ques, and ive read that a lot of bipolar people will be extremely anxious(and think other people hate them or are mad at them which she literally thinks all the time) which will cause them to not want to be in social situations.

Shes also stated she thinks she has really high self esteem, but later said the exact opposite. I know bipolar doesn't mean two personalities but she can't make up her mind and is constantly confused about how she feels.
Don't justify interfering in her life.

Leave her the fuck alone.
>this girl i raped flipped out and won't talk to me
>how do I get her back?
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