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how do i find a hot boyfriend who gives me a lot of space but

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Try not having standards up your ass

But you more or less want a fuck slave?
Why not just go on tinder and fuck when you want without having anybody in yiur personal space and shit?
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If you were hot yourself you could just pick.... but then again you're in 4chan.

Pic with timestamp pls?
I'm socially awkward and scared of people. Especially men for some reason.

He should make ME the fuck slave...

Also he loves me and we can play elf games together
its a trap, fools
This fucking tripfag again.

Time and time again she is given advice, which she ignores.

These threads are attention seeking bait. Do not reply to these threads.
Which reminds me, what happened to that eurasian fag I can't remember his name was it Brandon or something.
Ouch that's harsh. Not entirely untrue though. Sometimes my life feels like a huge mess I don't know how to begin to clean up. It sucks being alone all the time but I am too shy to talk to guys irl.

Could be that I'm hopeless for real lol. Maybe I'm not worth talking to I guess
Bait or no idc

Do you have interests?
A personality?
Okay thats a start

Meet people who like to do the same
My ex was a geek shy girl who was awkward as hell and terrified of openie to anybody
She was a monster in bed but liked to be dominated and abused to a point too
She was also into elfs and weeb shit

We met on some gathering my friend forced me to go on because she wouldn't go alone

Sounds good?
Do that
Also make a move dont expect everything to fall on your lap
I bet faerie is ugly, why else would she be here for such an extended period of time? Asking the same questions, too...

Do you have any experience dating, fae? How did you do that?
Is this a joke too?
How you find somebody to fit your criteria is by placing yourself in an environment where you will be exposed to individuals with similar interests. I'll disregard the hot part, as that's largely subjective.

To find gamers, you act as a gamer would. You pursue your interests. Filtering out gamers from ordinary public locations would be near impossible unless you're in an informal setting such as school or a perhaps a group. Likely the best place you'd find to meet gamers would be a gaming convention/event.

Alternatively, you may be able to find small groups of players looking for other locals to play with if it's an online game. I know there are usually lots of Facebook groups that focus on specific genres of games, too.

Hah, or you could use the tactic of an old friend of mine, and just go directly to a game shop and hit on the employees. Though, that would require a bit more courage I would think.

The best advice I can offer for overcoming social awkwardness is don't be afraid to make mistakes, and embrace humility. When you mess up, laugh it off. Ultimately, nobody really cares. What is one small blunder in the context of our entire lives? Anyone so petty as to judge you for such an act isn't worth your time, anyways. You don't have to try to make everybody like you. Just the important ones.
I know this is true >>17148583 but somehow i can't stop posting in these goddamn threads.
I guess i sympathize with faerie for some reason.

Don't worry, girls have it easy with social awkwardness.
Literally every guy on the planet thinks it's cute and endearing.
Seriously, just try to find one that doesn't!
That's probably why so many people even respond to you here, it's cute even through text.

It's hard to offer advice not knowing what you look like, though.
A fat, ugly girl needs different advice versus a pretty but shy girl.
And a non-passing pre-op MtF needs very different advice compared to one fully-passing, post-op, and experienced.
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Thread images: 2

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