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Have a final test in 11 hours and have studied very little to

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Have a final test in 11 hours and have studied very little to nothing.
Should I sleep tonight? I slept 14 hours last night I've been awake for 12 hours.
being well rested is very important for your test, also drink plenty of water and I know it's cliche but make sure you eat a good breakfast.
You will do better being rested than trying to cram in information. Also, about 20-30 minutes of semi-intense exercise before an exam can raise up your test score a little bit
wake up at 7 am like me :^)
Lol I have a final on 12 hours and 15 minutes and I haven't studied for shit. I also have another one 24 hours after that one
Exactly on the same boat, anon.
Also, if I fail both I'll get expelled from my College.
Reminds me of doing legendary studying for a final exam, did about 20 hours non stop until it's time to leave to college.

Wanted to get 10 minutes quick nab... ended up sleeping for the whole day. lulz.

And the alarm?

Well I think an illuminati who does black magic switched it off.
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OP here. Exam is in 7.5 hours. Didn't study shit. I'll hit the bed.
Jesus fuck, when will I fucking learn?
good luck OP

sleep snug pupper

Good luck. I will praying for ya.
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>Have a final test in 11 hours
>studied very little to nothing
>slept 14 hours last night
>I've been awake for 12 hours.
Jesus christ and then you fucking retards complain that no one will hire you with your 2.8 GPAs in English.

You've blown more than enough time to properly prepare for the test 10 times over, but don't worry, you still have enough time to prepare. Now all you need to do is sit your degenerate ass down and actually apply yourself.

See you tomorrow when you're posting about how you're depressed about your shitty grades that you earned entirely by yourself
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My finals aren't until mid-June and I'm studying now because I don't hate myself as much as you guys.
Your brain works harder when you're tired

But with a machine working harder, it's prone to break faster
>Your brain works harder when you're tired
Any links to back up your cool analogy?
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>the brain is more creative when tired
Let me know how 'being creative' works out on your next midterm

Your link then goes onto describe the negative effects of real world things like 'stress' have on your brain and how meditation and naps are good combatants to this and improve function.
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That's right goy, being creative is bad!

Don't think for yourself, we can do it for you!
Unless you're already in grad school or equivalent research position in a stem field that still has a pulse, please kill yourself.

You're on fucking 4chan talking to some retard struggling through his undergrad that's probably in some equally retarded field. Your creativity isn't going to help you derive Gauss' equation on your midterm and OP definitely isn't making any groundbreaking discoveries in anything.

Study well, eat healthy, sleep. Graduate. It's not that hard, but you guys seem to find every possible way to fuck up the most critical point of your life.
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See you at Burger King
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Yes good little goy

The only way to succeed is through expensive schooling!

Make sure to buy brand new textbooks this year, they're only 120 dollars! You're not a bad goy are you?
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You can be angry at the corrupt system all you want, I'm with you it is bullshit

At the end of the day though I still make more money than you by going through it and studying a marketable skill.
>assuming other people's wealth based on nothing

For all you know I could be a gorillionare

I'm not, but judging peoples wealth on a few paragraphs of their views on goys proves nothing

If you want to generalize then why even assume it on the individual?

Forget about me and you. Go look up bureau of labor statistics on engineering graduates and see what the average B.S. is making, or even just any stem graduate. Put that against what the average non graduate who went their own way is making.

Also I can assume a bit because the kind of person that can break 6 figures without a degree doesn't spend their nights posting on 4chan about the evil George Soros
If anything people making really good money are probably on positions where they can stay up late shit posting on 4chan

Those stats are fine and dandy, and sure they do make more generally, I admit that.

But college is a scam these days. It's all about who you know, unless you're going into a field that is constantly begging for people like medical

The demand for engineers and such isn't as high as you'd think. Also kids these days see that and go to school for it, and when they get out they've got not fucking options because there's so many engineers graduating with them.

Let's give a little example

Timmy just went through 8 years for a master's degree in computer science

Adam got a job in computer science 8 years ago, or even 4, because it didn't require a degree

Both are applying for the same position. Who gets the job.
You're ignoring the vast majority that do get jobs and focusing on the minority. And yeah it is about who you know even in stem I'll give you that, but that's life. You get rewarded for leaving your room and talking to people sometimes.

More like you get rewarded for making connections by working the field and not school

Fuck man, with the time it takes to get a degree, someone doing engineering could make their own business and be making fucking double
Ideally yeah, but fat chance of it happening with the way progressive credentials is already going. I guess we don't disagree on too much, I just don't mind dancing to the game as much as long as I get my 'shekels' at the end of it.
Gotta make your own game dude

That's how the most successful people who ever lived did it.

They didn't like the social norm so they made their own theme park

With black jack

And hookers
Yeah I'll pass, the success rate of being the next Walt Disney isn't looking too good.

Meanwhile going by the 'social norm' has it looking like I can retire before I even see 40 and do whatever I want for the rest of my life.

>With black jack
>And hookers
Not my game.
Get at least some hours of sleep in before the test. Being completely tired is worse for your testing ability than not having learned properly.
Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll be among the stars

You're gonna learn quick though when you retire you'll be fucking bored.

All the old fucks you see working at McDonalds or Walmart or shit? They all retired but got bored and wanted a way to kill time.

Retirement is some kind of over hyped event, like once you retire life's problems will instantly disappear and nothing can stop you! Except fucking everything can.
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Thread images: 10

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