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I don't post or browse /adv/ often, but I'm looking

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I don't post or browse /adv/ often, but I'm looking for some friendly advice on how to overcome drug addiction, cocaine specifically. Here's some background. I'm a 19 yo male and I recently moved out on my own and work full time at a warehouse. I went to a party about a month ago and my friend offered me some coke. I have ADHD and had a prescription for adderall when I was 16. After a while my mom took me off it bec6ause she did "research" and learned that it's legal meth. That's about my only history with drugs, besides the occasional joint and LSD use. Since I first used coke, a month ago, I've already spent about $600 on it, and blew off my family and friends, and job to get high. Any advice on how to quit would be appreciated. I'm agnostic. Pic unrelated.
> I'm agnostic
You can be at peace anon, there is no god on 4chan, only sometimes minor evil.

>occasional joint and LSD
>$600 in cocaine
See pic related and maybe read

You seems like just another user who might end up as homeless. Now you must make a resolve: Do you want to become homeless anon?

After that you should see if you have entered the physical addiction or not. To do so you just DON'T touch that thing. If you won't get any signs of "lot of health related problems", you are still sort of good. Just before throw all drugs away so it is harder to get fix.

If your withdrawal will be unbelievable and you fail and get your fix, you will eventually need this:
There are a lot of programs in modern countries. They are usually free. Just sign in and let the professionals do wonders.

eventually you should ask yourself why are you using drugs?
Go read a book dummy.
>Not happy with my current life
Solve your life problems, don't mask them with drugs.
See boredom solution.
>Social circle
Get new friends.

Good luck anon, you gonna need it.
I've been talking to my family about my addiction, and my mom has been really supportive. She paid me to flush the last of my coke down the toilet, and deleted my dealer(s) from my phone. I refuse to go to treatment for it because I know I can get through it, but I just want advice on how to cope with withdrawals. Specifically, the last time I used was about 4 hours ago, and I'm getting really shakey. I can't get it off my mind. As for reading, I don't really know of any good books, and with a few exceptions, I lose interest a few pages into most books. Thanks for contributing.
speaking from someone who actually HAS adult ADHD/ADD
go seek some help for yourself for addiction to the coke.
you need a job. because you need the routine most people adhd are lazy fucks
i survived adhd the old fashioned way without drugs at all thats another avenue for you go cold turkey or you will be chasing the first hit you will never get again.
you may also need some music or some background noise so you can concentrate
I have a steady full time job that pays decent. And I'm getting clean starting today. I just want some advice on how to deal with withdrawal. I'm not going to a clinic.
>cope with withdrawals
Well if half of what is on wiki is true, then you are on the beginning of your life ride. You can hope you will go through it since you are on it only 1 month, but I am afraid that is considered "daily basis". Seriously you put yourself in this situation, you deal with it. I would never go for anything higher than weed.

Make sure you have nothing around you which can be used as a weapon...
>mood swings
>intense craving for more cocaine

Seriously man, it will be TERRIBLE. The only question is how much and how long.
>symptoms can last for weeks or, in some cases, months

You will see yourself, if this will last like ~24 hours or not.
In the worst case call ambulance and straight tell them you are on cocaine withdrawal so they come prepared.
Thank you.
whooooaaa, don't scare him

coke withdrawals aren't as bad as like, opiates or benzos or alcohol... you can definitely get through them without treatment, just keep your mind occupied, smoke some weed
Ex meth and ecstasy addict and have been off them for over 5-6 years.

I attended NA/AA meetings 2-3 times a week. Feels dreadful the first two weeks then you may start to notice good changes. If there aren't any local meetings then there are online groups on facebook or skype.

>Change your friends, don't talk to the ones who use
>Get a sponsor after you attend a few meetings
>Keep your schedule busy but not overwhelmingly busy
>Take this shit one day at a time
>Talk to a trusted person if you feel like using

The first two weeks of being clean is the toughest and hardest to get over. Saying no to partying and drugs will get easier over time.
Thread posts: 10
Thread images: 2

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