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Any tips, advice and stories to share? Questions to ask?

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Any tips, advice and stories to share? Questions to ask?
>got her number
>see each other next week
>text sometimes
>wondering if should work sex into the conversation

Things like jokes or teasing and such. Thing is I've been told not to do it by some (because we never saw each other face to face) and been told by others to do it.
So I don't know if I should, and what i should say. Any examples? (I work best with examples to set a tone for me).
Any good bios?
24, matches with a 18 year old a few miles away
Pretty young
Just got out of a long reationship
What should I say
I wanna hug and get a blow job and maybe ice cream
Had around 200 matches at my highest point. Now I just occasionally tinder.

What works for me: (remember, you are not me and it is not necissarily useful to copy me)

1. be yourself, if you're not yourself right from the start the girl will end up liking someone who you're not which causes trouble in the future.
2. Disregard 1 if you are just interested in pussy. (I never pussy hunt so I have no tips on that).
3. Use photos of yourself that portray the type of person you are. If you are boring, do something about that first or you'll have no luck.
4. Don't be boring, everyone stops giving a shit about 'how are you' after they hear that every damn time. Try to get a conversation rolling about a topic of your choosing. I just fuck around with people on there like it is 4chan. You will notice after a couple of word exchanges whether or not you are compatible. Just dont give a fuck about a girl who's appearance is appealing to you and then turns out to not what you expected. Waste no time, and move on, don't get angry.
5. Good luck anon, hope this helped!
>We're talking
>she actually points out how well we get along
>suddenly silence
>send a message hours later to poke the bear
>still nothing

It's been days. Considering people can be busy and such, I'm considering sending something else. preferably something funny. This is 4chan, let's be creative. Any ideas?
Also the bio's I had:

Very talented at losing his phones and keys :^)

"He is such a nice young man.''

Has a special talent for pointing out the obvious

Frequents /int/, if you know what I mean :^)
Some very useful information:

- Owns a bag of rice
- Can almost swallow a whole banana
- Loves to watch the cat out of the tree (poorly translated saying from my mother tongue for the bantz)
-Likes to do stuff and such
My current bio :
"Divorced. Three tamagochis. i'm actually here for them. they're shy.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

desu, move on. If she were interested in you she would have answered your question
People here tend to move on and assume things very fast. And that logic has stripped me of an occasion once before.
I'd prefer to try one last time and then give up, rather than leaving it be too fast.

It's not like I have anything to lose.

Ask her if she likes dank menes.

I'll stick around then to see what results you reap. From my experience I only feel connected with people with whom the tinder convo flows in a natural manner.

Pic semi-related
>Ask her if she likes dank menes.
I suspect she wont get it.

Come to think of it, she was making a satanic sign on a picture and my first message was "Spider-Woman!" and she actually complimented me on my opener later on.

So she does have a sense of humor.
>watch the cat out of the tree

Are you dutch?
He's Superman.
Yes, I'm dutch

You can try something along those lines with something she might be able to identify with. Ask her if she is in need of a goat for her ritual :DDDDD
>don't contact her Anon! Move on! She isn't interested
>send something anyway
>"Hey Anon ! Sorry, Tinder kept freezing, I tried a thousand times to reply but nothing...
>Of course, with pleasure, this week end I'm with my parents but when i'm back I'll be glad to.
>My number is XXXXXX, i'm waiting for your message. IRL is indeed better.
Communication back!

See? SEE? HA!

Noice, inspires me to try to connect to people who're lost.

What did you end up aksing her?
This is the stupidest part of it all. I sent "Hahahaha"
Not kidding.
>Noice, inspires me to try to connect to people who're lost.
I think this board is in dire need of inspiration.

I guess I can understand why. After too many rejections and undeserved silences from people, you start losing hope and give up fast because you don't want to be played a fool and feel stupid.
What percentage of girls actually read guy's profiles, rather than just judging them on their first photo?
Considering it's Tinder I suppose most people just look at the picture and swipe.
The bio analysis comes later.
It would actually be great if you had the option to read first and see if the person is really your type then you can see a picture

People judge too much on looks and a lot of things can be faked pretty damn easily
I don't know dude.

Physical attraction is a big basis. Tinder is basically a simplification of a process we already apply IRL.
You look at someone, find them appealing, and talk to them to see if the feeling is right.

Tinder just allows you to bypass unnecessary pains and pressures, by making you talk to people who already manifested that they find you attractive enough to engage. The rest is discussion and feeling.
I want to know something, how long do you usually wait until you ask to meey up with someone on tinder? I got matched with a geeky girl two days ago, we hvae similar interests in shows and movies, we both like drawing, I want to meet up, but maybe its too soon. I only know we have similar hobbies.
I talk to someone for about a day or two and simply say ask in the middle of a discussion.

Basically, make sure you actually enjoy talking and are having actual feeling going.
Then in the middle of a discussion you drop the fact that you'd like to meet.

For example I was talking to a girl about her brothers and sisters. Said she had clones. She replied "I'm unique, oh!" My reply was "I don't doubt that. Though I'd like to meet the unique face to face so I propose you give me your number and we see each other sometime this week".

Another I just said "Hey, since you seem very nice and talking by phone gets boring, I propose you leave me your number and we meet sometime this week."

I'm >>17142616

Now I have two girls sending me texts and wanting to see me. One is "waiting for your message" and the other wants Tacos.
But the whole thing is really shallow and superficial because like you said its all about looks and you can be super compatible but if you don't like their pic at first glance nothing happensand for me thsts crap as i need a personality to be attracted to someone and also im not the best looking guy, im decent enough but people dont want decent

Dunno all these sites are for hook-ups a d i dont know how would one even meet a introverted shy geeky girl or even a total shut in or neet
It isn't that superficial.

Think about it. When you get interested in a girl you meet somewhere, it's always first and foremost because you think she's cute. The personality thing is a big factor but it comes later when you talk.

Are you sure you aren't having issues with it because of your own fear that no one will swipe you right?
Well true enough but at the same time i fell in love with a girl who i didnt think wss cute at all, maybe even below my average and i dont hold that high of a standard but her aspie behaviour and how sweet and funny she actually was made her grow on me pretty damn quickly and because of that she became attractive, she had a compatible personality

Also yes
I live with the awful feeling that my looks are a deal breaker, i was fat as a kid and i lost almost all of it during higschool but the mentality stayed with me and im not the kind of person most people like at first glance or contact so yeah
I have a girl on tinder right now. Have been texting since wednesday.

I started with asking out for coffee, she said i was too straight forward. Do you lads think it's safe to ask again now? We have been writing every day since then.
>a couple months of not very many good matches

>suddenly match with a qt

>she's interested, gave me her number before I could give her mine

>we text for like 3 days before I set up plans

>first date goes very well, she's excited to see me again

>second date she came over, we kissed, cuddled, and shared stories

>we were on for date 3

>that weekend, she said she would be over again later in the evening

>never showed, stopped texting me

>will be a whole month tomorrow since I last heard anything from her

>she posts on social media every day and it stings

>why did I have to meet her and catch feelings?

>deleted tinder because I've been too depressed to try anymore, for now at least

Drop her and find another. Any hesitation and she's not really interested.
What exactly do you want?

Just casual sex or legit dating?
But she looks cute tho
>Get pretty much no matches, and the matches I do get rarely actually talk to me.

M-m-maybe I'm just ugly.
>be prepared to fuck fat girls
>get ready to get herpes

You should be good to go bro.
>be prepared to fuck fat girls

I mean, I legitmately never though of just not giving a fuck.
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>asking neckbeard permavirgins for dating advice
What's wrong with me? I got a match a week on a good week, even going on it daily.
So is not being able to get laid even on Tinder pretty much a sign your doomed to die a lonely fucking death
>Bad social anxiety causes me to have a hard time meeting new people
>Tinder seemed great becausoe I'm fine and confident around people who show interest.
>Can't even meet people on here because apparently no one is interested

I'm doomed to be a lonely son of a bitch forever
I only match with uggos, fatties, "genderfluids", fat feminine black guys and ghetto girls who have one pic and the rest are low res memes
One time I matched with this 10/10 qt girl who had pics of her at social events and had a banging bod, she asked me for a threesome with her bf, but as the combo progresses it was clear it was a joke and she was fucking with me, it was disappointing
You missed out.
Make your second pic your main one and get rid of your current main
General advice here. Ask for meet up sooner than later and I mean after a few hours or day tops. It saves a lot of time.

It is tinder she either wants to fuck or is just looking for attention or checking out tinder.

If she wants to meet up you have a chance at sex, if she does not she is a time waster and if she gives you maybe then again time waster.
No she was saying increasingly weird shit and at one point mentioned triple suicide, she was obviously on the app as a joke
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>Look for Asian girls
>Rare in Ireland
>Holy shit this one is cute and she is real!
>click intro profile to see more pics
>I am gonna super like
>Accidentally press like
>Find another girl
>same deal and she is Japanese
>Press like another.
>Get a few matches
>All cute enough
>Message them
>Every single one stops talking to me after just simple "hey what's up" small talk

Is this normal?
Don't forget that you often talk to one match at a time while women talk to dozens at a time. You have a very short amount of time to catch their interest until Chad #18 gets their number and they turn their attention to him.
So what the hell should I be doing differently?

Fuck being a guy sure is lonely.
It doesn't work. Stop wasting your time.

It does work
So far in 1 month I have had my dick sucked/fucked by 3 different girls, each more than once.

That's low-tier on tinder apparently.

Tinder works great. Not sure why some people think that it sucks
How many do you contact or do they contact you?
One contacted me, other two I had to contact them.

Get their numbers and snapchat quickly, you should be golden from there as long as you don't get emotional or start bitching about something unless she initiates it.
You need to close as quickly as possible, within 10 messages is what I've heard. Sustain her interest long enough to get her number (making the first "cut" that many men fail). Once you get past this Tinder bs, then you can get to know her as a person.
>get match with super qt.
>Go into messages and no new matches there

Probably a fake bio that got deleted. This has happened to me too
damn I got so excited.

Tinder is slowly opening my eyes to the fact that girls really just don't fucking like me or something
those are all awful.
drop the stupid smile, it isn't needed at all.
I didn't even get to 10.

I got like 4.

So if I've been on for like a week and I'm getting literally no matches can I just straight up peg it on being ugly?
I've been playing around with Tinder for a few weeks now after a friend suggested it. It's much better IMO compared to other dating services. Not to mention it's free and super easy to use. Although I still find it rather annoying that there's all these rules and guidelines we're supposed to follow in order to make a connection.

I'd say I got about a dozen or so matches so far, but only one have gone past the initial small talk phase. I got her number this morning but we really don't talk that much. I don't know what to think yet.

Seriously though I've never done this before and it's a really good learning experience for me. Whether or not anything comes of it I'll definitely have learned something from it myself.
Better pics bro

Do I gotta pay extra or something?
>Questions to ask
Will someone murder me if I accidentally sleep with their girlfriend?

I only ask because I remember all those episodes of cheaters I watched, and I realize alot of loose women tend to use tinder; so I don't want to accidentally get murdered. Will it be okay to ask if she already has a boyfriend or is that a faux pass?
I would date you.
Does it matter? Can't it be both?

Hey I didn't follow this guy >>17142575
and I'm better for it. Drinks on Tuesday. So yeah. I'm starting to wonder if most people here aren't shooting themselves in the foot with negativity.
>been texting for several weeks
>clicks a lot
>haven't met but kinda joked around that

Should I act up and be serious about meeting her or just continue to wait?
How do I figure out if a girl is interested in just fucking or if she wants more? Are there signs?

I've usually been asked what I was looking for, if there was more than just physical attraction between us. It's perfectly alright to ask such a question.
>Getting some few matches. Not a fucktonne but enough
>Mostly metalhead/alternative girls (which I'm ok with)
>Every single one of them stops talking to me after 3 or 4 messages (even though a lot of them are pretty much me with tits)

Holy fuck how am I fucking this up so hard.
You literally have 2 messages to catch their interest. Chances are they stopped talking to you because they decided to send nudes to random douchebag number 48274 instead
I sent a girl a shitty first message. I asked her what her favourite show is hoping that she'd say something current. She replied with Dharma and Greg. How do you keep a conversation flowing when you lead it down down dead ends like that?
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>meet up with girl
>seems normal, has a sense of humor
>go back to her place
>she bends down to get something out of her closet
>rips the meatiest far I've ever heard, it sounded like Andre the Giant clapping in an echo chamber
>looks back at me with an "OH WAS THAT ME?" smile
>blew away a xanax and beer buzz in just a few seconds
>the night got even weirder
>ended with me running through downtown with some fat guy from Montreal with milk and cookies we stole from a drug dealer
>meet girl on tinder
>go out on a nice date
>she seems totally normal
>invites me back to her place
>her and I get sexual
>pull her hair
>all of it comes off in my hands
>it's a toupee
>shaved head
>hear muffled crying from the closet
>she has her baby in there
>I run out of her apt.
>she's chasing me, no toupee and naked

The oddest date I've ever had.
Tips from a girl:

>99% of my matches will start with the same sequences of "hey, how are you, what's up, how was your weekend"
These are incredibly tedious messages

The remaining will be some combination of pickup lines, "quirky" things, one word compliments like "beautiful", etc.

The worst opener EVER is "so whyd you swipe right?" all it does is make me want to unmatch you

The second thing is that you have to know what you want. I use tinder exclusively to talk to local people, I don't use it for hookups. I unmatch a lot of guys instantly because they seem interested in sex. This is where a lot of confusion is, guys get upset when they get unmatched but really isn't it just saving them time? Unless they think they can change someone's wants, it's better just to move on.

Third, don't be a fucking chameleon. Questions such as
>what do you do for fun
>what's your favorite food
>what do you study in school

Are OK questions but the issue is when guys latch into whatever you say. Like if I say I'm a criminal justice major a guy will say "oh that's great!" or I could say "i love killing cats" and I'm sure the guy would support me. A conversation is a 2 way street, if you're just agreeing with everything I say it's no longer a conversation it's just me talking to myself.
File: 1426015966122.jpg (63KB, 443x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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holy fuck
>sounded like Andre the Giant clapping in an echo chamber
>Get close to no matches
>Everytime I get a match we send like 2 messages back and forth and she stops talking to me completely
>Feel a little worse about myself everytime it happens

Seriously how am I supposed to do this if I literally NEVER get a chance to start what even resembles a conversation with them

Everyone tells me Tinder is a great way to meet people. But all its doing is showing me that girls just don't like me at all
Please tell the rest of the story.
I'm thinking about apologizing to my ex havnt spoken in a year despite seeing each other in school multiple times a week, anyone have experience in this

The story is disjointed as hell, but bear with me

>leave her apartment after watching some movie
>still zonked out enough not to remember where i parked my car
>this was in the city, i had no idea where i was and never went out that way
>just start walking without any direction in mind, in a shitty part of the city, at around midnight
>eventually walk past a bar with an open door on the other side of the street, can hear yelling and screaming
>just a bunch of black people beating the shit out of each other
>still standing there, bemused
>some guy with what looks like a sock on his head and red puffy jacket walks out
>i'm just standing there, staring
>he just looks at me, points in my direction, and says "aye yo, anyone fucks with this dude i'ma put him out" followed by "what's good man"

>Be me
>install tinder
>actually remember that i dont primarily want sex, but a relationship
>well still zap through some profiles
>everyones a normie
>uninstall tinder

>naturally, i think it's a good idea to oblige him
>he walks across the street and sits down at a bench which might have been part of a bus stop at one point, it looked burnt
>motions for me to come over
>i sit down next to him
>just busts out a dutch master and starts rolling a blunt
>vaguely remember talking about deep sea creatures and calamari
>i couldn't give any less of a shit because I was getting smoked up for free
>out of nowhere, around two dozen people walk up to us saying shit like "yo D what's good" and "aye D you holding"
>slowly piece together that this man might be a drug dealer
>out of nowhere, a fat man in a lavender button down shirt and black suit pants walks up to us and starts talking quietly to "D" in what sounds like a French accent while we smoke
>this goes on for around minutes d ten until a red mercury suv pulls up to the curb adjacent to the bench
>D asks me if i want to go for a ride
>"well sure why the fuck not" and i oblige him
>get into middle row of seats
>start talking to driver, eventually go onto the topic of favorite cigarette brands
>tells me he's a jitney driver
>"oh yeah and this suv is stolen"
>D sits next to me, and the fat french sounding man sits on my other side
>driver later picks up some wana sykes looking lady with a stupid hat
>start tinder
>swipe every girl i can "liked" for a week
>start getting a match per day
>it's a 6/10 at best chubby girl
>put a bunch of effort in to texting her for a few hours
>girl seems interested in getting to know each other
>she says she's "here for friends but she wants a relationship"
>she later hints at casual sex and a fwb situation
>she goes silent unexpectedly
>repeat process 5 times
>uninstall tinder

>the ride goes on for around 10 minutes until D tells the driver to stop at a gas station
>eventually get there, he enters
>comes back out with a half gallon of milk and a travel pack of Chips Ahoy
>at this point I can't tell if I'm still high or in shock
>continue with the ride
>eventually pull up to a parking lot that would be empty if not for a lone white sedan parked in its center
>we all get out, D says to me "yo man how much money you got"
>I ask him why, he responds with "well I smoked you out"
>have no means of defense, 8 dollars in my wallet, and a shitty seiko 5 wrist watch
>give him the 8 dollars, he says "what else you got", take off my watch and show him
>just looks at me with disappointment and says "nah man," waving me off
>the driver, D, and wanda sykes looking lady walk over to the white car while the fat man and i wait in the car
>the group in the car and the group from the suv start yelling at each other
>fat man looks at me and says "we need to get out of here right now"
>get less than ten feet away from the suv before he says "WAIT"
>we run back to the suv, he grabs the cookies, i grab the milk
>and there we are, running through downtown pittsburgh at 2 in the morning; me and a fat man from montreal, carrying milk and cookies we stole from a drug dealer who just mugged me
>no idea if D and his cohorts are following us, i only cared about getting as far away from them as possible
File: download.jpg (23KB, 323x156px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 323x156px

>eventually make it to the center of the city
>fat man and i start talking, he says he's from montreal
>ask why he's associating with a drug dealer, can't remember his answer, he didn't seem like the weed smoking type
>he says i looked like i was out of it, i told him i had no idea where i parked my car, and he offers to let me stay in his hotel room for the night ending with, and i quote, "but you do not fuck me, okay?"
>it turns out he has a suite in one of the luxury hotels in the city, can't remember what it was called, only that it was close to the top floor
>go to sleep in the love seat, too exhausted to care about where i am or what will happen
>fat man offers for me to sleep in his bed, again says "but you do not fuck me, you do not fuck me"
>politely decline his offer and sleep on the love seat
>wake up in the morning, ass doesn't hurt, no signs of bodily disturbance, thank the man, venture out into the city once again
>obvious at this point that I left my phone in the car
>looking for a bus stop, no money for a bus ride, no idea what I'm going to do
>keep walking until I get to a store with its door open
>dude sweeping the floor inside is dead to rights the real-life equivalent of god from bruce almighty when he was dressed as the janitor
>apologize profusely for bothering him, ask for directions to the nearest bus station, and he just puts up his hands and says "hold up hold up son, you look like you need more than just directions," he even sounded like morgan freeman
>gives me directions, i can't stop thanking him
>before i leave, he fishes around in his pocket and puts three crumpled $1 bills in my hand

Shit like that puts my faith back in people whenever I forget it. There will always be good people out there willing to help and ask for nothing in return. Remember that.
Here's my story

>install tinder
>blow through 50 right swipes
>repeat for 2 weeks
>0 matches

Even the bots have stopped. Last year I managed to bag one chick but after fucking around for a year she suddenly turned super bitchy
jesus anon, thats a crazy story
>Talk to average girl
>Think you're better than her even though you're not
>Take too long to close the deal
>Turn into beta internet fagnut
>Somebody else asks her out
>She ignores you
File: IMG_0534.jpg (332KB, 1242x1242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332KB, 1242x1242px
Just hooked up with >pic related last night

she's the embodiment of a red flag, but I needed a slump buster

was begging me to fuck her, shit was pretty hot, but I didnt want to lose my virginity to her

related question
> is it sex if the tip of my dick slipped in to her vag a tiny bit when I was grinding her from behind?

and before you say anything, wait till I post a body pic
File: IMG_0532.jpg (2MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3024x4032px
she's overweight, but she has big ol tiddies

I'm kind of afraid that when I inevitably break her heart, she's going to kill herself and/or kill me
>oh yeah dude i'd totally sm-


abandon ship
>It isn't that superficial
Just because both sides are doing it doesn't mean it's not superficial.
> t. uggo
Post nudes.
literally less than 1 day of texting for each girl

more like a bunch of dumb cunts fishing for attention to see what kind of guys they can land
File: hai dug.png (16KB, 958x660px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hai dug.png
16KB, 958x660px
didnt get any nudes sorry

I honestly would have fucked her, but I want to save my virginity for another girl who I'm going to a rave with next week

I'm going to hell though, she's already so attached to me and I'm gonna shatter her will to live my ending things with her
change second photo to first photo
Her face is super cute and her body is good too if you ask me
Crazy is hot as well

Yes thats how i managed to have great looking girlfriends

I just need a matching personality to be with a person i dislike the casual sex culture
Post sexy pics.
File: IMG_0551.jpg (822KB, 1932x2576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
822KB, 1932x2576px
she sent this to me
She has a really cute face man and those eyes

ya, if she was skinnier shed be perfect

if I wanted to guarantee a special place in hell just for me, I know I could convince/manipulate her to go on a diet for me

she also used to be anorexic
Dunno she looks pretty great to me
But again im more into the personality and a cute face

But for real now do girls really send nudes so often and so casually?
Idk, not to me

I remember in high school there was a girl that talked about all the nudes she sent people and I got a lowdown on all the perry guys in school which was pretty hilarious

if anything, she has great potential to be hot, but I'm a mis/fit/ and I like my girls to be skinny and athletic
No, the amount of girls who use TInder as validation is much higher than those looking for sex.
If you want a BJ and ice cream use grindr... An 18 year old probably won't be comfortable dishing out a BJ on the first 'date'.
That explains it
I cN go for anything from that type to the skinny almost flat girl but im into cute girls, "hot" isnt something i find interesting
Also i dont dig muscles on girls
Yeah, that's sex anon.

the best part about her is that she'd do anything for me, and I've only known her for like maybe 4 days

she's all kinds of crazy
Oh man

She seems amazing
Just tell me if she's introverted or into some geek stuff and kill me right there
she's super introverted

I dont think she has any friends. Most of her pics on tinder are just selfies. She i super self conscious about the way she looks and she doesn't like her smile
right now she's kinda upset with me because she thinks that when I say "ya" or stuff like that, that it means I'm not interested in what she's saying
bro youre fucking up asking an anime advice board for tinder help lmfao
Damn practically dream girl right there

Feels bad man
I feel bad

she thinks I'm perfect, but in reality she deserves someone much better than me who will treat her right

she's been through a lot of shit and she has a ton of baggage

I'm an awful person
I love girls like that and she seems like an amazing girl

I hope i can find someone like thst
ill tell my story i guess
be me 19f

>talk to guy for abit over a month
>decide to meet
>iv never met somebody from tinder so i simply suggest a museum
>then he turns it into a park
>after abit he turns it into me going to his house to play games,no big deal right?
>skip to the day i meet him
>meet him at his house and walk into a apartment complex
>go into his apartment
>he lives with his mom not a big deal being he was 18
>his bed was a box spring under a mattresses on the floor
>gross stains all over the wall
>the apartment was fine but his room smelt like a mix of old cat piss and mold
>there is no cat in sight
>i want to leave then and there but i dont want to ruin his self of steam so i deal with it for abit
>after a few rounds of a game we stops and leans into me puting his hand on my thigh
>he keeps pushing me and i refuse
>this bata fag grabs my head and forces me to kiss him
>i get a small knife i keep in my boot and poke him in the arm with it,i didnt stab hard enough to hurt him but it still hurts
>he fucking grabs my arms and put his ham planet body ontop of me and i knee him in the stomach
>i run out of his room and his mother asks whats wrong because i look like im gonna cry
>i tell her that her son just tried to force himself on me after i said im not comfortable with kissing
>mama breaks out a fucking belt and gos to his room, i grab my bag and fucking outy
>i later receive a call from the mother saying shes sorry for the way her son acted

lesson of the day is dont meet weeaboos from a dating app kids
you have weird tastes man
> complains about the guy being a weeb
> posts weeb picture on a weeb image board
File: kk0xvtx.png (117KB, 372x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 372x351px
im a weeb too but this guy was as weeaboo as they come
What can you do..
pretty gross story though, guy sounds like he frequents 4chan
>turning down a trip to the museum

desu this was the worst part
i even offered to pay the tickets and this uncultured swine said its unmanly to have a woman pay but he doesint have money to buy his own ticket
One day illuminatis wanted to kill me by placing a running Kangaroo towards my bike direction, entering a corner at 60mph. High lean angel. No much can be done to adjust the bike other than going forward. Had no option but to brace in...


1. Kangaroo hit the handle bar, engine case & frame slider.
2. Steering damper got activated.
3. The hit forces got absorbed by the bike chassis.
4. Forced generated by rubber in contact with the road turned by forward high torque 600cc GSXR K7 engine overridden the Kangaroo weight.
5. Punched and kicked it in a flick of a second.
6. Kangaroo flew back to the people who placed it for me.
7. Kangaroo flying pieces destroyed horse trailer.
8. One illuminati lost his leg and went into a shock. (probably got hit by Kangaroo head), besides being called Legless guy to be taken inside the oldest car instead of the New Commodore.
9. One guy thought am the headless Kangaroo and started fucking it "sent Marines on him to rape him once... long time ago".
10. One guy got hit by flying pieces of the Kangaroo, head busted open.
11. One guy can't walk properly anymore.
12. All thought am the Kangaroo while in fact I slowed down, killed the engine & stopped in the corner up ahead.
13. Their dialog thinking am the Kangaroo was awesome.
14. Funniest part was when they started figuring out there is something wrong, switched on the Flash and saw the shit.

Moral of the story?

He who digs a hole for his brother will fall in it himself.

p.s: the location is: -37.649946, 145.340029.

Me 1, illuminatis 0.
File: TimEric4.jpg (34KB, 425x283px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have difficulty believing you

he's not supposed to pull the 'muh patriarchy' card unless you've got the shit to back it up
i dont have any screenshots from our chats anymore
>I use tinder exclusively to talk to local people, I don't use it for hookups
So what is your endgame then? Why do you use it?
Why not ask her if she wants to go to the gym with you, you have a guest pass or something like that
If I do end up dating this girl I'm definitely gonna try to get her to go to the gym with me
>too straight forward

Tell her she's not straight enough.
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761KB, 1080x1920px
Help me /adv/
Get rid of pic 1 & 2. Make the third pic the main one. Then swipe right and hope for the best.
>self of steam
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