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About 18 months ago I got a new manager. He is awesome, and has

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About 18 months ago I got a new manager. He is awesome, and has a taken a real interest in developing and mentoring me. He has seen my potential, and while I was always good at my work, he has extended my role and given me greater responsibility, and worked personally with me to increase my skills. He is always encouraging and seems to believe in me completely.

A couple months ago, he called me into his office to discuss some work stuff. He closed the door and we talked about work for half an hour, and then non-work related stuff for easily a further three hours, I think more.

I start later and finish later than other staff, so it is often just the two of us in the office. He comes and sits with me and we talk about all sorts of things. I love our time together because he is intelligent and insightful, as well as hilarious and articulate. However, he seeks me out regularly during the day, and calls me regularly into his office.

I love this, and I think he is great - but I don't know whether this is normal and appropriate? Other girls in our office are very catty and I don't want him to be criticised for taking a particular interest in me.

Any insight or advice is helpful; thank you in advance!
The answer is always sex.
Do you like him ?
I really don't think it is. I... almost wish it was. I'm certainly not the most beautiful girl in the office, and he's also very settled with his partner, who is older than he is.

I like him very much. I like spending time with him. I am fortunate because my work quality is very high, so nobody could ever suggest that any of my new roles and responsibilities are because of my closeness to him, but I just don't want it to be a talking point.
He is almost certainly interested in you. Keep that shit on the DL if you want to pursue it. A lot of people look down on affairs (I do) and will snitch to the wife.

I had an affair with my teacher in high school, it started out like the relationship you're describing now. You have a sense that it's a little inappropriate, and that's because it is. He likes you, but is being discreet and professional about showing it.
>he's also very settled with his partner
Thank you so much for your comment! You sound like you have experience in this area and honestly I feel overwhelmed and swing back and forward a lot about it at the moment.

On the one hand, I honestly doubt that he is interested; he has never done or said anything that was unprofessional. I have noticed he seeks me out increasingly regularly, but I think this is more because we both think similarly and he genuinely values my input. I truly am very good at what I do - I think my input is useful and, even more, I communicate similarly to him so am able to give that input to him in ways he can utilise and accept easily. It makes me, I think, a natural choice for work collaboration.

However, we do spend a lot of time talking about non-work things as well. About all sorts of things - nothing that nobody else could listen in on, so nothing untoward, but just everything. Books, art, politics, religion, film, television, family, our work in a general sense not just work specifics... it goes on. I love how much I learn from him but I do get a vague sense, as you say, that maybe it's a bit too much time, just a little bit inappropriate.

I would like to hear more about your experience - does looking down on affairs come from your high school experience? High school doesn't sound very good; it sounds like it could easily have been a situation in which you were taken advantage of and I hope it was not a negative experience for you.

If he does like me in that way, I don't know where I stand on that or how I feel about that or about affairs and the situation with his partner. I know for sure that I'm developing a crush, but I then can't be sure whether it is that crush makes me think that the situation is inappropriate.
i hope you die disgusting dumb slut
That's fairly harsh.
As long as you aren't enabling a cheater everything's fine with me.
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You never know, he might leave his wife!
even disregarding all the innuendo, spending them much time bullshitting is hugely unprofessional and can easily come around to bite you unless this is the kind of job that has consecutive hours of downtime.

i would say that if youre such good friends with your boss then grab a beer with him after work, but let's be real here you're a woman and he's your male boss. either way, i guarantee you people are already gossiping about it.
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 2

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