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Why do you get up in the mornings.

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My life feels pretty pointless.
I don't have anything great to get me out of bed in the mornings, but my life isn't bad enough for suicide.
Mainly I have to make my family and society happy, but never really have any motivation to do so.

My question is, what gets you out of bed in the mornings?
In the same boat as you, lurking for insightful replies.
>I don't have anything great t
make something great
stop being a faggot and build something to fulfill yourself
I'm 19 still haven't finished high school cause i'm a fuck up feel like i'm wasting my time with this shit. I'm doing this accelerated learning type thing just to get a diploma. I want a diploma so i can get a job and i want a job so i can get money and i want money so i can literaly buy a motorcycle and continue with my video game addiction. What gets me out of bed? Goals i guess
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Motivation or not, you just do it. What I did was turn to God and in months I'm much better. That doesn't mean I have bad days where I fall back into that place, but I'm no longer there for the most part.

Anyway, you have to just keep going. Depression is like a drug and it tries to keep you under. Exercise and eat right every day. Go out, help others and focus on keeping your family happy and being a role model for everyone in your life
Don't* have bad days
I'm not good with social situations, and I don't agree with most people, so there's very few people I could even stand.
Family isn't something that would go well with me.
Also faith and blind hope won't work either....
Because I'm not an edgy 20 year old kid.
i don't get up in the morning.
I get up in the late afternoon/early evening.
I'm not trying to get edgy, and I'm only 17.
I'm aware I have my life ahead of me, and so I'm not complaining about my life.
Nor do I expect motivation to come from nowhere.
But I find it hard to have an attachment to life when I can't connect with anything, and so I get up in the mornings essentially for no reason....
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You're not trying hard enough OP. I'm horrible in social situations and I get by. And my opinion is also greatly different from most people's but I still see their value as people. Don't put yourself above them OP, that is a part of the problem right there.

Why couldn't family go well for you?

And faith in God isn't as illogical as you may think
Well I do happen to suffer from Aspergers.
Makes empathy and faith extremely diffcult concepts for me to grasp.
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Ahh, been there done that. In time you should acquire some wisdom hopefully.

Give conventional wisdom a chance.

And think this way: every person you meet is a puzzle piece to your life for your own growth and understanding
So essentially, give it time and with experience I might find something new?
Keep on going with a pointless existence till I find a reason?
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Why didn't you say you had aspergers?

In that case read saint thomas aquinas and Kierkegaard to understand logical faith. And I suppose you have to practice/feign empathy
Hey OP, even if you don't realize it, negative thinking is a slow process, like many other things. I'll give you a short story.

One upon a time, I wore my hear completely straight. short cut, usually buzzed, and when it grew out I would style the bangs to the right of my forehead. I did this for about 6 years.

Then one night in a shitty nightclub, I was pretty drunk and dancing my 22 year old heart out, and I decided I'd style my bangs to the right using my dance sweat. This however made my hair spike wildly in the center and I lost many a prospective dance partner to my bewilderment, until I saw myself in the restroom mirror.

After about a year it just became a habit, and now my short haircut is always styled to the left of my forehead. It just feels right.

Now, OP, I challenge you to think of your mindset in the same way, little thoughts of self-doubt are actually chipping away at the foundation of your mind, over time it can seriously hurt your sense of self.

If you can, just try to remember the positives, but more importantly, never focus on the negatives. There's a reason suicide is killing more young-mid age men than cancer.

Now if I'm to get on a pedestal for a moment, try to critically analyze yourself as a person. What do you like? What don't you like? Now if there's something you don't like, and you can change, then change it. If there's something you want yourself to be, but aren't; then become it.

Here's a personal example of myself. I am even now working towards liking myself, but I have accomplished a lot through force of will.

1. Listen to music that inspires, not depresses.
2. Lift weights and run, set realistic goals
3. Pass a goal in life (Run a marathon, volunteer for humanitarian work, join the military, go to college, graduate highschool)
4. Most important of all, remember that life isn't about winners and losers, it's about winners and winners. We live in an era of prosperity.
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If you want a quick, healthy fix, buy a vitmanin called "5-htp" it usually comes mixed with vitamin B6


Its like an antidepressant without being one, its smooth, makes you feel happy inside, like the feeling of just hearing good news, it makes my depression and anxiety a WHOLE FUCKTON better, its like 15 dollars at Vitamin Shoppe
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Well if you continue to think of it as pointless you won't get anywhere. Give it a chance, man. Just see where life takes you. Enjoy the little things like the wind blowing in the trees on a sunny day in spring, warm breakfast and time off from work.

Study existentialism while you're at it. You have to inject meaning into your life. Also, time is the best teacher so with experience you should learn to be at peace. Just think of this when you want to die.

Savor every meal. Enjoy every sunrise/sunset. Look at the stars. You have to try.
Things I like eh?
Well Aspergers fucks with your co-ordination, and I've never had any intrest in sports or gains, so nothing much physical.
I do art in school, but haven't been practicing it much. My best friend shows me his code when he's bored.
One thing I've always wanted to do is make a forge actually.....
Still, academically I fail. It's not that I can't do well, I don't want to do well (if that makes sense). I put much more effort in my hobbies than school, even tho' I understand the importance of school.
I guess I do have some things that I like, and perhaps I'll get to do more of them....
I have done some stuff to help me recantly.
I've only got about 3 people I care about in my life; I used to have a group of friends but they were kinda toxic.
Even tho' I feel lonely, I'm closer with the few people left in my life.
to make myself happy.
so many things to do and stuff to learn, too many possibilities in this world, countless people to meet...

i love painting and drawing. i wanna see how far i'll get with my art. always trying to get better at it.

i like to work out too; similar outlook with fitness as well. wanna see how far i can push myself and see if i can get those abs and a great body lol.

i suck at cooking, but i'm trying to get better at it. lots of dishes i wanna try making for the sake of maximizing my skills.

etc, etc.... the rest of what piques my curiosity involves writing, reading more, video games, learning cool tricks, nature, and other things that's not coming to me at the moment.

my cats also help. they always make me smile and do cute shit.

i don't have friends and my family is rarely there as company. but i make an excuse to go outside to enjoy nice weather and such anyway like jogging, window shopping, chilling at a cafe, going to the city or down town to explore...
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Jesus fucking christ your whole post. Are you fucking tony robbins lurking on adv?

"Most important of all, remember that life isn't about winners and losers, it's about winners and winners. We live in an era of prosperity."

Get the fuck out of here man. I have never read something so fucking fake in my whole life
So you're saying.
Having a postive outlook on life and eventually it'll become habit?
And even if you don't have a reason to live, wisdome comes with experience, and you can find reasons?
And a good reason to move forward is to do things you enjoy to improve yourself as a person?
because as soon as im awake i feel shit and havent been able to sleep in for years
That actually got me thinking:
Especially with school, I found it impossible to give 100%. I could never pour my heart into it, and so I felt drained every time.
Yet when it came to things like art, I felt invigorated when working, and being able to push my limits.
Maybe trying to go 100%, or seeing how far I push my limits, will actually be fun....
I guess that servers as motivation, and if I could match it with some dedication, perhaps it'll work out.
I get up only to keep my mom happy.
Damn that's cruel. I'm just me, man. I don't know who Tony Robbins is. I'm just saying the things that have helped me and giving my own experiences. I'm assuming you're on /adv/ to either give or receive advice, so thank you for the advice, in which I will ignore.
DESU I thought you gave good advice.
We're on /adv/ to recived advice, if it helps us we follow it, if it doesn't we ignore it.
I wrote "To be honest" not "DESU".....
Tbh it does that desu
I'm pretty uncoordinated myself, though I don't have Aspergers. I never liked sports or physical exercise for the sake of exercise, but I understand the health and social benefits of lifting weights.

I enjoy art as well. I used to draw a lot more than I do now, since now I'm just reduced to notebook doodles.

If you've the time for forge related videos I suggest you check out the "man at arms: reforged" videos on youtube, if you like video games you may spot a few of your favorites. Their processes are fascinating.

Academically I don't do great either, and I really didn't care at the time. sometimes you need a break before you can get your head into it.
i guess; sure. i was just stating what's essentially the truth though. have you seen what people can do? some people are just extraordinary with their skills... it'd be cool to try and see what you're able to put out. they're typically normal people too, just with a whole lot of discipline.

it's easy to say it's also genetics and how they're born into their resources and environment, but there's a lot of stories of people who came from nothing or worse. that's what makes it all the more inspirational too; like you can be that guy.

so it's not impossible to get to where you want to be. just a lot of hard work and, like your topic, a reason to get up in the morning.
I guess I'll try out some hobbies and excercise, might do me some good.
Also that book on Aquainus sounded intresting I'll read it.

Being 17 the only thing worthy of stress right now is getting into college. Does anybody know of a way to be academically motivated. And what like is like beyond highschool / secondary school.
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Collegefag here. It's more stressful for sure but the independence is worth it. It may be overwhelming at first but with all things you'll get used to it in time and you wouldn't have it any other way.
A friend of mine says that college will suit me better, as you have more freedom and room to grow and experience, rather than being stuck in a rigid system.
Considering he hasn't actually attended college classes, how much truth is there to that statement?
i've just graduated college. my program was a rigorous one so it feels good to get out of there.

i went into something i was passionate about though; i studied animation. competition was something fierce. that kept me motivated since everyone was fighting to be at the top. you kind of have to be at a certain level if you want to be hired.

my highschool gpa was something like 85% overall... i took the easiest classes though since i knew my college just needed a sufficient grade of 60% in english to qualify. i crammed and just bullshitted everything just to get out of there (i fucking hated high school), so i guess i can't really help you there.
I'm the fake-ass tony robbins poster.

I went into the Marine Corps at 19, and only recently got out. I'll be going to college soon so I guess you and I have a lot of fears in common.

Being away from home, wherever you are, is a new thing to get used to. Getting out of your comfort zone is important as well, most 18 year olds get out of their comfort zones at college or in the military, whereas many who never leave their hometown nor excel to a high-level job will ever leave their comfort zone, but that being said, they will still live until they die of natural causes or in an accident, which is why I say we live in an era of prosperity. Even if you're the lowest of the low, you can still find for yourself quite a nice life.

However, if you wish to find existence outside your comfort zone, the opportunity for personal growth multiplies.

If you have trouble finding things to be excited about, then welcome to the club. Most of us are pretending away.

But if I'm to leave you some pieces of advice I got in the service, it would be these two.

"False Motivation is the exact same as Motivation to your peers and bosses"
"Pretending to be an asshole is the exact same as being as asshole"
Thanks based posters, here's my conclusion,
I'm gonna try my best to do the things I'm most motivated in, and bullshit my way through the things I'm not.
In college it might be new and scary, but I think I need to experience new things in order to grow, and that growth will motivate me. And being able to focus my efforts into a course I enjoy, and pursuing a career I'd enjoy, will be worth the effort.
I'll likely never do something like join the Marine Corps, but I still do want to grow as a person.

To finish the thread, perhaps the chance that I can grow into something better, or find enjoyment in something, is a worthwhile reason to get out of bed in the morning?
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A lot of truth. You're free to do things how you'd like to do them. It also helps you build responsibility in that you yourself have to decide when you should go to bed and get work done, granted you keep up with it. Few things are more satisfying than doing well in classes you put good work into while being almost fully independent.

After a couple semesters you'll be in the flow of it and time will pass a lot faster. Also don't expect to know what you want to major in right away. You may think you know but it very well may change once or twice or more. I suggest you explore your interests.

I made the mistake of gunning for money when I went in and got stuck in horrible majors for me. I went back to psychology even though people made me feel like it was below me, but it feels just right.
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Yes. And the small things, never forget about the small things that make life so pleasant sometimes

Personal growth is paramount. Education is a stepping stone, but not the end. Even if you don't buy into colleges or highschool education as being valuable, just know that typically the more educated a population of a nation is, the better off the nation is. The United States needs well-meaning intelligent peoples in all circles, whether it be military or the civilian world.
Kinda selfish, but I get up in the mornings because I know that if I don't, I will end up skipping class, dropping out, not studying and then letting my entire family down, which would mean that I am a failure and I cannot take that as an answer, so the only option at that point would be suicide. Kinda sad, but thats the only viable option I see at this point in time if things get that bad.
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OP here.
Considering how bad I am with social situations, how logicaly my thought process is, and my personal hobbies include code: Computer Studies would be the best course to pursue.

Here in Ireland you can get access courses, where you spend a year studying maths, english, and your subject of choice, and if you do well you get get into the college of your choice (a year focusing only on 3 subjects massively increases your chance on doing well in them). So using that, I plan to get into a college and study programming!

Speaking of which it's 6:40 am here, and I actually want to go to school for once!
<<OP out
Science majors are the shit. Computer sciences is definitely a very solid course of study for college. I am majoring in Chemistry with a focus on scientific research.
Thanks to everyone for giving good replies.
Mental state feels much better, and future seems worthwhile again...
No prob bud. Keep plugging along the right track. Stay disciplined and focused and you can accomplish anything.
My kids. Volunteering at their preschool especially, which I do a couple of afternoons per week. Occasionally my work.
>Living in half of a stay-at-home dad vacuum... can be very isolating but provides fleeting moments of incredibly intense joy.
Well, i´m 19.
So far i had a really weird life, lost a lot, won a lot, seen weird shit, lost all hope, tried to kill myself an entire year.

Nowaways i wake up because life is a mystery, the world is a disaster and a mess and bad things are bound to happen, i enjoy helping others, it makes me happy. I like doing good things no one else would do because well we are all doomed, pretty much.

I have lots of hope in my heart nowadays, i like waking up, going out of bed, trying and failing and finally doing the things right. Now i like losing, the entire experience.

Life is weird really, the future is blurry, but knowing i can do good and fight this crap makes me happy.
Well, my life is sort of complicated.

I'm dating a girl I don't really care about and pursuing a graduate literature degree. Which should be a problem, but family is pretty rich.

I've written a handful of terrible novels but I still put a lot of time into writing on a daily basis. On some level, I'm still holding onto hope that I can make a life out of that. But that's stupid and impossible.

Anyway, I've been training like crazy for the past year or so and I think pretty soon I'm going to go out and start fighting crime. I'll probably die pretty quickly doing that, so I guess waking up in the morning is just a temporary thing. Doesn't bother me much.
I'm not actually depressed or suicidal but I realized a while back that I could never kill myself because I'd always think 'but there's going to be a new game on sale on Steam tomorrow morning, I can wait one more day to see what it'll be'

Most of the people I've talked to who've struggled with suicide have some equally silly thing that got them through the worst of it
I want to change lives and acquire eminence through my writing.
I'm a 28 year old loser who has nothing to lose. I got knocked down really hard 10 years ago and have been wasting away in my bedroom at my computer for 16 hours a day. I just had a sudden epiphany one morning that I am wasting some potential and talent and giving all the power to a bunch of back stabbing people. I get up in the morning and sometimes, I'm honestly surprised I'm still alive. Slowly but surely, I got back into my music, I started filming stuff again, I buckled down and started learning Blender. I don't know why I keep going but when I wake up, I try to do the best I can in one day.
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