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Breaking Up. How to?

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I guess I don't really care if this thread gets any attention what so ever. I feel like I am mostly writing these few lines to vent. However if you have any usefull advice for me whatsoever I would apreciate your comments.

Now this is how it goes:
When it all started I thought I could become the man she needs
She thought she was the girl I wanted, I thought so aswell.
But I can't. She is trying so hard to be the girl I want but she never will be. I know this for a fact. Yes I wronged myself into this and it probably is soly my fault for lying to myself and her for this long. She doesn't know yet, but here we are, at the end of the line. I am going to wait until she is done with her finals so I don't put unecessary pressure on her. On the 14th however it will be all over.
All I want to do now is making it as easy as possible for her to understand ande let go.
If you got any advice on that matter feel free to comment. Thank you, for reading as well as for the help you may offer. Or if you just want to shitpost might as well.
shit man. Dont exactly know what advice to give as ive never broken up with anyone but is the thought of the impending break up scary or comforting?
Both at the same time. I am afraid of the Breakup itself but I am comfortet by the fact that it will be finally over.
Okay well i have broken up with two guys in my life and i have to say that it is always hard. You must be honest with her. Even with telling her that she is not the one otherwise she wont understand why you broke up. Dont let her believe you would go back to her. Its best if you do it like ripping off a plaster but that might be too hard if you were together for a long time...
And dont pretend as if everything is fine right now. Otherwise it will come out of the blue and she will be confused af

>we're over
>why anon
>you explain why

Pretty simples mate
But how do I make her accept my descision and my reasoning?
You can not make her accept your decision, since it is a logical one for you and you're already emotionally prepared for it, but she's not.
Also, she's female, so her emotional response will be even greater than yours, and she is biologically wired to bait you into HER emotional state.
Keep your head cool, and try to place yourself in her shoes.
I will try that.
okey, you should be 100% sure about this mate, i broke up with someone not too long ago whom i thought i didnt feel the things i felt anymore. I was wrong, she was a nice girl who showed a lot of affections, she constantly wanted to make me happy, talk with me etc. (which at the time made me get a bit sick of her) basically I took her love for right, not a privilage time went by and i felt like i could deal with that anymore so i broke it off.. only to realize that she actually was a really caring girlfriend, by the time i realized that it was too late, she felt too much pain from the break up (because i broke up for a shitty reason) I told our mitural friend that i was over her, not interessted in getting back together with her (cuz she tried contacting me) at the end she ended up hating me. it was kinda hard, and im not usually an emotional guy. but yeah it was hard. nohomo, took me like 5 weeks to get over her. wasn't able to have sex with a girl under those 5 weeks cuz i thought of the ex... so no boner.. again nohomo

soooo the point is, before breaking up. take a break (dont! let her know that you're taking a break tho, just come up with a reason) if u feel the same way after a week or two.. go for it.
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>biologically wired
let me guess, some girl made some evo psych excuse for behaving like a shitheel and you fell for it. is nobody responsible for their own fucking behaviour anymore?
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