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Forgetting old math

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I have started to get anxiety over the fact that I'm forgetting the math that I've studied and learned in earlier courses. I mean I'm not forgetting it 100%, the knowledge is still buried in there somewhere and a little repetition will most likely make me remember it again. Ideally I would like that knowledge to always be "fresh", ready for me to recite, and not require me to sit down for a couple of hours and repeat it. Since the case is not ideal, I have started to get anxiety and I feel like a less of a student for not even remembering what was taught to me. What's even the point of having good grades if I can't make the same statements today as I could back then? This is probably related to my perfectionism.

What can I do to conquer this?
Are you planning on getting a job that involves math? If so, it's common for professionals to review things they already know. Look through old textbooks and shit to find out what you're rusty on and relearn it.
Your memory is not perfect. Learn to accept that.

You can either relearn the material you've forgotten when you need it, or you can occasionally review what you've learned to refresh it in your mind.

Either way works. I go through some of my old math texts occasionally to review and rework problems so slow down the rate at which I forget things, but I also have an actual interest. Over the last ten years or so I was also doing a lot of math tutoring in basic math, which helps.
No not really. I plan on working with networks and network security.

It's hard for me to accept that things are not perfect, but I can at least try. I guess I should take active measures and review some old stuff if it bothers me this much. Deep down I actually like math, but don't consider myself smart enough to be good at it. I'm studying linear algebra at the moment and I'm actually really enjoying.

How often do you go over old stuff?
That's how memory is supposed to work. Old shit gets tossed in the basement somewhere when you don't need it, freeing up mental space for things you use every day. It means your mind is working.
>No not really. I plan on working with networks and network security.
I mean, if you're not going to need your old maths then I don't think it matters. If you like math as a hobby, though, then there's no reason not to review old stuff and learn new stuff if you want.
Do you know why you are forgetting old stuff?
Because it isn't considered important by your subconscious.

That means you haven't used these mathematics skills in a LONG time. And guess what? You probably will never ever need them again.

>I feel like a less of a student.
You know what students do? They learn stuff, pass deadlines, pass exams and move FORWARD. Nobody cares if you remember stuff after you pass exams.

The point of learning on the first place is that you KNOW at least 1% of subject, so if in the future you encounter same or similar problem, you know the solution exists and most likely you can find it. IMHO study is also about learning how to GET information and then how to USE them to SOLVE problems.
I don't know how math heavy the field is. I know that cryptology pure math, but I don't that as interesting. I have actually started to enjoy math more and more in recent months, especially since I discovered interactive software like Mathlab and Mathematica.

That last part made a lot of sense. I don't know why I feel this way I do. I guess all those years in upper secondary school, where grades meant everything, messed up my perspective a bit.
>How often do you go over old stuff?
Every six months or so. Obviously if I'm tutoring this also serves as a review.

>It's hard for me to accept that things are not perfect
Depending on the extent you carry this, this is a foolish way to behave. It's going to distract you from developing and pursuing worthwhile objectives.
> Every six months
That doesn't sound too awful.
Similar to what you are doing, I have also had some thoughts about working as a math tutor for high school / upper secondary school students during the summer. Just to constantly keep me exposed to math, you know.

And yes, I know it's a stupid way to behave and it can be really crippling at times. My brain is embossed to think this way, but I am working on improving it.
Google "forgetting curve".

For a single class, I usually review things in this order
1. a free moments after the professor mentions it.
2. light review (i.e. ask myself "What did you learn?") after class while I walk
3. Right before dinner, I skim over material for all my classes.
4. Right after dinner, I do homework.
and depending if I feel like it, review right before I go to sleep.

This doesn't take much time at all. The key is to space it out. I found I did better in my classes, crammed less, and spent less overall time studying.
I've heard about these review tricks as well. I did some of them at the beginning of the year, but never long enough for it to become a habit. I might try this again actually. Thanks for reminding me.

I'm reading the Wikipedia article about the forgetting curve right now.
Well, before this thread 404's and I'm closing the browser for tonight, I'd like to thank you for your answers and thoughts. It has given me some things to thing about.
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