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My girlfriend just dropped a bomb on me

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Hey /adv/
Here's the situation:
I recently got into a new relationship with a girl and everything seemed actually pretty great, I think I can honestly say I'm in love (we've been together almost 3 months now).

I was sitting in my room working when she said she needed to talk and that she went to go get checked out for some issues she's been having with sexual health. At first she told me she was diagnosed with PID and a yeast infection, and reassured me she didn't think it was that serious nor did she have anything that was incurable. This put a damper on our sex life for a week but then she had to talk to me again since her results came back from the clinic.

My new girlfriend has chlamydia and now I do too, I'm going to get checked tomorrow but I already know I'll test positive for it. This is all curable but I just can't shake the feeling that my girlfriend is a little bit of a tramp. I know she isn't but it's there. She claims she's had only two sexual partners in the past but I feel that number may be closer to four, and that she hasn't had sex in over a year, which I believe. It also makes sense that she now has PID since that is caused by untreated STIs over a long time... I don't know how to think or what I should do..

Use your money to buy a higher class hooker next time
You need to get the fuck out of that relationship bro. She's either a whore or retarded for not using jimmies while fucking a manwhore.

>i can honestly say im in love
>we've been together almost 3 months
>almost 3 months
>honestly im in love
>3 months

i literally lol'd.

>i think my girlfriend might be a tramp
>she could have had up to 4 sex partners
3 WHOLE MONTHS! Wow! How did you do it? What's your secret to this long-term love? And your lady friend is such a class act! When's the wedding?

You cunts are mean as.

Not wrong, but mean as.
gross you probably got aids, feel bad op that shits nasty
She cheated on you and gave you a sexually transmitted infection.

Yup, she's a keeper
Hahaha yeah I know three months isn't long. Here's the facts I know:

She hasn't cheated on me, nor do I think she's had sex in a year, she just picked it up over a year ago when she was sexually active, she just didn't know about it.
Fuck off to Reddit if you want a happy hugbox. If you act like a fucking retard here then someone will tell you that you're acting like one.

>heres the facts i know
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Ah yes, the classic 'no symptoms' excuse. Except she did have symptoms, which means within a few weeks of banging at most. Face it, she fucked tyrone behind your back and now your peepee is burning
Ask your doctor about symptoms and the timing of all this.

Doesn't sound likely that she didn't cheat, but you better find out from a doctor.

>you also have grounds to do some snooping.
well at least the numbers not 46
I've already done some snooping. I uncovered the conversations she had with her last two partners saying that they gave her something and she was pissed at them. I'm guessing she didn't get it from some random guy but I guess cheating isn't out of the question.

I also uncovered that she hasn't been flirting with any guys and has shut some guy down saying that she had a boyfriend. Of course she could have deleted conversations. Who knows.
The more I think about this the more it sounds too convenient that she just happened to pick this up a year ago and only discovered it now. I remember she said she got tested a few months ago and was clean. Either she lied about that, or she was telling the truth and she cheated...
>4 sexual partners

>2 sexual partners
>wife material
Betamax stopped being a thing a while ago, cuck.
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