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Depression is a cunt

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Every night I go to sleep wanting to wake up earlier to get some work done.

Every day I wake up, I look myself in the mirror, reassure myself that I'm not imagining things and that I really am ugly, and search through the internet for about 3 or so hours on average in hopes of finding anything to hold onto that would give me hope that I one day won't have to feel the pain and live the ugly person life anymore, filled with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and now a bunch of mental health issues that hopped out ever since I stopped being so oblivious to why it is so hard for me to make friends, for someone to show some interest in me etc.

And the worst part is, I fail every single day. I literally have no hope anymore of ever feeling content with my face, because no matter the amount of plastic surgery I would get, I would only end up looking weird in addition to being ugly.

I still hold onto this life solely because of my mother, I love her and I realize I wouldn't just be killing one person, but very possibly two.

The point being is, I cannot do anything productive ever from all the sadness, hopelessness and depression that stems from me not being content with my face, and knowing the fact that I will never be able to change it or do anything about it just completely and utterly crushes me to the core of my being.

I'm stuck between not being able to take my life and not being able to do anything about the reason for wanting to take my life.
>Every day I wake up, I look myself in the mirror

That's 90% of your problem right there dipshit. Everyone looks ugly first thing in the morning.
You don't actually think an appearance-obsessed person like me wouldn't know that, dipshit? Why the fuck are you on /adv/ in the first place.
Why are you asking for helpful advice when you are utterly unreasonable anyway?
I didn't come here to explain to you why I'm asking for advice on a board that is specifically created for offering and asking for advice. I will ask you again, why are you on /adv/ when you have no constructive advice to offer? I'm really not in the mood for this shit, just leave.
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the problem is actually not your looks at all but how you think about them.

even the people you would consider blessed with good looks feel insecure and ugly, perhaps just as much as you do or more.

what you should try to do is accept that, in this life anyway, that is your face in terms of basic bone structure etc but that you have many options for altering it in various ways that can increase your confidence. for example, maybe growing your hair out will compliment your face better, since you didn't post a pic, i can't say for sure.

anyway, there's much more to life than looks, even the best looking person is still repellent to others if they have a shitty personality.

look at kurt cobain, he thought he was an ugly outcast when in reality he was arguably much better looking than (insert brad pitt type famous good looking male here). it's mostly about how you feel about yourself.

You came here to whine like a grownup baby, I'm telling you why your actions are retarded. I don't give a fuck if it leaves you raw, I'll tell you all I want


>me me me
>I I I
>my my my
>Muh face

You could start by not being an utterly self-absorbed douche that cares so much about your own looks. Other people got problems too ya know.
I agree, but when the society is biased towards the better looking people on every turn, it's hard to turn your head in the other direction. I completely agree with what you've said, but deep down I know I will most probably end like Kurt. Ain't no haircut gonna help out an ugly facial structure. Unfortunately, doesn't work that way. To tell you the truth I only became this "shallow" a year ago, wasn't ever like this before. But once you remove your personality and one sided friendships where you're the only one who tries from the equation, it's quite obvious that the shell is the problem. Imagine never being taken seriously, ignored, even though you're no different than the person sitting next to you, who's only ace card is a couple more points in the looks department.

Yep, it's always about others. Only other people can feel depressed, feel despair, sadness. But got forbid if I tried seeking out for help.

You know what, I think you actually helped out a great deal, I just needed someone to give me a light push. Thank you for that.

I'm out.
>Only other people can feel depressed, feel despair, sadness.

That's so fucking pathetic.

I never said only other people can feel those emotions. You described - in your own words - being fucking obsessed with yourself. That's what I criticized. Because that apparently hit a nerve you pretended instead that I said you're not allowed to feel those emotions at all - fine, but that's utter bullshit.

>But got forbid if I tried seeking out for help.

I didn't criticize you for seeking out help, no one did. I criticized your raging self-centeredness. But since you want to preserve that and hate criticism, you opted to pretend I attacked you for seeking help. Fine, but that's utter bullshit.

>I'm out.
I know you're reading this. The only reason you wrote
>I'm out
was to get people to stop telling you the truth about your colossal over-obsession with yourself. You'd rather just not hear it.

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Thread posts: 13
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